090615 MONDAY

Bryan and Jonnie sport the DCF Shorts

One cop counting for another during FGB. . .? I think the Firefighters want a recount.


Run 5k (3.1 miles). Scale the distance down if necessary.

One alternate version of scaling is to run as many laps as possible (up to 10) in 30 minutes.

Post time to comments. Don’t forget to check your performances against the CrossFit.com comments and “Beyond the Whiteboard”

Below is the gym’s 500m loop. 10 laps is 5000m.


Start outside the gym by the ‘box’, run wide around parking island, then down to the end of the parking lot, run out toward Hookston, and around the street sign (Hookston and Estand), follow the curb back around the curve (staying on the sidewalk), turning back toward the gym at the other parking lot entrance (the one with the steep slope). You do not have to run around the ‘box’ each lap.

The link for the map can be found here: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2917646



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  • Danny

    Is there a 5K course mapped out somewhere near DCF? How would this WOD work?

  • Jeremy Jones

    It took a minute to get the map up, but it is now up and defined.

    NO skipping out. NO changing the WOD to something other than running. Suck it up and do it.


  • Bid Dave

    0500 class

    Hector finished in 28:14. It’s Hectors first long run in many years.. awesome job!!

    I finished in 29 mins with 4 hours of sleep. I am going back to bed.

  • Mark L.

    Not to mess with the course JJ mapped, out, but here are two more I mapped out in January that start at DCF’s front door.

    Goes South on Iron Horse:

    Goes North on Iron Horse:

  • JimmyG

    6am did our Plyo warm up and stretch period…then we hit the road for a 5k.
    Scott. D and Jesse. L had #20 weight vests!! Nancy and Michelle killed it and Alan was close behind. I got my first dnf in 2 years…my back started to spasm on lap 4 and I had to call it a day. I’ll be in a foul mood for the rest of the day.
    Great job everyone….

  • sarah


    930 class- Anita,Tami and I did the WOD in 26:17. We went on the bike path behind the gym. It was nice running with the girls!!

    1030 class- Only Kaela showed….She hates running and still showed up!! HHHHMMMMM……..

  • Jeremy Jones

    “Anita, Tami and I did the WOD in 26:17”. . .?

    Wow a three way tie! What are the odds of that? Unless, the ladies were talking the whole time and not trying to get their best times.

    Nah. Sarah would never let her class do that.


  • sarah


  • Carry

    I will be in to do this at 5pm…..HATE running more than anything we do but I gotta get better and the only way to do that….is to run. Dang.

  • Carry

    I will be there at 5pm to do this….HATE running more than anything we do but I gotta get better at it and the only way to do it……is to run. DANG.

  • Jeremy Jones

    All of the veterans out there should know what is coming up for tomorrow’s workout.

    If you are thinking of not coming today and hitting it hard tomorrow, you will be in for a surprise.

    No cherry picking. Just show up and get it over with (if you hate running). If you like running, show up and smoke some foo’s.


  • Andrew

    I’ll be there at 6 and I’ll be there tomorrow morning…what’s tomorrow’s WOD going to be since it’s rest day?

  • Craig

    Much better loop: 2.5k – no lights. Using Iron Horse & residential. Straight out Estand, right on Hookston, right on Geraldine to end – rt on Fair Oaks, quick left on on Marcia and a quick right on Lisa. LEFT on Iron Horse for 100m. Turn around on Iron Horse (just before Monument). Iron Horse back to Hookston. Right on Hookston, right on Estand to end of court. Turn around and go again!


  • Lauren

    Will there be sidewalk challk? I get lost easily. J/K…sorta. I’ll be there and tomorrow as always.

  • Jeremy Jones

    For the record. . . The reason for the 10 lap loop is so that our members won’t be running around by themselves at night (especially on the un-lit iron horse trail).

    It will also allow people to pace much better, as well as get feedback from the coach on running technique. NTM they will be able to encourage each other along.


  • jamie

    I’m with Lauren on that one!…Not to mention, going this far away from DCF decreases the chance of rescue when I CRY OUT from falling on the pavement from shinsplint pain and lack of endurance!

  • Yvonne

    Hey all you DCF Moms, I have girl’s baby clothes and shoes to give away, newborn to 4T for anyone that wants it. It is in good condition, clean and ironed. Please let me know if you want it? You can email me directly by clicking my orange name below if you don’t want to make a comment.

  • Mark L

    5K Run: 20:10
    I stopped the watch while waiting to cross Monument, but the dirt portion of Iron Horse was more challenging due to traction issues. Next time, I’ll go South, not North.

  • Tami

    For the record, Jeremy, there was wasn’t any talking going on while we were running, just sucking air and spitting.

  • Yvonne

    If there was spitting I know there was swearing!

  • jamie

    DNF (only 4 laps) but I got 2 huge blisters on each foot, as a result of forgetting socks, to show for it….luckily I quit before getting lapped 2x by Holly, Carry and the rest of the 5pm class!

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com


    You know me way too well…..

  • Jeremy Jones

    Swearing and Spitting. Sounds like DCF (or sailors).


    Ouch. Low back pain after lap 2. Tons of foot pain after that. My feet feel like they have had the “Misery” treatment (board and sledge hammer). My first 3 laps were perfectly timed at 2:30 per 500m, then my fourth lap dropped to 2:43. It was all down hill from there. I started with 25 in mind, then I was fighting to get sub 27!

    5 and 6pm classes had a solid 21 people total. I am honestly impressed. Not a lot of cherry picking from our crew! 7pm had the usual suspects (Prashant the Procrastinator, Mountain and myself), with one newbie Robert. His first DCF WOD after the newbie and it ends up being a 5k. He did finish 7 laps (3500m, over 2 miles) in 30 minutes. Not bad for a guy in the 310-320lb range.

    Props to all the people who did with a 20lb vest today also. I went shirtless, and still couldn’t break the 27 min barrier. I could blame Danny and Andrew for blocking my path on one of the laps. . . but I wouldn’t want to hurt their delicate frames of mind.



  • Mike P.

    Finished in 25:44 with a 20lb weight vest (thanks Jesse). I did notice that Jesse and Scott also finished with the exact same times…a little hand holding maybe, whispering sweet nothings???

  • Amy

    To the individual who laced my coffee with crack today… thank you. Two PR’s. 185# deadlifts this morning at the shed, a flight to San Diego with Benen and a 23:31 5k on a marked training trail along the bay here in San Diego, humid and fast. Nice way to start a week of R&R.

  • Jeremy Jones

    NICE AMY! PR in the Deadlift and a 5k!? That’s awesome.


  • Mountain

    Great WOD today. My calves are too busted up to walk, so I rowed the 5K instead of running it. I’d never rowed more than 2K before, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I ended up finishing in 19:32. This made me happy for two reasons.

    First, and foremost, it was faster than Mark’s 20:10.

    Second, it was surprisingly well paced– 9:47 first 2500m, 9:45 last 2500m.

    I will be happy to make tomorrow an actual rest day. I am beat. Not from today alone, but the relay on Saturday, Nasty Girls yesterday, and this today.

    Finally, for the guys who ran with weight vests on… seriously, just take them off and run faster. High school girls run 5k in under 20 minutes. Don’t start breaking out the weight vests until you can run under 20 minutes without the vest. As always, that’s just my opinion.