+++This week is “CrossFit.com Week”! We will be following the CrossFit.com website workouts for at least 7 days. You will be able to compare your performances from CrossFitters around the world on the CrossFit comments section as well as on Beyond the Whiteboard+++


DJ and Luca after DJ’s last Kickboxing win.

Don’t forget about our Muay Thai classes Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 9am!

Workout From CrossFit.com:

Walking lunge 100 ft. (Yes, more lunges)

21 Pull-ups (and yes, more pull ups)

21 Sit-ups

Walking lunge 100 ft.

18 Pull-ups

18 Sit-ups

Walking lunge 100 ft.

15 Pull-ups

15 Sit-ups

Walking lunge 100 ft.

12 Pull-ups

12 Sit-ups

Walking lunge 100 ft.

9 Pull-ups

9 Sit-ups

Walking Lunge 100 ft.

6 Pull-ups

6 Sit-ups

Post time to comments. Then compare your results to CrossFit.com or Vitamin D levels linked to effective fat loss.

“. . .On average, subjects had vitamin D levels that many experts would consider to be in the insufficient range, according to Sibley. However, the authors found that baseline, or pre-diet, vitamin D levels predicted weight loss in a linear relationship. For every increase of 1 ng/mL in level of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol—the precursor form of vitamin D and a commonly used indicator of vitamin D status—subjects ended up losing almost a half pound (0.196 kg) more on their calorie-restricted diet. For each 1-ng/mL increase in the active or “hormonal” form of vitamin D (1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol), subjects lost nearly one-quarter pound (0.107 kg) more.

Additionally, higher baseline vitamin D levels (both the precursor and active forms) predicted greater loss of abdominal fat. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • grace

    Great article JJ!! Very important for athletes! (or wanna-be’s like… me *ha*)

    Don’t forget to add a little Magnesium to prevent muscle cramps, keep muscles/bones strong, prevent lower back pain, irregular heart rates (and constipation). Can buy at any Long’s, Costco or Whole Food’s. Food just doesn’t cut it.

    When we initiate therapy on vitamin D deficient folks, what I notice is that everyone’s blood level for Mag drops by 0.2-0.4 mg/dl on their labs (unless they supplement).

  • Jeremy Jones

    Grace, what’s the best type of magnesium? I used ZMA before bedtime because I heard that other types weren’t as “bio available” (calcium and Mag, etc). It is time for me to order more, should I just get the ZMA again?

    Just for the record, nuts are the best sources of Mg right?


  • luca z.

    Great classes today in my Muay-Thai we worked on knees strikes and getting the mid section stronger, the 10 o’clock class was huge as usual with 16 people, it was nice to see so many athletes together, we rocked the gym, good effort from all and extra points to the ones who did Cindy yesterday and did more legs and pull-ups work today.
    In my Oly class we worked on power clean, trying to get the technique down without going heavy just work on form, we can always add weight later, but let your body get used to the movement and also you getting use to feel how your body moves and make the correct adjustments, see you all on Tuesday, have a great W.E.

  • Amy

    Oly class was the perfect cup of coffee for me today – in the middle of a swing shift work week – nice small class and we each had a chance to really focus on small mechanics of the lifts. I have a long way to go with cleans, they are pretty dirty the way I bust them out, and not much power either, but felt like I got some good fundamentals to consider – thank you Luca. Looking forward to lots more coaching from all the smarties at the certification this weekend, too.

  • Jeremy

    All by my lonesome at 3pm. I guess the regulars hear that Mountain wasn’t going to be there to let them half ass the workout as usual, and “JJ the Slop Terminator” was administering the class.

    Dennis did show up. . . then decided to leave when he found out he was the only one. Said he “made a commitment to his wife” or something.

    Since I was by myself, I decided to just go for it with chest to bar pull ups. I saw a cone and assumed it was 50′ to the door and back. I did the workout and got:


    After reviewing the times on BTWB and on CF.com, I realized that something was a miss. I knew that chest to bar pull ups would slow me down a little, but there was people who finished in under 7 and 8 minutes. . .

    It turns out I did 160ft walking lunges every round. . . DOH!

    So I guess my subs were: 160ft walking lunges (miscounted distance and re-measured after the workout with surveyor’s wheel). Knee touching ground each lunge, stepping foot passing at knee height, Chest to bar pull ups, abmat sit ups.


  • Mountain

    Good point, Jeremy, whatever it was.

    I’m really excited that we’re following CrossFit.com for at least seven days. I love the workouts there, and try to incorporate them into a warmup whenever possible.

    The Tahoe Relay was epic. 8+ very uphill miles at 7000′ elevation in 66 minutes. After that, there’s pretty much no way I’m doing the Dipsea tomorrow (so many different reasons, oh well). DCF should field a team next year; with all the triathletes & endurance runners we have, it should be easy (a team is 7 people).

    The good news is, if I skip the Dipsea, I can do today’s workout tomorrow. It looks awesome! I hope no one is scared of the lunges– 600 feet (6 x 100) is only 200 yards, which is slightly less than 200m. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

  • jorgy

    That is BAD ASS.

  • Amy

    Jeremy- I think I possess your mathematic mis-estimation skills. And one day I will possess your wicked world domination strength.

  • Yvonne

    Jeremy, you pulled a Yvonne. Working out by yourself, doing way too much, wondering why your time was slow as a comparison and realizing you don’t know how to count.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Of course I used to be an engineer (still am I guess).

    I counted tiles (4′ wide). Thought it looked right, so I went for it.

    After talking to Jamie, everyone from the 10am class probably did the same thing I did.

    You might want to note it in you logs.