090621 SUNDAY


Craig’s Father: William F. Chittenden b. 7/19/33 – d. 9/24/08

Workout: DAD

For time.

Row 500m

40 Thrusters (m45# / w25#)

40 Double Unders

Run 400m

20 Pull Ups

20 Kettle Bell Swings (1.5p / 35lb)

GRANDDAD: Rest 2 minutes and complete “DAD” again.

Post results to comments.

Compare to original “Dad” workout by clicking here.



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  • 6am...matt

    Happy Fathers Day!!!

    Matt & Len

  • Jeff B

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads. I wish we could join in for the WOD today, but today we travel. I will be bringing a deck of cards to do a workout. I was thinking hearts=sit-ups, spades=squats, clubs=pushups, and diamonds=burpees. I won’t have access to a pull up bar. Any other suggestions?

  • Sarah

    I LOVE this WOD!! I remember the first day we did it! If you see Craig, ask him the story behind the WOD… It will make you love it too.

    Happy Fathers Day to all of the amazing DCF daddies! I hope you all have a beautiful day.

  • Craig

    Awesome!! Thank you, JJ!

  • Yvonne

    I remember doing this WOD in honor of my father in law. It was my real first CrossFit class WOD. I had to finish it because he was my family. I was sore for one week and hooked on CrossFit! Dad Bill Chittenden you will be sooo missed today!

    Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers, daddys and papas!!!

    Craig will be in this morning so ask him the story behind the WOD. The whole reason he has his tattoo, in his father’s honor.

  • Darren

    Did this one at the original Shed. I have been sick for about 5 days and been out of town most of the month before that. Feeling a little better today. I might have to rally and come in honor a Craig’s papa

  • Craig

    275 Front squats today (3×1) followed by Dad – 8:45. Not good enough to beat a sick Darren (who just looked miserable today.) Rest up Meg & D, you guys will be back in form in no time!

    Kristine, Josh (6am-er), Hector and Lauren did GRAND-DAD – awesome, guys. That 400m run was brutal after the double unders.

    And a Happy Father’s Day to Dad Howard (Stepfather & Howard namesake)!

  • Mike P.

    Happy father’s day to all the DCF dads! Bummed I missed today’s WOD but it was a legit rest day. Not only was my brother-in-law doing the newbie (another one sucked in!), I missed an opportunity to go against Jesse…soon enough Lt. Lock soon enough…

  • Mountain

    DAD is such an awesome workout. I remember it from when DCF first did it. I was less than 3 months into it & only CrossFitting 3x/week, so I ended up missing it at the time. I’m glad I got a second chance at it today.

    Huge turnout today. Twelve people– not quite as big as the 10 o’clock class, but getting close. Great efforts, too. Everyone was under 20 minutes, about half were under 15 minutes, and a few even went under 12.

    Tina, who’s only done 3 classes at DCF, seems to be a magnet for tough workouts. Her first class was “Nasty Girls,” then yesterday’s 400m/50 squat combo, and now “DAD.” And yet, she keeps coming back.

    Congrats, too, to Stavros, who put up a decent time (gym record) while working off a little rust.

  • Lauren

    Dad is good but Granddad is bettter