090611 THURSDAY “Rowing Repeats” and “Broke Caveman Shopping List”

Partner stretching can be fun and or painful at the same time

Some of Vallejo and Concord’s Finest get to know each other. . .


4 rounds

500m row

Rest 2 minutes (approximately if there is a large class and not enough rowers).

Post row time to comments.

Try to either A) pace all the rowing efforts so that the times are as close together as possible. or B) Set a PR on the first round, then just try not to throw up for the next 3 rounds.


CrossFit Games Accommodations Confusion!

Apparently, there are two “Motel 6″s near the games site. If you use a map program to look up which one is closer you might get an incorrect result.

The closer of the two Motel 6s is in


not Watsonville. They still have some single bed rooms available if anyone is interested in switching over.

Here is the info:

6110 Monterey Rd., Gilroy, California

Front desk 408-842-6061 Fax 408-842-6020

Special Code – CrossFit

Special Rates: $53.99 Thursday – $71.99 Friday & Saturday does not include Breakfast


Diablo CrossFit Nutrition Article: “What to buy at Costco?” aka “Part 1 of the ‘Broke Caveman’ series”

$150 at Costco can go a long way for Grok

One of the inherent flaws in shopping for “Paleo” or “Primal” foods is that the act of going to the grocery store itself is not “Paleo”. Where Grok the caveman usually had to search long and hard to get food (and not to mention, any food he did get was “good” food), the super markets and ‘Mega’ markets we have today create the exact opposite problem; buying the right foods in a sea of junk.

Places like “Trader Joe’s” (definitely a favorite around here), and “Whole Foods” (aka ‘Whole Paycheck’) can make it much easier to find the right foods, their locations and pricing can life tough if you are trying eat like a caveman. . . on a caveman’s income. . .

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  • Lauren

    JJ didn’t you say you were staying at the Motel 6 in Watsonville? I could have sworn I read that on the website.

  • sakura

    oh my, honey! so is THAT what you do when you go to Diablo? 😉

  • Mark L.

    Isn’t this the WOD that has the highest pukie quotient at DCF to date?
    Oh, and put on the brakes, Sake Bomb!

  • Moises G

    JJ thanks for the shopping list, turning to paleo was easier than I thought. I love how much info I get from you, Super Sarah and Jorgy. I figured turning paleo would help my body build itself faster and stronger. I have already noticed my recovery times getting better and my body feeling better. I was cleared by my ortho surgeon to step up the strength training and I am returning back to full duty the week of July 20th!!!!

    I cannot thank DCF enough for providing me with great advice on training and increasing my overall health!!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!

  • Prashant

    Lauren, I read the same thing and booked the one in Watsonville. I am going to try and change my reservation.

  • Jeremy

    Yes Lauren, originally I did have a reservation in Watsonville. The problem is that it is 30 minutes from the Site, and Gilroy is 18 minutes.


    And yes Mo, we love you to, and it is good to have you back on a more permanent basis.


  • Laci

    Changed our reservations to Gilroy. Looking forward to the games.

  • jamie

    Diablo CrossFit- “Strong as a bear, eating like a Neanderthal and broke is no joke”

    The warning to JJ’s grocery receipt is that all of this food takes up the entire fridge! Also, chicken and steaks are usually on the list.

  • Danny

    Awesome information. Thanks for making it easier for us to live and eat right!

  • Miles

    Please post a warning when the DCF site is Not Safe For Work viewing, jesus.

  • Chris

    Maybe we should get a “Caption of the Day” contest going for the pictures that are posted every day. Today would be an excellent day to start.

    Here’s mine: ” Crossfit: Functional Fitness at its Finest”

  • Jeremy Jones


    Chris would have just won any caption contest. Classic.

    Jamie – Did you read the article? ““BNSL” is Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts – ESSENTIAL! Easy to cook, easy to prepare. These usually come in 4 or 6 breast packages. I generally stick them right in the freezer when I get home unless I plan on cooking them that day or the next.”


    “Not bad for $150. I can also tell you that this food will fill your fridge. So make sure that you have a lot of space in the refrigerator part of your fridge (there will be a limited impact on the freezer)”


    “Some other “Regulars” that didn’t make the list are: Ground beef logs, apples, raw almonds, Fish Oil and a few others. These items might take the bill right up to $200.”

  • grace

    Yeah… hey… is he getting a B*TT-massage??! I mean… release of the psoas and maximus gluteus muscles, chiropractically speaking…

    Can I get in line *haa* ?

    j/k Jordan, whatever we did yesterday at the awesome 7pm class worked! actually I’m not stiff sore anymore from the 400 METERS OF LUNGES-HELL on SUNDAY (thank you D A V E )

  • jamie

    Duh- I skimmed the article. Thanks for pointing out my error.

  • JimmyG

    I heart Mo!!

  • Justin Riley

    Hey everyone, just wanted to drop a quick note to inform you that we are hosting a Women’s Street Survival Seminar on Saturday July 18th at CF East Sac. The seminar is put on by police officers Beth and Ely Alabos who own CrossFit Hollister. For more info, go to http://www.crossfiteastsac.com and download the flier. This is a great oppritunity for women to gain awareness and confidence in dealing with potentially dangerous or violent situations.

  • 6am..Matt

    How dare you post a row/pukie wod when we are in Sin city.
    This morning people were looking at us funny as we did some rounds of
    tabeta with a stop watch in the casino gym. I almost asked them where they got their work done. We miss our 6am posse and will keep up with our 6am workouts all week.
    but now I have to find a box with a rowing machine to do these row sprints.

