090616 TUESDAY

Rope burn? no problem with a little bit of tape

Kristine, Meg and Tami avoid rope burn with a little bit of preparation.

Workout: Rest Day.

Yes, you read that correctly – REST DAY.

Classes will go on as usual. You can come in and make up a workout you missed, or do a workout assigned by the trainer for that class.

“Resting” is a critical part of training. Read the article below for more details on resting and how many days per week you should be training.


Article: “Training Volume”


One important yet often overlooked part of physical training is “Rest”. The ratio of days working out to days resting is usually referred to as “Training Volume”. Having a good training to rest ratio will ensure that you are making the progress and gains desired at a good pace while not overdoing it and suffering from slowed performances, injury and illness.

CrossFit is unique in that the workouts are so short compared to other training methods, people have a hard time grasping what is a good Training Volume for them. Many neophyte CrossFitters get so enthralled with the program and/or with getting better (or at least not sucking so bad), that they start coming 5, 6, and even 7 days a week! More is not better when it comes to the highly demanding workouts that CrossFit administers. It is easy to overdue, and the side effects can be glaring and even subtle.

How much training you can handle is primarily based upon your “out of the gym” habits; your sleep, nutrition, stretching/massage, baseline activity levels, etc. The more sleep you get, the better you eat, and better you handle everyday stress, the more often you will be able to train and make progress. Age and genetics can also play a roll, but these things are generally fixed for any individual, and once determined change little over time.

Below (and above) is a chart showing a few of the recommended training day schemes on a weekly basis. The first options are where we direct most new CrossFitters to start. If their bodies can handle that amount of Training Volume and they would like more training days per week, we recommend using the additional calendars listed. . .

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  • jamie

    WAHOO to resting!!….but since I DNF yesterday, I will be coming in tonight….

  • Mark L.

    I’m coming in to do a 5K row (so I can say I did) and my usual front squats. I rested Sunday, and Saturday just did a mini-metcon, so I’m rested up, already.

  • Jesse

    I rocked the weight vest yesterday for fashion purposes only. Not sure why Scott and Mike P. wore them?? The one thing missing was a nice tie to go under, but I will make sure not to make that mistake when we are doing “Murph.” Rest well

  • DJ Docto

    no resting for me but will be in there tonight…
    less then a month away from the next tournament.
    expect to hear the bag getting pummeled tonight :))

  • luca z.

    And REST we did, NOT I suggested an old faith full of mine today to both my classes and not knowing any better they all went for it, SUCKERS!!! This was a scaled down version of an old Pain storm we did at the old Shed, all the way down from 10 to 1 of bodyweight deadlift, push ups and 1/2 bodyweight Hang Squat Cleans, great WOD and great effort from all with Andrew L doing the cleans with more weight because we didn’t have his half body weight, kudos to him. To Jamie C. next time you’ll know better what to say if I ask you “do you want to do your thing or join the class” 😉 Good Times

  • JimmyG

    No resting for 6am FightFit!!
    We hit 7 stations hard for a minute each….3 rounds. It felt like a grinder today!!
    Laci, our latest Grad joined us this morning…Adam, Hector, Cabby, Michelle and Marnie all in attendance killing it. Well…I did catch Adam giving the bag his byotch slap back hand once..but he stopped…lol
    My back was feeling better but my strained Achilles was acting up, lots of ice for me…
    “Even the Mona Lisa is falling apart” Movie?? Anyone??
    Question…..Why do ALL the ladies in Fight Fit love the Ground and Pound station so much???

  • Lauren

    I have a rematch with Badger today

  • Mike P.

    This is the first official DCF prescribed rest day that I’ve personally seen (going on 3.5 months of being here) and as if there was any question as to why there are so many bad asses in this place you need only look at the comments…Jimmy and Luca still throwing down, Mark a 5k row (gross), and Lauren coming in for badger (questionable judgement).

    For the record I’m 100% on board with the importance of rest days but it is impressive to see those who have the chance to make it (assuming well rested) still do and get after it.

    As far as the vest yesterday, I would like to say I wore it to try and simulate maybe a hill or something like that but I really only wore it because I saw that Jesse and Scott did…yep, I react like a child and am totally ok with it. And Jeff eggs me on to boot.

    Rested this weekend so I’ll be in this evening.

  • Miles

    Hey, I got a Yelp blast today and Jamie’s review of DCF was mentioned! whoo hoo!

  • Jeff B

    I am with Mike P. about all the bad asses at this place. Reading the comments is hilarious. Everyone is justifying why they are “rested” so they can come in and work out some more! I love it!

    As for me, I need the rest. Not sure what is going on but my body is telling me it needs rest. Feet, knees, hips, shoulders all very sore. I could not even do box jumps yesterday. Hopefully this will pass soon, I have not been able to participate in all of the fun lately.

  • JimmyG

    Jeff…you don’t need rest…just an ice bath!! lmao.

    Mike…lol, this is the first rest day at DCF in 2 years…

  • Darren

    BTW who i Crossfit Bartlett?

  • Jesse L.

    When your body says stop and rest, you mind should say “shut up body, I am not listening to you, you are not the boss of me, now get back to work”

    I think it was Michael Irvin of the Dallas Cowboy’s who said that on that stupid new show “Fourth and Long” – great words from a great man. Its my new mantra 🙂

  • Craig

    5 & 6 PM did Carry’s favorite workout: the Bear!

    Very solid performances from Bill & MIke – hitting 155. Jared & Miles & Terry jumped in on it too. And the girls: Stephanie, Holly, Carry, Jamie.

    Many first timers to the Bear. All were humbled… and will have no grip strength tomorrow. Nice work, crew.

  • Darren

    Need coverage for tomorrow night classes. Any treainers out there. Just got in from out of town and have to work tomorrow. Any one?