090604 THURSDAY “Nasty Girls”

 In Daily Workout

Carry spots Holly through some Muscle Ups.

Workout: “Nasty Girls”

3 rounds for time of:

50 Squats,

7 Muscle-ups (sub 3 sets of 7 chest to bar pull ups and 7 ring dips for each round of M/us).

10 Hang power cleans, 135lb men, 95lb women)

Post time to comments and/or Beyond the Whiteboard

Download a video of Annie, Eva and Nicole doing the original “Nasty Girls” workout here.

And here is a video of the People at Petranek’s in LA doing the workout:



Glucose metabilism linked to violent crimes in alcohol intoxicants.

“A Finnish study now finds that low glycogen level – which means non-oxidative glucose metabolism – predicts forthcoming violent offending among antisocial violent offender males in a prospective 8-year follow-up study. . . “

Click here for complete article.



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  • jorgy

    Shirts are on the way from Seattle and will be here soon. I have a limited supply and will get shirts to those who ordered first. I will be taking down a pre-sale list for anyone who still wants a DCF black shirt. Plus new shirts will be coming soon, I am just waiting on my incredibly talented cousin to design the next big hit. Just a teaser, the slogan I am going with is a DCF favorite, “SUFFER NOW AND REST LATER” which can also be condensed into SNARL… If that sounds dumb to you it is cause I am writing this at 5:00am

  • Sarah

    I want one!!

  • Mountain

    I’ve never done nasty girls before…

  • JimmyG

    Fair well to Super Shannon!! 12 peeps at 6am Fight Fit sent her off with a bang!!
    We will miss your style and intensity, best wishes to you and Brian.

    Just for fun…7 Stations, 1 min each, 1 min rest, 3 rounds!!
    Heavy Bag
    Sit-up &punch
    Back Squat #135
    ring push-ups
    jump rope
    20″ Step-ups #95

    Marnie we missed your smile, keep icing till I say so………

  • luca

    DCF won’t be the same without the Stornettas

  • Travis H

    Jorgy I want one

  • Adam

    I forgot how much I enjoy beating myself up during Jimmy’s fight fit classes. Thanks for a great workout. Afterwords, I did yesterdays deadlift and run wod and it reminded me why I like Crossfit so much. Having to push yourself while competing against no one just isn’t the same (15:29 RX).

    Jorgy, mark me down for a medium.

  • Jesse L.

    Good luck in Colorado and with school!! Also, thanks for the book references, and the sh*t talking 🙂 I will miss seeing you and Brian around the gym, keep in touch and let us know how things are going from time to time.

  • Meg Rosten

    We will miss Shannon and Bryan so much!!!!!!!!!! Great news is that they will be back to visit, yeah!!! : )

  • Big Dave

    XXL for me Jorgy

  • Lauren

    Shannon, enjoy Colorado! Thanks so much for helping me out when I first started and welcoming me to the DCF family. I have always appreciated your kindness and encouragement.

    Jorgy, I am collecting DCF shirts before I leave so you can count me in for your cousin’s next creation. Medium again.

    Can’t wait for class tonight

  • Rodil

    Jorgy – are these the black shirts with DCF on the shoulder or a different design?

    Stavros – thanks again for organizing the grass-fed beef orders. I cooked some shank steaks, short ribs, carrots and onions in my crock-pot the other night. Delicious. Anthony keeps talking about how much he likes hamburgers made from the grass-fed ground beef (hamburger buns are Faileo, but my kids aren’t ready for lettuce-wrapped burgers yet 🙂

  • Holly

    Really Mountain? Not even one time, maybe at band camp….? (I heart Mark!)

    So sad my sick and twisted wod partner is leaving me. I’m gonna miss you NayNay!

    I remember my first visit to the shed last August. The nasty girls video was playing and I was so shocked and frightened by the fact that one of the girls was crying in it that I thought of leaving right then and never coming back. Of course I couldn’t escape cause I had come with Mountain and he had already introduced me to everyone. So instead I joined him for tabata squats and pushups while JJ timed us and Craig yelled encouraging remarks (ended with 2 as my tabata push up number). Then I had to come back if for no other reason than to get that pathetic number up! There you have it folks, DCF, turning innocent bystanders into freaks of nature.
    My 8/09 goal of completing Nasty Girls RX is just around the corner. Now if I can just get a muscle up!

  • Meg Rosten

    Lauren… You said “leave” are you going away too?! Sad!!!!

  • Mark L.

    Lauren was accepted to grad school at Cal Poly SLO (right?) Lauren, what major, again?

  • Carry

    Oh….you WILL get a muscle up….If I have anything to do with it.

    I will miss Shannon & Bryan! ‘Yall better visit and keep us posted.

    I will be in today to try Nasty Girls RX for the first time. I’m more afraid of the #95 hanging power cleans than I am of the muscle ups.

  • Meg Rosten

    CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN!!!!!!!! When do you leave us? Fall Semester?

  • Craig

    Bummed about the Stornetta departures. Shannon – we’ll miss you. I’ll never forget lending you a shirt for GI Jane in your fatigues & boots – the look on your face when you held Bryan’s sweat drenched shirt as your only option was priceless. You guys came in hard and fast to DCF and are leaving a big gaping hole in our community and performance levels. Please visit often.

  • Shannon S.

    Thanks for all the love, guys! Don’t worry- well be back for vacations! Ps… Great 6am class… You guys are the bomb! (and thanks for the totally sweet hangable Shanaynay
    Poster, Jordan + 6am’ers!)

