090605 FRIDAY “Welcome Back Jordan”

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What's with the chin grass?

With so many goodbyes recently, its nice to say “hello & welcome back, Jordan – we missed your music.”


3 Rounds For Time

20kb Swings (1.5p / 1p)

400m Run

20 GHD Sit Ups (hand to the floor, if possible)



A great blog post by Mike Minium of CrossFit Oakland. CF Oakland is conducting a nine workout in-house competition they’re calling the “Nasty Nine.” Movement standards are being challenged by the athletes and workout intensity is very high. Mike wrote an excellent piece on perspective for his members. The comments are a good read too.

“And finally, keep this in mind: Your workout is your workout, regardless of what others have to say, and no matter how good their intentions are.”

Read the entire post here.

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  • Shannon S.

    Thanks for all the well wishes everyone! Bryan & I should be back for the Christmas holidays… & when we visit- it’ll be game-on as we’ll be training at 7000ft until then! 😉

  • Big Dave

    0500 class

  • Big Dave

    0500 class

    A great Friday morning class with Matt C and Dean T getting just under 12 mins for today’s WOD.

    Also they both did some functional workout on Muscle up’s. Both said they have this as a goal to do one this year as well as other functional items they need working on.

    Great job guys.

  • Mark L.

    I’m headed out to Crossfit Marin today to see Roger. It’s a good thing because I did great on Nasty Girls, yesterday until the 5th muscle up in round 3 (at 12:40 something) when I just plain ran out of muscle ups, and had to do 9 chest to bar PU and 9 ring dips to finish it out.
    How did everyone else do? Any first MU?

  • Andrew

    I had the same problem as you Mark. I would get the first 5 or 6 MU of every round no problem, but when it came to those last couple, I just couldn’t get them. Those really killed my time, but I’m proud to say I did it all RX. woot!

  • Lauren

    Hey JJ, thanks for posting that link to CFO website. My cleans just plained sucked yesterday. I should have gone lighter and done it with better form. I needed to read that and remind myself that good form and full ROM is more important than what I write down in my log.

  • Craig

    L, I did the post today. Its a must-read from Minium along with interesting comments from his community.

    My perspective on ROM and form: Leave no doubt. I go ass-to-ankles on my squats and head through the bar on overheads. If I get called out by anyone then, so be it – its my bad for leaving doubt and I’ll repeat the rep.

  • Mark L.

    Andrew… I tried. I was through the first 6 MUs consecutive and the last after 2 seconds rest. The second round I was 4, 2, 1. The third, I was 3, 1 and *done*. I even gave it a FULL 2 1/2 minutes rest, and just didn’t have it in there. I definitely have some shoulder flexibility issues. I have to pull my hands almost past my sternum before I can roll over (or just kip super high). Roger and I will be working on both flexibility and efficiency, today.
    Lauren, I should have reminded you! It won’t happen, again. You’re right that in the heat of the moment, it’s hard to remember that using more weight causing you to use poor form is literally *practicing* bad form. We make permanent what we practice, so going too heavy is worse than just a transient safety thing. It has future consequences in our development as an athlete.

  • JimmyG

    6am smoked the wod…Eleni and I were dizzy and all messed up on the ground after…
    Alan is back..his back is back…Nancy, Matt, Vikki, Debbie and Marin did great!!
    Scott. D had his last PT with me today..I had him doing Back Squats and Pwr Cleans, then he sub 10’d the wod. We scaled his KB a little……cause he’s still a newbie…lol

  • Carry

    I think we all missed Jordan and his ‘turn table’…..Nasty girls yesterday…22:44. I was going for a sub 20 but it was not to be. NEXT TIME.

    I will try my darndest to be at your OLY class on Sat. Craig. Lord knows I need the practice.

  • Mike P.

    Jordan was definitely missed, not sure if his music selection or dancing is more motivating but either way good to have you back.

    I got 9:54 Rx on Nasty Girls last night, should have sped up the air squats I think.

    Craig, I’ll try to make it to your OLY class on Sat.

  • jordan K

    im glad that my music was missed and not myself. makes me feel so validated. thanks for this workout jj it is SUCKY! 11:31 Rx. went to the 10:30 class for the first time and I dont think I will be invited back. Sarah is a nice lady but a MEAN SCARY TRAINER! she did not appreciate my comments on her cool (stupid) hat. haha. great class.

  • Jesse L.

    I was all happy with my N-girl time in the 11’s and then there is mike with a sub 10 and saying he should have gone faster on the squats. I agree with him, what a slacker 🙂

  • Amy

    Thanks for the good discussion, Craig. Journey, not destination. That, and karma has a way of biting you in the butt.
    Friday is a party thanks to the irrepressible Miss Sarah. Today was a PR day for the backsquat – I have finally exceeded a body weight back squat with 5 reps and nice form, ****forget squats and milk, I’m talkin’ squats and HALF’N’HALF, bee-atches.*****
    ..and meatballs, thanks Julie! And watching my hottie husband smoke the WOD, and watching the WOD smoke everyone, and giving Jordan rope climbing lessons as his welcome home gift. I got a little power clean love in return. Good day at DCF, indeed.
    MOO, Jordan.

  • Mountain

    Great link today, Craig. I really appreciate it.

    First and foremost: your workout is your workout. I don’t want my view of form or range of motion to interfere with anyone’s ability to enjoy or benefit from their workout.

    Second, but still very important to me: whenever possible, leave no doubt. Knowing that your form will deteriorate as you get tired, set the bar as high as possible early in a workout. Get as close to perfect as you can, especially early in a workout when sweat isn’t dripping in your eyes and your head isn’t spinning.

  • Jeff B

    A little over a week ago I decided that the only way I would ever gain the strength necessary to do the WOD as Rx would be to do them Rx, as long as form is not compromised. So any feedbasck during or after a WOD directed towards me would be welcomed. So far I have managed to do the WOD Rx since then but not sure form is always good, but trying.

  • StupidHatSarah

    I love you too, Jordan!! You eat wha?!?!

    Ok. So long day at the gym…

    930 class- always a pleasure to have Ron and Lynn in class! Julie, SAVAGE as ALWAYS!! Mens RX. Michele is a kettlebell swingin’ hottie!!

    1030 class- Awesome to see Meg H. out swingin all those big guys! She was the only girl in the 1030 class… and dominated! Ronnie and Jordan…hhhmmmm…dont know if you two are allowed back in class….86’d!! Hahahah! Just kidding….kinda… =)Ty, Jeff and Jason, GREAT work from you three!

    4:49 class- Damen did a 9:29! Awesome to watch!!

    Vince kicked ass on his Third WOD!! Ill turn him into an amazing ultrarunner!11

    5pm class- It was great to put a face to the name, Hilary is awesome!! Juliana smoked her WOD!! God, we have strong, amazing women! Jonnie, it was a pleasure to chat with you off of Facebook. There is a gift for you there!! Lauren did todays WOD as a warm up then did Weds. WOD with ease…Man!! Crazy girl!!

    6pm class- Brooke is as strong as she is beautiful! Great work on Your KB swings!! Kristine is such a great runner , she made it look easy! Susan and Tristin… again with the strong women thing…BEAUTIFUL!!

    Ok….now it time to jump in the fresh and not smell this bad! Great work from everybody!!

    Peace out!!