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Bill does some heavy thrusters while Mike P tries to keep up.

Workout: “Versus”

Each athlete will pick one person to compete against. While person ‘A’ runs 400m, person ‘B’ will complete as many rounds as possible of:

10 Dumbbell Thrusters (45lbs or 25lbs)

20 abmat sit ups (use dumbbells to anchor feet if desired)

When person ‘A’ returns, person ‘B’ must leave immediately to complete their next 400m run.

Each ‘opponent’ will make 4 laps. When returning from your run start back where you left off (i.e. 7 thrusters completed before running means that you would complete the next 3 before doing sit ups).

The winner of the match is the person who completes the most rounds while their opponent is running.

Post who your opponent was and number of rounds completed to comments.

(If you don’t have a partner, you can compete against yourself by timing your runs, then doing as many rounds as possible in the time you did your first run in after each lap).



Exercise More, Not Less, To Ease Aching Back, Study Suggests

“A University of Alberta study of 240 men and women with chronic lower-back pain showed that those who exercised four days a week had a better quality of life, 28 per cent less pain and 36 per cent less disability, while those who hit the gym only two or three days a week did not show the same level of change.

“While it could be assumed that someone with back pain should not be exercising frequently, our findings show that working with weights four days a week provides the greatest amount of pain relief and quality of life,”. . .”

Click here for complete article.



Everyone wants t-shirts. We have 4 women’s and 2 men’s designs in the works not including Jorgy’s upcoming Skull (Suffer Now And Rest Later Design). So, give us your votes on the following designs. List your favorite and your 2nd favorite as follows: G1, G2 (for Girls #1, Girls #2). Click on the comments to see the entries!

See All These Designs In Comments

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  • Yvonne

    I love all the women’s tanks!!! All 4 are keepers, please!
    I don’t think I can wear the black tank since I don’t have what it says in the front!

  • Sarah

    I’m in for all 4 of the girls shirts AND the #1 mens shirt! They are awesome!!

  • Shannon S.

    Goose… I mean Jesse… Can you send me your email? It’s military related info. Security clearance required… Although I know that unlike the Navy, the AF doesn’t count “pinky-swearing” as a form of secrecy – Capt (S) Super Shannon… My email is sstornetta@gmail.com

  • Lauren

    I like number 2. I would feel weird wearing kips one in public and I don’t have big muscles so I feel like I haven’t earned number 1 and would also feel weird wearing it.

  • Laci

    I like G2 & G1, but I am up for any of them!

  • Damen

    I want a mens #1

  • Shar

    I can only sport G1 & G4, because I’m not Fit as Hell and I definitely can’t do Kips. Can we keep them all? I’m working on my kips!!!

  • Jeff B

    I like both of the men’s shirts but if I had to choose just one it would be #1. But I really like them both.

  • Donna D.

    If I have to pick a favorite…G2 & G3 get my vote! There all pretty cool though…..I LOVE the kipping one! That’s great! I’d wear it for sure!! I’m kinda of like Yvonne though…..They’re all keepers!!
    Yvonne–if I can wear the black one you can! You’re kips are WAY bigger….I mean better than mine!!!!

  • Hylie

    I like G1 & G3 best but will take whatever is going! Thanks for getting these, can’t wait to sport a DCF logo for my recruiting!!!

  • Mike P.

    Great Shirts! If I had to pick one it would be mens #2.

  • Jesse L.

    In like Men’s number 2 Cuz it’s scary. Not to be a back seat driver, but it would look sick in black with red writing and a red devil.

    Shannon, my e-mail is mentalgame@gmail.com

    Correct me if I am wrong but I though that a pinky swear is the most time honored bond between two people, when I was commissioned instead of my recruiter saying “raise your right hand” she said, ” do you pinky swear to defend the country….”

  • Mike P.

    That’s a good call goose on the black shirt with red writing. For the record I’ll pretty much get anything DCF so in the words of on of Jesse’s favorite movies “bring it on”.

  • oneand7/8sgun

    Nice shirts! I like them all.
    #3 just borderline edgy. Of course for those whose mind takes these things a step further (not mine of course). I could see some of the more daring she-devils sporting an altered version that states:

    (Mark stop reading at this point)

    Who needs big kips…
    (then on the back it reads)
    When you have a snatch like this (picture of the girl doing a snatch)

    Okay I’ll crawl out of the gutter and back into lady mode….

  • Craig

    Brilliant, Holly! You are officially DCF’s new copywriter.

