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Jesse will be leaving us eventually, he just got his Navy Commission! Congratulations Jesse!


5 rounds for time.

10 Deadlifts (225 men, 185 women, or whatever weight can be lifted safely).

Run 400m

Post time to comments.



Nutrition and health of agriculturists vs hunter gatherers.

“. . .The anthropological record of early man clearly shows health took a nosedive when populations made the switch from hunting and gathering to agriculture. It takes a physical anthropologist about two seconds to look at a skeleton unearthed from an archeological site to tell if the owner of that skeleton was a hunter-gatherer or an agriculturist.

Unlike the Egyptian mummy data, there is usually no soft tissue material left when remains of early man are found. But the skeletal remains of hunter-gatherers show them to be much healthier than agriculturalists. Hunter-gatherers had better bones, had no signs of iron-deficiency anemia, no signs of infection, few (if any) dental cavities, fewer signs of arthritis and were in general larger and more robust than their agriculture-following contemporaries. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Big Dave

    0500 am class

    Knowing its VERY EARLY Donna, Dean, Hylie, and Tonya showed up this morning.

    everyone’s time around a 13 – 17 min, I finished with 16:47 RX.

  • Mark L.

    Love that pic of Jesse! I’ll definitely miss that face.
    Sounds like the 5am is getting fully off the ground! T-shirts: We do more before sunrise than you do all day. =)
    I’m looking forward to doing this WOD today. It’s been a while.

  • jordan Karnofsky

    after a long vacation and a couple bottles of “orange juice”, this WOD was what I needed to get back on the Diablo Train. 15:43 Rx. Ouch.

    what’s this DL/DU workout I’m hearing about?!?!?!?!?!? I wanna play!!!!!!

  • JimmyG

    6am killed the wod as usual. Big Kevin came sprinting in like a mad man on the last round. It was nice to have Jordan back, yes our outfits matched today…no we did not plan it.
    I’m Coaching 6am this Friday morning.

    Did PT with Scott.D what a stud!! 228 dis gone bad. Plus, I made him use the 24″ box not the 20″ and #75 on the push press instead of just #45 The guy got stronger on his last round beating his reps from rounds 1 and 2. It was awesome to watch.

  • Big Dave

    Jordan its the final qualifier workout

    Workout 1 (from the MidAtlantic Regional Qualifier)
    3 Rounds for time of:

    10 Deadlifts (275lbs men / 185lbs women)

    50 Double-unders

  • Jeremy Jones

    Did anyone notice that Jesse is wearing gloves and using the blue rubber dealios?

    That is a lot of hand protection.


  • Jesse L.

    I think the face is the mixture of pleasure and pain which sums up crossfit in general. Thanks for the nice words JJ and Mark, I will be leaving for the east coast around July 11th or 12th. I am going to miss DCF and the DCFers like crazy.

    P.S. Scott has been my close friend for over 23 years, he is a crossfitter at heart and I am glad he is finally “home” where he belongs, I expect his gains to be off the charts.

  • Jeremy Jones

    July 11th! Oh man that is close (same weekend as the games). What a bummer.

    Astute observers will also notice the Navy flag hanging in the background.

    Congratulations again Jesse, between your new hairstyle and vibrams, I was beginning to think we long lost brothers or something.


  • Jeremy Jones

    (Or that you just have amazingly good good taste).


  • Mike P.

    That really is quite the hand protection, protecting a manicure maybe?

    Congrats again on your commission Jesse aka Lieutenant Lock (spelling?). DCF will be out one impressive athlete.

  • Nancy

    Can I just say how much I love the 6am class? Crossfit workouts are awesome, but the people are what makes waking up so early completely worth it.
    For the record, I did six unassisted pullups today. That is not much to most people, but 1/2 a year ago, I was using the giant green band and couldn’t do ONE unassisted pullup. This is my official pat on my own back!

  • Jesse L.

    Jeremy- Safety first 🙂

  • Jesse L.

    little does anyone know, I also had about a pint of new skin on my hands under the gloves. Thanks right triple action hand protection. It also had the side benefit of keeping my new manicure looking so fresh and so clean clean.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Jesse, that is pretty funny coming from a guy not wearing shoes during a workout yesterday. . . If I catch you not wearing shoes and wearing gloves, I will have to make fun of you publicly for at least a few years.

    Nice Nancy!

    Keep working them. Practice them every time you come into the gym before and after the workout (unless there is a bunch in the workout).

    You’ll be at 10 in no time. I think you should shoot for 20 consecutive by the wedding!


  • Shannon S.

    Mike P… Jesse is going into the Navy… So yes- he’s protecting a manicure. Make sure to ask him about the standard issue tight jeans to wear during shirtless volleyball games on the flightline 😉 I’ve got 2 days left in the AF so I had to get in one last jab at Jesse & Rhodes!

  • Nancy

    JJ – TEN… I’m shooting for 10 by the wedding. 10 pullups by 10/10! One of your posts early in the year wanted to set goals for 2009. That was one of them. The other was doing any workout at Rx for girls — today’s 185 lb deadlift was NOT going to be the one!!

