090612 Friday “Cindy”


Stavros during the ride portion of his last Triathlon (and representing DCF well with his non-triathlete ‘gunz’)

Workout: “Cindy”

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats

Post number of rounds completed to comments.



Youth in England ‘double’ steroid use.

“. . . Data from health clubs and GPs’ surgeries show that as many as 250,000 people could be regularly injecting or taking the drug in pill form.

Researchers say use has boomed over the last decade as young men have become more image-conscious and the drug has become more easily available. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Craig

    Hilarious: Stav, at 180lbs and an age-group competitior, was asked during the run on his last tri, by another competitor: “hey are you in the Clydesdales?”

    Clydesdales (& Athena’s for women) divisions are for the “heavier” peeps – 200lbs+ for men.

    Too many muscles.

  • Mark L.

    Too many muscles for Jazzy? 😉

  • Darren

    Not Muscles just legs. Remeber pic couple weeks back. It is sicking.

  • Mark L.

    Sorry for the late class recap, but I was recovering from doing the WOD twice, and riding to and from the gym to home. *PHEW*
    We did tag team rowing, last night. No timed 2 min rest. Your only resting was had while your partner rowed his/her 500m. Nice change if your partner was slower than 2 mins, but having a fast row partner turned out to be a double edged sword.
    Many of us noticed our form improving in the last intervals (now I feel it in my lower half!) Funny how arm fatigue can actually improve your rowing efficiency (something we also see in double unders).
    Winning teams were:
    “Rowtroopa” with 15:53 (5pm), “The White Pipes” with 16:04 (6pm) and “The Pippi Longstockings” with 17:39 (7pm).
    Lots of yelling (not just me).

  • Big Dave

    0500 class

    Joe B got 20 2/3 rounds today but that is not near his record of 26.

    I got 15 rounds (PR) 4 better than the March 8 when we did Cindy last.

  • Craig

    In the spirit of today’s picture, how about assembling a team for the “Tri For Fun” on Jun 21 at Shadow Cliffs in Pleasanton?


  • jamie

    Stav, great picture! Congrats on finishing your triathalon & I am sure that you did an amazing job.

  • Meg Rosten

    Awesome pic Stav! You are becoming a stellar tri-athlete while still kicking butt here at dcf! Admirable!!!

  • Miles

    Is it true Stavros took up tris because he wanted to wear more spandex?

  • jamie

    Miles, I suspect spandex envy….there is enough spandex to go around! We won’t make fun of you 😉

  • Dean

    I don’t know , Stavros is starting to look like a triathlete and he is definitively starting to race like one. Stav what about the Donner Triathlon July 19th , Olympic distance ? One week after your CF Games and a week after my Death Ride .

  • sarah

    930 class- Its SO awesome to watch Vicki and Alessandro workout together! Then to hear him say, “come on, mom!!”…. priceless. Tyler knocked the jump out of his pull ups and joind the “cool kids” with kips AND PR’d!! Way to go! Jeff PR’d with a 17 1/3! I heart watching Amy lift…strong is beautiful!

    1030 class- HAPPY BIRTHDAY,RODIL!! We got you Cindy for your b-day!! 😉 Ty’s first Cindy, 16 rnds. Kathy’s first Cindy, 11 2/3. Tom’s first Cindy,11 1/3. Nice work from you all! We have an amazing bunch of athletes!!

    I got to watch the team workout with JJ, Carry,Mike, and D-Roe. AMRAP in 15 min. JJ’s gonna have to fill you in on the #’s and weights…Farmers carries, thrusters, burpees, sled drag… amazing!!

  • Craig

    Oh yah! Happy Birthday Rodil!

  • Tami

    Happy B-day Rodil, have a great day!

  • Amy

    Friday fun, and nice picture of Stav. I thought “way too many muscles to be a cyclist, who is that?”… I guess some of us can have our gluten-free cake and eat it, too.
    Benen has learned to load plates and clips onto my barbell for me, so cute. Worked on OHS and front squats and finished with back extensions – not much weight yet, just working on maintaining nice form. Since I was relaxed in between sets I took the time to cheer Jeff on through Cindy – she’s a mean woman and I think my husband stood up to her with honor, tricky vixen that she is.
    Vicky’s kips are out of sight! What development in such a short time. It’s gonna be a fun summer with our boys in the shed.

  • Stavros @ Diablo Crossfit


    I’ve had that triathlon on my radar for some time, looks like HELL riding up Old Highway 40 after getting out of Donner Lake…OUCH. I’m definitely interested in it. I’m not competing this year in the games, so I don’t have much of an excuse not to do it. I may be competing in the Firefighter Olympics in the triathlon event, it’s Carlsbad Triathlon (sprint) which is a week before. Other than that, The next one I have to decide is if I’m doing Silicon Valley Olympic Distance tri on June 21st.

    So far so good this season. I’ve done 2 sprints and 1 olympic distance. I’m feeling more comfortable in the water, and just need time on the bike to improve and gain endurance.

  • Jasmine

    Way to go honey! You are my hero.

    Tomorrow our family is heading up to a Young Life camp called Woodleaf for the week with the Rosten’s and other friends who are volunteering there. Our boys will be the medics on sight in case any crazy highschool kids decide to get hurt. Meg and I will be with the kids keeping them busy and having fun in the pool and frolicking in the woods. See you all in a week with some fun stories to tell and of course, some great pictures too.

    Happy Birthday Rodil! Hope your day is great 😉


  • Nancy

    JJ – no props today for how hard we pushed at 6am???

  • Craig

    Snatch work today at the Shed. Stayed light and worked on my form – got a hitch in my step – not extending hips 100% and lifting butt before weight. What a mess. This has only come about recently. Ugh. Back to drills. Jorgy and Jeff tried to coach it out of me.

    Followed up with 10 2/3 rnds of Cindy in 10mins.

  • carry

    The team work out today was a lot of fun….really hard on the legs but I can definately see how the sled drags will help with the hill run. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RODIL! I didn’t even give you a hug! Hope your day is grand 🙂

    Congrats Stav….I get tired just thinking of anything with ‘athalon’ or ‘athon’ in the name.

  • Jeremy

    I have been coaching all day and haven’t been near the computer!

    (Besides, you can always post about the classes, you ‘lurker’)

    6am has been the largest class today so far. We’ll see how the evening classes, go. Filip joined the AM crew with gusto, and I think he’ll fit right in.

    Thanks to Nancy and Cabby who ran the “Jimmy Plyo Warm” flawlessly.


  • Yvonne

    Happy Birthday Rodil!!! I know you are having cake today!

    Stavros, you seem to amaze us as always! Love to hear what you are doing when you are not at DCF! Miss seeing you!

    Carry sounds like you are back to yourself. Glad you are healthy!