    I’ve heard that Mountain is a good source of material too, in case you run out.

  • 6am..matt

    Mens #2…
    Red is cool…but Black is bad ass
    Im with Jesse & Mike…


  • Mike P.

    Holly…f’ing AMAZING! That has to be produced if for anything out of principle.

    My new vote goes to mens #3, then #2.

  • oneand7/8sgun

    You know it Craig, he is where I get most of my material including the above idea (came from a shirt he was telling me about a while back replacing kips with (well you know) and snatch with @ss).

    I also love his “TABATA THIS” idea for the back of girl shorts! And I know there are a ton of she-devils that would wear those!

    If santa cruz can get away with “if it was easy it’d be your mother” I think we can do one of the above ideas…

  • Sarah

    I want a snatch shirt!! Was it Jorgy that had… (fr) Big snatch(back) but still a lady..??? I dig em! I love to push it… Just a little… =)

  • jordank

    all three shirts are awesome and need to be distributed immediately. as well as dcf shorts? any word on when we are getting size 36’s? shweet. home workout today:
    25m pool swim sprint
    10 Burpees
    10 Situps
    10 Lunges

    10 min. AMRAP….should be fun…

  • Tami Lacy

    My vote is G2, G1, G3.
    What I’d really like is the mens #3 on womens black tank.
    Can’t wear red in my hood.

  • JimmyG

    I have soooo many blk shirts. What if we did a cool brown shirt or OD green for the guys???

  • Craig

    Green or Brown? Have you ever seen a green or brown Ferrari?

    Great Oly class today with 7 peeps. Worked on speed snatch and clean & jerks. Lots of an lots of them.

    Then we finished with a terrific little oly wod:

    10-8-6-4-2 Power Snatch &, then Power Clean & Jerk 95lbs (55 for girls). Try to not let go of the bar for each exercise!

    Mike did the morning workout and did the oly workout! Almost perfect form for his first ever snatches. Technique is improving dramatically in our Shed. I don’t even have to say anything to Donna, for example – she comes to Oly class weekly and now has fantastic technique.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I like the slogan

    “Big Kips are good but. . . ” (front)

    “A great Snatch is better” (back).

    I wear it.


  • Moises G.

    I agree with Superwoman a.k.a. Sarah, let’s push the envelope a little. I also like yours JJ, but if I had to choose i’d say all of the girls and #1 men.

  • Jeff B

    My vote is for the men’s #3 also. The black is much better looking. I think I may not be able to wear the red shirt in some parts of my neighborhood.

  • Rodil

    I vote for Men’s shirt #3 – sweet.

  • luca z.

    I have a comment on the shirt’s material, is it going to be a light cotton, like the ones from Balboa, or heavy like our old ones, I would prefer the lighter version, as far as the style, they are all good .
    Great classes today, I worked with Brian in my Mauy-Thai class, helping him get started, while trying to have Ariel hit Tami hard so she gets used to it for her next fight.
    In the 10 o’clock class a great turn out, 18 athletes, nice work, great energy, I like large classes, the energy is trough the roof. Did some fun functional movements as a warm up, trying to have fun while getting the body ready for the task ahead, good times

  • Damen

    So I guess I didn’t get the memo, so after I worked out this afternoon I took a pack of jorgy’s energy bars and wrote my name on the list for $ twofitty. Can I just pay him when I see him? Also I would prefer a shirt that has anything to do with snatchs’

  • Julie

    I LOVE all the womens shirts and Mens #3…although, is there a chance we are going to do some of the womens shirts in larger tank sizes..ie, I’m a woman and you know that little girlie sh*t isn’t gonna fit me?! RIGHT???

  • Danny

    If I had to choose one men’s design, I’d go with #3. They’re all pretty neat though. I like the black a lot.

  • Nabil

    Sweet shirts you guys! Put me down for a Men’s #2 !

  • Adam

    I would purchase Men’s #1 and #3

  • michelle

    I’d like to see a girl’s tank (either black or white) with the men’s #1 slogan, Diablo Crossfit, Respect the Girls, Honor the Heros…anyone else interested in that? I won’t wear #3 and don’t look like the chick in #1.

  • Paula

    All the shirts are great ! Number 1 is my favorite for girls then number two.

  • Shilpa

    I like the women’s tanks in this order (most preferred to least): #3, #2, #4, #1
    They’re all pretty awesome.

  • Chanda

    G1 and G3 are my favs!!!