090619 FRIDAY


15 people doing “Cindy”. No problem.


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

Handstand push-ups 5 reps (full ROM shoulders to hands on Parallettes)

Bench press 135 pounds, 10 reps (sub incline push ups on Parallettes)

Push press 95/65 pounds, 15 reps

Dips 20 reps

Post number of rounds completed to comments.


Article: From Mark’s Daily Apple.

Yet another Primal Primer: Animal Fats

“Animal fats have recently been implicated as the cause of heart disease, obesity and, in a roundabout convoluted stretch of logic, global warming. If you let health officials tell it, they’re pure evil. Reviled, shunned, and lambasted by the general public (thanks to less-then-sterling endorsements by health officials), animal fats have really gotten a bad rap.

It wasn’t always this way.

No, for hundreds of thousands of years, animal fats played a huge role in the human diet – whether it was Grok going straight for the fatty organs and tossing the lean muscle meat to the dogs, Prometheus making a meager sacrifice to the gods more appealing by draping it in swathes of fat, or Mom cooking with real butter instead of margarine. But you already knew that. I don’t have to sell you guys on the beauty of animal fat . . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Jeremy Jones

    I believe that Vikki said it for the whole class when she said “That might have been the hardest thing I have ever done.” Brutal workout.

    Everyone slowed a little during the middle, but really turned it up for the endgame. Lots of groaning and grunting. My advice to the rest of the classes is to start pacing from the beginning. Don’t rush the first round, take your time – then speed up toward the end.


  • Lauren

    Could we do a dumbbell press if the bench is taken?

  • Mark L.

    Rippers… watch this video. After everyone went home and I did this WOD, and we admired my still beautiful hands, Jeremy and I both remembered this video. Perhaps this (combined with grip strength which is a factor in how you feel comfortable/safe gripping the bar in pull-ups) could help you.
    or (QT)

  • kaela

    that hurt. and trying to shower was an interesting game.

  • Susan

    I’ll have to watch the “rippers” video when I get home. I used exam gloves to wash my face last night. Yes. I’m weird.

  • Mountain

    Did yesterday’s WOD (wallball & pullups) in 11:12. I guess my smack talk was justified… I thought I was gonna eat crow on that one.

    Anyway, Jorgy should be doing this one tomorrow. I say he goes sub-10.

  • jamie

    Since no one needs to work out at 930, I got the pleasure of getting better than a private PT! I had two trainers all to myself….thanks Sarah & JJ! It was fun.

  • Mitchie

    Truly not my best picture LOL

  • Mitchie

    Truly not my best picture LOL

  • Mitchie

    Truly not my best picture LOL

  • Laci

    Ok so maybe bench press on the green boxes wasn’t the best idea…I just realized I have scratched and bruised back, at least it didn’t and doesn’t hurt! I say DCF invests in a few more benches.

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    Ok… I SO lagged today!!

    930 class- Yes, Jamie was tho only brave soul to show up for class. So JJ, Jamie and I did yesterdays WOD.

    JJ- 16:47 C2B
    Jamie- 21:32 RX’d!!

    Jamie had only done 35 unassisted pull ups before today. Her new number is 105! Way to go Jamie! You are supa fly!!

    1030 class- Awesome class! Jason, Justin, and Tom vs Meg H., Kathy, and Kaela

  • Craig

    Instead of benches, I say we never do bench press ever again.

  • ronnielo

    HMMMMM. Ouch Craig I really liked that workout! And it was one where I was finally not bringing up the back of the pack.. Keep bench presses for variety for us ok this old guys! It was a brutal workout but I got 4 cycles and am feeling it today. Fact is throw in thursdays workout with yesterdays and it was the perfect upperbody workout.

  • Bob

    I agree with ronnielo! Craig is way off the Mark!

  • Sarah

    I agree w Craig. I’ve been told bench presses are for stalkers an weirdos. Hhhmmmm….

  • Sarah

    I agree w Craig. I’ve been told bench presses are for stalkers an weirdos. Hhhmmmm….

  • ronnielo

    Yea Sarah that might be true! And your point is? wait I know its better to have a big snatch then a big bench. Well my snatch sucks and you have seen it ! But I have a perky bench ….I also have Bobs support on it?

  • Yvonne

    Gotta be able to push a heavy person off you if you don’t want them on you. Bench press is good practice for this. Sorry I love bench press!

  • ronnielo

    Yea Sarah, Yvonne makes a great point. If you are strong from the bench you will be able to push those stalkers and wierdos away and be perky as well! I love the bench press as well. Your not a stalker or a wierdo are you Yvonne?