090609 TUESDAY

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Tami Lacey’s Shiner after last Muay Thai Kickboxing match.


6 rounds for time.

5 Weighted dead hang pull ups (no kipping) Men use 45lb dumbbell, Women use 25lbs,

5 Strict presses, Men use 95lbs, women use 65lbs

200m run

Post time to comments.



Researchers First To Document Early Signs For Diabetes In Kids As Young As 7

“. . .The increasing prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in children parallels the pediatric obesity epidemic. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, over the past two decades, the prevalence of children who are obese has doubled, while the number of adolescents who are obese has tripled. And according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 31.9% of children and adolescents were overweight (BMI at or above the 85th percentile) and 16.3% were obese (BMI at or above 95th percentile).

Insulin resistance/poor insulin sensitivity is closely associated with increased total body fat and may precede development of the metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Indicators of impaired insulin sensitivity have yet to be clearly identified in children prior to puberty.

The LSUHSC researchers found that the child’s current fat weight is the strongest predictor for poor insulin sensitivity which is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • jorgy

    Shirts will be available in about two weeks. SNARL shirts will be about the same time, graphics coming very soon. There will be men’s shirts and women’s tank tops for the DCF sweat demon shirt and I am looking into the tank tops for the SNARL.

  • Craig

    Intimidating & inspiring, Tami.

  • Big Dave

    When I saw Tami sitting with a GF in Pleasant Hill shopping area last week and I ask Tami how she got the black eye. I could not tell from the video so I had to ask.

    Tami’s comment to me was ” I don’t even remember the girl hitting me that hard in the face”.

  • luca z.

    Women kick boxers around the Bay Area will learn to fear that face, eheheh

  • Miles

    Tami wears it well! Craig, my legs are still in shock from Sunday, what’s the downside of Advil or Alieve?

  • Craig


    Kelly Starett of CF SF blogged on this the other day:

    The article and subsequent comments were featured here:

    “NSAIDs have been shown to delay and hamper the healing in all the soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Anti-inflammatories can delay healing and delay it significantly, even in muscles with their tremendous blood supply. In one study on muscle strains, Piroxicam (an NSAID) essentially wiped out the entire inflammatory proliferative phase of healing (days 0-4).”

  • Miles

    Thanks Craig, I’ll read up!

  • jamie

    Jorgy- save me a women’s SNARL & a women’s Sweat Demon shirt….what brand of tank are they? Bella? American Apparel? Both tend to run really snug, thus may consider ordering more M & L than usual.

  • Mark L.

    Craig, are you sure Jeremy didn’t post those links 2 weeks ago? JK
    I am definitely going to have to be less liberal with the NSAIDs (especially when I take them prophylactically for osteoarthritis issues.)
    Like I don’t have enough of a challenge healing and recoverying at this age… nature often knows best.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I like the topical stuff. I am a fan of “Cryogel”. . . but anything with ‘Arnica’ usually is pretty good.

    A bottle of Cryogel mysteriously appeared at the gym yesterday. If anyone is interested.


  • luca z.

    Great classes as usual, nice efforts from all and kudos to Jessie for doing it R’xed and going 7 rounds, just because it wasn’t hard enough for him, on the 10:30 class Jasson P. killed it, it was the perfect WOD for him, he still can’t do kipping pull ups but he’s strong enough that he does all the WOD with strict pull ups, and the presses were a breeze.

  • DJ Docto

    Mark your calendars folks, July 11th is the next tournament!
    hopefully we’ll have Dustin and Tami fighting in Sacramento for this one.

    if you have Luca on facebook, I’m on his facebook and so is Ariel…
    Tami’s fight is there…

  • Amy

    WOD vs. my milkshake from Sunday. 15:42 with 55# strict press (except for the last rep of the last round, after landing the barbell on my head twice I threw the weight off ) and I am proud to say three dead hang pull ups w/o the band, which leaves, um, 33 with the band since I read the board wrong and did too many, I blame the milkshake. Afterward during stretching I witnessed Jesse feel things he had never felt before; THAT was a sound to behold.

