+++”Mainpage” week is over, so DCF will be returning to our own programming for a while+++

Stephanie celebrates her birthday by coming to diablo crossfit and doing a workout

How does Stephanie celebrate her birthday? Strict presses baby, Strict presses.

Workout: Rest day if you are following the CrossFit mainpage, if you are coming to DCF you will be doing the following:

4 rounds for time.

Run 400m

50 squats

Post time to comments.

Compare to January 29th.



Aerobically Unfit Young Adults On Road To Diabetes In Middle Age.

“Researchers at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine have found that young adults (18 to 30 years old) with low aerobic fitness levels –as measured by a treadmill test — are two to three times more likely to develop diabetes in 20 years than those who are fit.

The study also shows that young women and young African Americans are less aerobically fit than men and white adults in the same age group, placing a larger number of these population subgroups at risk for diabetes. . .”

Click here for complete article


CrossFit Marin is having it’s Grand opening today! Open to the public. Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday to me.

11:00am-12:00pm Meet and greet/gym tours/questions

12:00pm-12:40pm – Pre-school

12:00pm-12:40pm – Intro CrossFit session

1:00-1:35pm – Firebreather’s CrossFit Workout

2:00-2:30pm – Parkour demo

3:00-3:35pm – School age gymnastics intro

3:00-3:35pm – Intro CrossFit session

4:00-4:30pm – Firebreather’s CrossFit Workout

5:00-6:00pm – Gymnastics demo 30 min kids 30 min adult

There will be an on-going barbeque and potluck throughout the day. Food and

drink will be available. If you come and can bring food it would be a

tremendous help. CrossFit Marin will be providing bottled water, if you

would like another beverage please bring it. Barbeque grills will be

available. BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat) will be the format. Food guidelines

for the potluck are as follows.

Last name starting with:

A-H: Side veggies/salads/egg salad/etc

I-Q: Beans/Dips/etc

Q-Z: Fruit or similar desert type. Try to refrain from bringing

pastries/cookies etc. This is a CrossFit Marin event.

If you have a favorite potluck dish you would like to bring and it doesn’t

fit the guidelines, bring it. They are just guidelines if you need ideas.

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  • Nancy and Alan

    Home in New Jersey! In honor of my grandma’s passing, we called this workout “Charlotte”…

    800m run
    Jimmy’s Plyo Warmup

    1 minute stations:
    Jump Rope, push ups, dumbell situps, OH squats w/dumbell, Elliptical sprint
    3 rounds

    800m cool down

    See you next week!

  • Jeremy

    Nice guys!

    OHS with dbs?! yowza.


  • Mark L.

    400m run/50 squats, 4 rounds for time
    Used the little sand ball on a plate instead of medball, so I could go slightly past full depth (perfect for my little legs). Ball was next to the Diablotron, so I ran a few meters extra each lap.
    11:57RX [Take that Penland!] =)
    Josh is coming back in a few minutes to do the wallball/pullup .com from a couple days ago. I expect sub 10 since he’ll probably do all wallball with no breaks. He did look a little sleepy, though.
    Happy early fathers day, everyone! How do you plan to show love to the father in your life?

  • Mike P.

    Ahhh I have been beaten again! Awesome sub 12 Mark. It’s hard to compete with that motor of yours!

    And happy father’s day all the dads out there, whether you know you’re one or not.

  • luca z.

    I told you Mike, sub 12, you’ll have to come back tomorrow and do it again eheheh, great classes today, from my Muay-Thai, Dustin is back, way out of shape after 2 months of no trainning, the good thing is at 20 years of age he’ll be back in top form in no time, BASTARD!!!! The 10 o’clock class was fun, a lot of the athletes that came, kind of under estimated the WOD, “it looked easy on the board” they said, those are the ones to look out for, they are the worst, they all did great with Mike P. leading the pack and Ron C. not too far behind, nice form on the squats from all, I didn’t have to call out anyone. On the Oly lifts class we worked on Split Jerks, again the focus was on form not on heavy lifting, AGAIN, there’s no point on going to a 1 rep max if your form sucks, you want to work with some weight just to get a good feed back, but not too much, drop the weight and work on your technique, then bring it back up, your won’t hurt yourself and you’ll be able to lift so much more in the end.

  • jorgy

    Okay after a long DAY full of proCrosstination I finally did the wall ball pull up WOD. After getting pissed that my time was 10:03 and throwing a nice hissy fit I realized that Since nobody was at the gym with me I started the timer and started the WOD at 10 seconds in. Total time- 9:53 and could have been faster, I was a beeotch alone in the gym, I need motivation.

  • Amy

    Thank you Luca for the good work today in the Oly class. Jeff and I are so ashamed of our cleans that we have renamed them shi**ies until we improve….read…speed up. But the individualized instruction on the split and jerk was really helpful and now I have a lot of fodder to work on. Throwing the bar into my face is, um, exciting.
    We are headed to Bodega for a few days. Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful daddies at DCF, y’all look like big scary bad asses (well, and you are) but I couldn’t know a nicer group of men.

  • luca z.

    Nothing to be ashamed of Amy both you and Jeff did improved greatly in just a little under an hour of practice, you know now what to do and with a little patience you’ll get sooo much better, always fun working with you, have fun in Bodega, watch out for the birds 😉