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+++NEW SCHEDULE! See below for details.+++


Yvonne is one of the team members for DCF’s Affiliate Team (competing the same weekend as the CrossFit games).


Back Squat

5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Post loads to comments.

Bonus Mini Metcon to follow.



Ballerinas And Female Athletes Share Quadruple Health Threats

“. . .The dancers completed questionnaires on their menstrual patterns and eating habits, and underwent a blood test for hormonal levels. Thirty-six percent of the group had disordered eating habits and 77 percent were in a calorie deficit. Twenty-seven percent were currently amenorrheic, 23 percent had low bone mass density and nine percent were taking birth control. . ..”

Click here for complete article.


New Schedule Starts Today!

Primary Changes:

– Open Gym now starting at 5am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

– 8am Tues, Thurs, class is canceled.

– Muay Thai is now also on Mondays!

Diablo CrossFits Schedule as of June 09!

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  • JimmyG

    Just to continue on from yesterday…Sarah…DCF women have world class snatches and we should she a lot more of them….In fact, as a DCF trainer I would like to critique them all…lol

    6am doing Squats and Milk byotches!! Marnie got #165 for 5. Shar and Nancy have really perfect form. Today we worked on the Max.M breathing technique for going heavy…we loved it.
    After we did a not so-mini metcon and/or bench press…..

  • Craig

    Jimmy, you are now an official member of the “BOOBS & Snatch” obsession club.

    My wife is on the DCF affiliate team and I’m not? Damn. She did the same thing to me when we used to golf – club champion, no less.

    I’ve gotten used to hearing, “hey Craig, will Yvonne be here today?”

  • Mike P.

    Ring dips Craig, ring dips….

  • JimmyG

    Craig….Do I get a T-shirt, or do I need to ask Dave??

  • Mark L.

    Craig… your wife “accidentally” did 300 extra squats during Murph, and I personally witnessed her jump onto a 36″ box. When you have a wife like that, you should be surprised at your victories.
    At least she’ll always need you to get those thing off high shelves when a step-stool isn’t handy.

  • luca z.

    Craig you can join Andrew and me in the ” My wife/girlfriend is better than me at Crossfit” club.
    Great class today at 9:30 with Sarah, she’s sooooo cool, plus nothing beats checking form on girls doing back squat, the view was breathtaking 😉 , great work and thanks Sarah for a nice WOD.

  • DJ Docto

    LOL, I don’t know if I want my girlfriend to join Crossfit now….

    but on another note…
    here’s my fight from saturday

  • Craig

    Fortunately, DJ – at DCF we have more female members than men.

    And, they keep us in our place. I suspect that don’t have confidence to vocalize the same comments in the Shed.

    Apparantly our blog is becoming an outlet for attempts at crude humor.

    Editor may have to step in soon, or we’ll never sign up another woman.

    Don’t worry, folks, our men are quite the gentlemen in person.

  • Carry

    Yes….the guys at DCF are great and great to train with. Hopefully this can all be looked at as ‘funny’ comments. I’t’s good that we all know each other well enough to not have to worry what someone will think.

    But I also see your point Craig. As DCF grows….

  • Mark L.

    I think DJ was referring to the fact that if his girlfriend joined, she would start to dominate him in the WODs, Craig (not that we’re all crude).
    Hey, DJ, I think you forgot to post the link to your fight!

  • sarah

    I agree with you 100%, Luca!! I love my job!!

    930 class- We had Tami, Vicki, Amy, Jenny, Ron and Luca….Lucky boys!! Well, someone had to make sure we had good form, right?!?! Tami’s shiner is beautiful!! Wear it with pride, chickie!! Really nice to hang with Ron. Such silly one…but I miss Lynn.

    1030 class- we had Ty, Heather, Jesse and Jeff..Heather has really great form on B squats. Keep up the hard work. Jesse killed the mini metcon followed very closely by Ty… Watch out for that one!!

  • Carry

    Anyone know where Nabil is training Crossfit in Walnut Creek? I have a few senior clients who are always asking about Crossfit but they can’t drive to Pleasant Hill.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Why? Does PH have some sort of ordinance against seniors?!

    Nabil’s place is called “CrossFit Sweat Shop” and it is at

    1401 AutoCenter Dr. Walnut Creek, CA 94597 (kind of near Masses Pool hall).


  • Shannon S.

    Jimmy- don’t you remember? Not t-shirts…. just stickers. Remember- Holly, Carry and I did a post-Brickyard Run pose-off that JJ put up on the site. 😉 Wink wink Dave…. all in good fun 😉

  • Craig

    Oh, you’re right Mark. I’m paranoid. Thanks to Carry, however, for validating me. Sarah, you’re not helping!

    Gotta love these peeps.

  • sarah


    How am i not helping?!?! He said, ” She’s sooooo cool”……Hahahaha!

  • DJ Docto

    awww I thought I just posted an “embedded” youtube! 🙁

    you can see the fight on my blog:
    it’s also on my dad’s youtube (user name: doc thailand)
    or on my facebook (I’m one of Luca’s friends! :))


  • sumadu

    The first time I came to DCF I saw this guy kicking a bag in the corner of the gym and I said, man, I’d really hate to be kicked by that guy. He could probably knock me out with just his pinkie finger. Turns out that guy was DJ.

  • Andrew

    Welcome to the club Craig! We have fee counseling too if you need it! =P

  • Mark L.

    Thanks for the link, DJ!
    Unfortunately, we’re not set up to allow embedding… as you can see, even without allowing embedding, several people still manage to get in trouble with just plain text! 😎

  • luca z.

    I expressed my opinion purely under a professional point of view, as a trainer, the view of those ladies performing back squat so well was breathtaking, 😉

  • Amy

    I am happy to say that I can gain another twenty pounds AT LEAST and Sarah will be able to back squat me out of a burning building. She was doing some very impressive work in the cage at 9:30 – was it 155 or higher?

    135# 5 reps for me was a new PR – when I started doing Starting Strength programming on the 14th May I was at 103# max. Also up to 145# on deadlifts after doing full sets of back squat and presses. I had to come home and eat a full day’s worth of fat blocks and take a 2 hour nap!

    And Tami’s shiner is something else. She gets whatever she wants for now on when she asks me, no disagreements.

  • Big Dave



  • Craig

    New nickname: “Big LETTERS Dave”

  • Mountain

    Apparently, you miss a day, you miss a lot.

    What’s it called when you do a snatch, but instead of landing with your feet side by side, one foot is out in front?

  • luca z.

    Mountain that’s a split snatch