Who said soccer players couldn't go heavy?

Alessandro starts moving some serious weight for reps (watch out Luca!)


For time:

50 Wall-ball shots

50 Pull-ups

35 Wall-ball shots

35 Pull-ups

20 Wall-ball shots

20 Pull-ups

Use 20 pound medicine ball launched to a target ten feet above the ground.

Post time to comments.


Video: “Food Inc” the movie.

This movie is playing at the movie theater right around the corner from DCF!

CineArts @ Pleasant Hill (Formerly Century 5 Pleasant Hill)

2314 Monument Blvd., Pleasant Hill, CA – Map

12:10 2:30 4:45 7:10 9:25pm

If you do go, try not to get distracted by all the pretty machines in Bally’s and accidentally sign up for a 3 year contract.


Article: (another reason to stay away from farmed foods)

Farmed Fish May Pose Risk For Mad Cow Disease.

“. . . Friedland and his co-authors suggest farmed fish could transmit Creutzfeldt Jakob disease–commonly known as mad cow disease–if they are fed byproducts rendered from cows. The scientists urge government regulators to ban feeding cow meat or bone meal to fish until the safety of this common practice can be confirmed. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • luca z.

    Nice picture and yes JJ I’m watching my back, for this guy is coming up strong, I wish I had CrossFit when I grow up, that would had been fun, anyway I’m in better shape now, because of it, than my 20s, but what if…..

  • Mark L.

    Anyone up for an impromptu movie night? That movie looks REALLY interesting.
    I have a couple friends that work for Foster Farms, and the food industry is actually quite an amazing model of efficiency.
    The real question is, “is cheaper food we can all afford better or worse”? Reduced quality of life comes in many forms. If I’m poor, maybe my child can go to college because I didn’t have to buy high quality food for 18 years? Hmmm…
    I, for one, feel blessed that food quality is a choice I can freely make without fear. Not all are so lucky.

  • jorgy

    DCF movie night for sure. I will not be sitting next to Mark or Jordan though. Fears about reaching in to get some popcorn….

  • jordank

    dude. popcorn is crap. however, i will have some sour patch kids.

  • Mark L.

    You can reach in, anytime, guys.
    Continued from yesterday’s discussion:

    Skip to the end, and look at how portion sizes have changed in 50 years!

  • Rob

    I think the film is available on On Demand as well via Magnolia – we could have a movie night at The Shed? Just an idea…

  • Jared

    Great video post JJ. The rabbit hole goes deeper too… check out a new documentary movie called “The World According to Monsanto” – you can buy the DVD or watch the whole thing free on youtube or google video.

  • Holly

    Feeding cows to fish, now that’s just wrong. Who pissed off the cows in the first place?

    I like the idea of a movie night at The Shed! Not this weekend though since Tami, Carry and I will be at the CF level 1 cert in Aromas. She-Devils of the world, unite and take over…

  • Miles

    It’s 105 total everyone, the wall balls and pull ups. I have a calculator at work, so it’s official.

  • Susan

    Nice WoD today. My co-worker, Lorenzo, said he enjoyed it immensely … well, those were not his *exact* words.

  • luca z.

    Yes Susan, Lorenzo did have a blast and so did all of the other athletes that showed up to my classes this morning, we did some Snatch work before end to get warmed up, nothing like some reps of snatch balance to show how tight some of our guys were, that’s why you need to stretch, so you can get deep into your squat and at the same time being able to keep the bar above you head, some tight shoulders and upper chest today. Kudos to Jason P. and Ron F. for doing the WOD with strict pull-ups, seriously guys you need to start learning how to kip, you’ll be flying through this WOD

  • Mountain

    I did another 5K row, this time in 19:13 with the damper at 4. I did 19:32 last time with the damper at 5.

    I thought I’d get right back up and do the WOD with the 5 o’clock class, but not so much.

  • Jeff B

    Mark – I have been awaiting this movie for a while. I think a movie night is a great idea. You are right about being blessed to make choices. Not only are we able to make choices because of financial stability but also because we are educated about what we are eating and what it does for our bodies and mind.

    My first WOD other than the 5k this week. All but my knee felt better so I gave it a shot. 13:45 at 5 pm and 97 degrees outside. I thought I was hot inside, then I was able to watch JJ, Mike P, Holly and Meg punish themselves outside in the parking lot. I had to step back under the rollup door. I was sweating just watching them! BAD ASSES!!

    Nice work on the row Mountain! Jesse, yes I saw your time on the WOD. You kill me every time, damn it.

  • Nick

    Its all about the Sour Patch Kids

  • Mark L.

    Great turnout for the 5 and 6pm classes. While none of us beat the time put up by Jesse at 9:30, Andrew, myself and Jeff came up with 13:24, 13:32 and 13:45 respectively.
    A few people subbed to something else to avoid impending rips (Lauren commented “it’s not worth it!” and it isn’t if it means you’ll lose time in the gym).
    There was quite a bit of discussion about how to handle rips after this class. What a bloody mess! (don’t worry, we used the old Greek trick of Windexing everything.)
    Strange, though. My hands are still beautiful (not even a stretch mark). I did it on the naked bar with no grips of any kind and no chalk. Either my grip is finally getting perfected or my finely refined manicure technique is finally spot on. Need to grok that one.
    Anyhow, lots of people got a lot closer to kipping for the first time in a while. Workouts with lots of pullups will do that. It’s so encouraging to experience progress! I love this place.

  • Jeff B

    Darn you Andrew! Nice work.

  • Brook

    A muscle in the back of my shoulder has been twitching since I finished this workout. I have never had a muscle twitch continuously like this before. It is really annoying why does it do that?

  • Mountain

    Jesse had the fastest time of the day @ 12 minutes and change? Shameful…

    Of course, I can talk smack since I haven’t done it yet. When I do the WOD (tomorrow, maybe?) and get 15 minutes and change, it’ll be much harder to talk smack.