  • luca z.

    Another gnarly WOD at the SHED, great effort from all in my classes, with Jesse and Andrew Jet doing it as r’xed, I saw some bad forms in the HPC today but also some great ones and some good improvements. Good showing from newcomers Juliana and Shawna, more strong females, just what we needed.
    On a different note, try to listen to your body, if you’re tired, your muscles are sore and you just feel not right, don’t come in and try to “work it out”, that’s your body way of telling you you did too much and need to rest, an extra day of rest is only going to make you better and stronger, remember when you rest is the time for your body to heal and get stronger, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!!!

  • Jesse L.

    Yeah, Lauren is going for a masters in counseling, or was it MFT? either way we are both in the same boat of needing DCF fits so when we work out at the next crossfit gym they can see what kind of monsters DCF produces (I am mostly talking about Lauren cuz she is a maniac)

    If there are still available shirts I am IN

  • Amy

    Goodbye Shannon and Bryan – Bryan has the makings of an amazing coach, and congrats Lauren, I couldn’t think of a prettier place to go to school!
    I had an appointment with the rower and the foam roller this morning, yesterday’s WOD left me deliciously sore. Enjoy your muscle ups, you beasts!

  • Mike P.

    JJ, can you put a freeze on the departures effective immediately? This is getting out of hand. But I’m very happy for all those who are leaving DCF, especially for all such amazing quests. Jesse, are you sure you can’t just telecommute?

    Jorgy, when will you be at the shed next? I’ve got your money for the protein bars and shirt.

  • Craig

    Affiliate team members (and anyone else): I will be teaching Oly class this Saturday at 11AM.

    I am going to teach and drill Olyimpic speed lifting for CrossFit metcons: ground to shoulder & ground to overhead speed lifting.

    If you’d like to work on improving your g-s & g-o/h speed, join me Saturday at 11AM.

    You should have some Oly lift experience prior to attending this class (e.g., attended a previous class or two). We will not spend much time on the basic mechanics.

  • Lauren

    Count me in Craig. I should be well rested for you on Saturday, but remind me to stretch afterwards. I always forget.
    Amy I got Starting Strength and so far I love it. I just wish I had more time to read it.

  • Prashant

    Jorgy, can you put me down for a shirt as well please.

  • Julie

    hey Jorgy,
    Think I already requested a LG or XL if they run small….as for the SNARL shirt…HELL YEAH…HOOK ME UP!!!!

    As for the gapping hole which is left by my former 8am Luca’s class buddy(Shannon, who scared me at first with her savageness) & Brian…what can I say…BEST WISHES FOR YOU BOTH IN CO…..Can’t wait for the DCF roadtrip to da Rockies!!! CO is fresh!! Look fwd to the holidays when u return with stories of conquest with the crossfitters in CO…show em how we roll at DCF…then pick em up off the floor and encourage them that one day they’ll be as bada** as you two are!!! True DCF’ers for life!!!

  • Prashant

    Bryan and Shannon – Best of luck in CO. Where in CO are you guys going to be living? I lived in Denver for 6-7 months, awesome place. Micro-breweries GALORE!

  • jordan Karnofsky

    yo jorgo-
    xl shirt for me. and a xs for mark.

  • Andrew

    Hey jorgy, I talked to you already, but just reminding you, a M and S for me. Thanks!

  • 6am..matt

    just in case you forgot.
    2 shirts please Size XL..if they run small then XXL


  • Jeff B

    Jorgy – Put me down for a medium and large shirt, thanks.

  • Mountain

    Jorgy, count me in for a L (if you have any left).

  • Jeff B

    Jorgy, put me down for a medium and large shirt, thanks.

  • Craig

    Nasty Girls as rx, 1st time ever!! 1st Muscle Up workout as rx. Major mental hurdle.

    Only missed one muscle-up. Slow and steady: 15:10.


  • Laci

    Jorgy- I will take a medium shirt since I don’t have a DCF shirt yet!!! Still hoping for a tank top order so I on my tan at the games!

  • Laci

    meant “work on my tan”

  • Ronnielo

    Jorgy put me down for an XL to. congrats Lauren! Best wishes for Bryan and Shannon

  • Nick

    Jorgy put me down for a XL
    Nice Craig, I needed a day off. My wrists were aching all day. Next time I will get ya Shannon you will be missed.

  • jorgy

    Dustin (Carry’s Brother) is on the Crossfit Games site doing Deadlifts!!!

  • Yvonne

    99 teams signed up for the affiliate cup. All teams competing on Friday, only with the top 5 competing on Sunday.

  • jorgy

    To clear up the shirt questions, the black shirt is the “old” DCF games shirt. I have 10 coming and will be here monday and will be available to those who ordered first and in which the sizes match up. I put in a new order today because of the amount of people wanting them and they will be here within the next three weeks. I am going to hold off on taking orders for the new design until it is complete and we have the logos ordered, which should be a couple weeks from now since we want to come up with the most badass shirt possible. Tank tops will be available in the new shirt and by special order with the old shirt (might cost a little more) and if you need to see what the tank tops are gonna look like Lauren will have one on next week sometime. Questions just call me or email me, 783-7235 or jorgy@diablocrossfit.com

  • Shilpa

    Hey, Jorgy, when you place the next order, can you put me down for small? Thanks.

  • Brian P.

    Just sent you an email but figured I’d drop a comment here too. Can I get a tshirt as well (old black one is fine too)? Size M if it’s still available. Thanks.