    Matt and Len

  • Amy

    Apparently competent alpha males give good massages and grocery shop. Love it!
    150# back squat today, and 155# deadlift.Then some snatching with the training plates. I also pinched the skin on my belly between two five pound plates while loading the bar and now have the strangest CF wound ever. Pinch an inch, literally.
    ***Stephanie, a little belated happy b-day, are we still on for cocktail hour pull-ups???****
    On a serious note, palm callouses are interfering with my grip on heavy lifts from the floor (heavy relative to ME, thank you very much); any suggestions?

  • sakura

    Yes, Jason’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…

    If you ever have a chance to participate in Luca’s classes, you get to do fun stretches like this. I came in on a Tuesday to monitor Open Gym and I see my husband, Ed, (on top) stretching with Jason (on bottom). What was even more disturbing was Luca telling those “on top” to pull on the “bottom” person’s hips.

    Thanks for the shopping list, JJ. I went to Costco over the weekend and picked up tons of eggs, broccoli, tzatziki sauce, chicken, apple chips, almond butter, nuts, etc. I think it was easily $100. But then the diapers and wipes bumped it up even more. Though, I think I have enough to last me about two weeks. =]

  • ChrisW

    RE: On a serious note, palm callouses are interfering with my grip on heavy lifts from the floor (heavy relative to ME, thank you very much); any suggestions?

    Cut them off, before they rip off.

  • Mountain

    Pretty impressive “box” jump on YouTube. Lots of bad grammar, but only 1-2 bad words.


  • Mountain

    And if you were wondering what that guy’s talking about when he says “jump out da pool on nat,” he might be referring to this (no bad language):


  • JimmyG

    Chris….I use my wifes metal heel scruber in the shower everyday. I have had zero hand/plam issues.

  • JimmyG

    I actually box jumped onto the bed of that same kind of truck in the DCF parking lot as we were running our 400m cool down and after a killer wod the other day..It’s approx 58inches…Matt.F saw it…

  • JimmyG

    I actually box jumped onto the top of the bed of that same kind of truck in the DCF parking lot as we were running our 400m cool down and after a killer wod the other day..It’s approx 58inches…Matt.F saw it…

  • Holly

    Caption: Payin’ the price for a DNF at DCF…

    Anyone who is going to the Oly cert this weekend and would like to carpool can meet up at DCF at 8:30 am sharp Saturday!

  • luca z.

    I’m just not going to say anything about the picture, you just had to be there, but I haven’t seen Ed since ;-).
    I’m sooooo bummed no pukie in my classes today, I was reaaaly looking forward to him showing up, well it’ll be for the next time, not that my classes did give it all, it’s just that they were seasoned crossfit veterans and were able to handle the task well, we did some fun warm-ups and I introduced them to a little POSE method technique, beforehand, good times

  • jorgy

    I’m not an expert on the subject but I will say that if you put a pumas stone in the shower and use that everyday you can get rid of any excess skin. Also there is a nice scrub called “just a minute” hand scrub by bath and body works that smooths out the hands. You can also use the more expensive “dead sea salt” scrub for that. If you notice that any skin is beginning to bump out or callous over get on the pumas stone, it works best when you soak your hands though.

  • Matt F

    Jumpin Jimmy G did pull off a crazy full sized truck bed jump..
    I was trippin on his springs.
    Jimmy got hops


  • jamie

    Chris, here are your palm callus removal options:
    -Pumice Stone (Easy- PRO: can be used by a novice & safe; CON: slow to remove)
    -Metal File (Medium- PRO: faster than a pumice; CON: can cause rough spots/jagged skin)
    -Callus Remover (Experienced User- PRO: super fast and evenly cuts; CON: dangerous for a novice to use b/c can easily cut too deep and injure the area)

    Chris, because of your profession my recommendation is to use a high quality pumice stone daily (this may take a few weeks); disinfect weekly & ensure that it has a good place to dry to avoid bacteria. If this doesn’t work or your are eager for them to come off faster I recommend going to a nail salon and asking them to remove the skin for you- they will likely use a callus remover.

  • Jesse L.

    Two words, NEW SKIN. I know Mike P. is with me on this one. You can put it on after a rip and it stings so sweet, or before and it protects your hands, pick it up at the bullzeye boutique aka Target. And after a while your hands dont rip as much, stupid body has to adapt to crossfit.

  • Yvonne

    Chris, I am with you, cut them off with nippers. You can buy nippers at Target but I don’t know the quality of them. I cut mine off every week. I am a licensed cosmetologist so I can buy high quality nippers at cost at a beauty supply. Let me know if you want a pair?
    Mark would disagree with me. He says when you nip them they leave a crease. But I cut mine so deep there is no crease just new pink skin. Just make sure you cut them in both directions.

  • Mountain

    Mark, are you running around practicing cosmetology without a license? Isn’t time to make an honest man of yourself?

  • Prashant

    I second or third the pumice stone. I use it almost everyday now, and it has helped a lot. Stupid rips kill training.

  • Mark L.

    Yvonne… since our “discussion” I’ve actually taken to a hybrid nip and metal file method which I think is better for my hands. I nip deep in when I feel the callus has gotten too thick and I’m afraid it will create a “handle” that will pull and rip on the bar. This is about once every 3 weeks or so. The nipper looks like tiny diagonal pliers.
    Next, I use what I call the cheese grater (the “metal file” to which Jamie refers) The back of the metal file has a finer textured side, so when I’m done, it doesn’t look like a freshly plowed field. This step also takes out the “crease” or edge that can catch the bar that I complained to Y about.
    I still use the cheese grater thingie about every 2 days as part of my maintenance plan which keeps the callus from getting deep too fast.
    Lastly, I do the metal file work towards the end of my shower, so my skin is all soft and puts up little resistance.