  • Lauren

    Congratulations Jesse!

    I started drooling when I saw heavy deadlifts and running for today but I did Bear on Monday and F50 yesterday and I can’t walk. Grrrrr.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Only 10?! Keep at it like you have been and you’ll be doing 10 in no time.


  • Mark L.

    Nancy, that’s awesome you’re going to be doing max pullups in your wedding! Make sure to get the video so we can put it on the site. I’m sure the main site would totally pick up on such a spectacle.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Just for the record, everyone should read the article posted.

    Then read it again.

    Then save the link so you can send it to all the people who don’t want you eating as much meat, and eating more “Whole Grains”


  • Amy

    Crazeeefun WOD today. Not exactly what I was thinking by round three, but by round four my head was back in the game. 125# at 12:56. I actually considerd walking during one of the sprints. Julie and Tami tore it up with me; a small, intimate ferociousness party that produced some disgusting sweat and grunts.
    And now Olive and Benen are sacked out at my house and I am drinking coffeeeeee so I can keep up with these two future CF monsters. It is hippy preschool over here, Sarah, incense and reggae and chickens and yogurt. Jah good.

  • Julie

    This wod was SICK?! So, yeah, Evil Sarah made me do the mens weight 225# & until this knee is better, I was stuck rowing 5 rnds@ 500m!!! 18:17…I want to join Olive& Benen & sack out at Amy’s house!!! You can keep the coffee!!! I wanna goo nite nite!! Hahaha…man, I LOVE THIS SH*T!!!

  • sarah

    Hahahah!! So irie, Amy!! One love.

    Yes, the 930 class was full of the most amazing women! Amy has gorgeous form. You can tell all of her hard strength work has totally paid off! Julie….what can i say?!?! I heart Julie!! She did a 18:19 at mens weight….We’re not worthy! AND rowing 500m each time!! Tami rocked it with a 15:52 @ 115#. Stout work, ladies!!

    1030 class- Ty, Kathy and Jeff R. all playing with deadlift form today. They each did very well! Then it was Meg H., Terry, Tyler and me…. Each of them passing me everytime…all i can say is, i’m gettin old….

  • sarah

    Oh, and thanks for being an awesome coach for me, Julie!!

  • Mark L.

    Sarah, please tell me you didn’t let them pass you on the RUNS!

  • Mountain

    I did the unofficial 2:30 pm class w/ Sarah today. It rocked.

    Subbed 400m rows for 400m runs to protect my ailing foot. And, inspired by Julie, I did the men’s weight for deadlifts. 14:26. Then, after unstrapping my feet from the rower, 2:49 spent lying motionless on the ground.

    Good shitake (don’t worry, Mark, it’s a mushroom not a bad word).

  • Prashant

    I think I saw Jesse using chalk as well…. Nice.

  • Jesse L.

    I love the comments, and Prashant, you are right, I used chalk too. I think that bumps me up to FOUR layers of hand protection lol.

    Shannon, you are hilarious, and I am so sorry they did not let you into the Navy and you had to settle for the air force, maybe now that you are finished you can re-apply. I wish you luck, and if you need a recommendation from an officer, I got your back, its the least I can do 🙂

    Those are Navy issue tight jeans by the way, and at the all military BBQ we will see who wins the shirtless volleyball game, I believe it is the Navy with an unbeaten record. Practice makes perfect.

  • sarah

    they lapped me on deadlifts….i did 185# for the first round then found my form looking no so good…..dropped to 155#….The first set killed me!! Took me like a year to do!!

  • jordan Karnofsky

    2:52 for that DL/DU??? Good Lord!!!
    anybody wanna try it with me?

  • Mike P.

    Shirtless volleyball might not be the same as wall balls, but I’ll still be rooting for you Goose.

  • Damen

    Jordan, I want to try that WOD, not tomorrow though. I did heavy deadlifts yesterday and the posted workout today, I’m not trying to break in half.

  • Craig

    Great dl form at 5pm today! I love it. Some strong peeps too. Newbie Ryan crushed it – this wod is in his wheelhouse for sure. 225 never moved so quick.

    That is until Jeff from Cal Strength (NCal regional winner) joined the 6pm class. Russel!! hung with him four 4 rounds. Jeff’s back working out after a week vacation.

    Way to go ladies, so nice to see great form. As rx for Meg too!!

  • Jeff B

    Jesse- I imagine you will be choosing a WOD before you go. Any thoughts so far. Sorry to see leaving, you are always one of the guys I am trying to catch and it pushes me.

  • Rhodes

    Thats my dawg!

    I suggest Murph as a going away work out! HA!

  • Sarah

    You are a suck and twisted man, Rhodes.. Seriously.

  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    Sorry, Mark. It was spell check. I swear!

  • Jesse L.

    Rhodes, What the F bro, where have you been??? Of course we are doing Murph for my going away WOD, I have to pay respect to the man who introduced me to Xfit.

    Give me a call so we can catch up, are you at basic training??