  • Craig

    jamie, great t-shirt advice. I was hurt since I did most of the designs. Then I was redeemed when I read about sales of brown & greens. At least I got the colors almost right. Not sure about pink anywhere near a DCF t-shirt..but then again, you are the retail master. And, the only reason you liked the stick figures and sweat demon is because JJ designed them!

    Ok, I enjoyed the sweat demons and stick figures, but I have too many in my closet.

    I think JJ and I are very close to a final decision – and your input here is valuable as well as the raves and rants from our community, including the brownies.

    We will have a team shirt for the Games – and it will be available for sale to DCF’rs in a different color scheme soon. We will have another shirt available for sale as well, maybe two. Ladies will have at least 2 tanks to chose from, maybe 3, including Jorgy’s design. And maybe a hat or a bandanna…

  • Carry

    What a GREAT picture Tami! Thank you for representing the She Devils of DCF.

  • jamie

    > I meant no offense! Craig, you did an awesome job & I am a super opinionated & picky person.- only my ridiculous opinion….you should see what JJ goes through for Christmas!

  • jordank

    1:00 open gym with Alan:

    12:51 as Rx

    I was in an out of The Shed in 20 minutes today….thats legit.

  • JimmyG

    I have a garage full of Cryogel..If anyone wants some I’ll bring in a box or two. So if you see it you can just take a bottle. The roll-on tube is good for on the go, but the rub-in kind is way better. Wash your hands good after using…you don’t want to get it where the sun don’t shine……lol

    Craig and JJ– If you want Brown and/or OD Green AllStyle Apparal Platinum
    re-movable tag shirts….i can get them at a great price and fast from our SOLDIER warehouse.

  • Darren

    I like Greens and Browns. Differnt than what everyone else is wearing. Plus the Brown really brings out my eyes

  • Mountain

    Awesome workout today. Since today is Stephanie (of Stephanie, Bill, & Macy fame) Ayer’s birthday, can we name it “Stephanie”?

    Happy Birthday, Stephanie.

  • Yvonne

    Tami your face is way to beautiful to have someone hit it!!!

    Happy Birthday Stephanie!!! I am glad I put your bar together for you today!!!

    I hope the team shirts are red!!! Darren won in it and Tiger Woods always wears red on Sunday and wins (almost always wins).

    Cryogel is awesome! I rub it on where it hurts before a WOD or right before I fall asleep. I have one in my gym bag and one beside my bed. Roll-on is fast, you don’t have to rub it in with your hands which means you don’t have to wash your hands. Even better, roll it on and put ice over it. Sweet relief!!!

    I had a physical today. My resting heart rate is 52 and my blood pressure was low. Never had them this low before. Thanks to DCF!!!

  • Julie


  • Lauren

    My shirt POV

    I like pink and blue but only if it’s hot pink and bright/navy blue. I don’t want pastels for DCF shirt.

    I LOVE the idea of the bella long tank!

    I also really want the stick figure man shirt that so many of you have with “to appreciate heaven it’s good to get 15 minutes of hell.”

    I did a google shirt and here are some other slogans I liked (most came from CFO)

    -There’s fit and then there’s crossfit.
    – Brutal in a fun kind of way.
    – The cure for the common workout.
    – Boot camp on steriods
    – No, it’s not hell it just feels like it
    -My gym could beat up your gym
    – If you’re not nevervous before a workout it’s not hard enough
    – workout like an athlete not a hamster

  • Laci

    I love Lauren’s ideas and I am all for the Pink!

  • Nancy

    YAY Lauren. Love those slogans. I’ll wear them on any color!

  • Nancy

    Lauren, excellent! I love all of those!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Today’s WOD: 9:48. Had to break up the pull ups after set 1 to 3 – 2s.