090606 SUNDAY “A Good Walk Spoiled”

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Which One Is Not Like The Others?

This is a very uninteresting picture until you start to study the differences in each of the stretches. Clearly, some people are more flexible than others.

Workout: 400m Walking Lunges for Time.


When is it time to take drugs for Hypertension?

Article: “Makes My Blood Boil” from Mark’s Daily Apple.

“… the powers that be started to opine that… 140 over 90 was hypertensive. Recently, the medical industry (always looking for a way to get you medicated) has started to suggest that a “normal” 120/80 is in fact “pre-hypertensive.” Hey, the more drugs they can sell to healthy people the faster our economy will turn around, right? So at 140/100 I was a little taken aback.

Over the next six days, I tested my blood pressure during 10 different sessions under various circumstances. At each session, I performed and recorded five tests, with about two minutes rest between tests. In 50 readings, there were no repeats. Every single reading was unique.”

Full article here.


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  • Amy

    28:01 with the 25# vest.
    Ouch, thanks Dave. Now we need to work on my medicine ball cleans;-). Thank you Jaz for getting me through the last stretch! Reubens and milkshakes and fudge pie oh my.
    My brother and sister scorched the newbie and represented our gene pool nicely.

  • Craig

    Dave crushed the 400 with vest in 11:12!

    Attention 1st timers to this workou & nutso weight vest people: you will be SORE for multiple days! Ice bath your legs now (waist deep) if you can and you’ll avoid a lot of pain. Avoid advil.

    The soreness will subside. Some mild squats and stretching tomorrow will help.

    Nice job speedster newbies!

  • Mountain

    Wait, that wasn’t ALLCAPS Big Dave who crushed the 400, is it? Although, in fairness, if it was him, that’s only like 40 walking lunges.

    400m walking lunges is an awesome workout. You have never known your glutes as well as you will know them in the days that follow this workout. They will remind you of their existence everywhere you go.

    But before lunges, we warmed up with “Featherweight Fran,” with med ball thrusters and jumping pullups. Shockingly, Carry and Holly were first in 1:53 and 1:55 (Rhabdo, Bionic, and Speal were impressed). Even the newest of newbies were done in under 3:30, so everyone got a little taste of Fran at firebreather speed.

    And then, there were the lunges. Carry slapped this workout around & made it say her name, finishing in 15 minutes and change. Everyone else found it at least somewhat challenging. Heather, who is in her first month at DCF, went 250m before calling it a day. Prashant went 300m, a 50% improvement over the first time he did this workout. I believe Gannon and Elissa (fiance and fiancee) both went 300m as well, but I could be wrong.

    Finally, firebreather-to-be Tyler, Holly (1 and 15/16 guns), and I all PR’d at 400m, finishing in under 20 minutes.

  • Scott S

    Both first timers for this workout:

    Scott S.: 19:14 (20 pound belly – but no vest)
    Kate A.: 15:25 (Buns of steel)

    Spent all day on our feet (post workout) at the Art & Wine festival now taking the stairs one at a time … Ouch.