090622 MONDAY


Next time you see Matt in the gym, congratulate him on his wife’s twins! (Yes, another Matt with Twins).


Back squat

5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Post loads to comments.

Bonus mini metcon to follow.



How Obesity Increases The Risk For Diabetes

“. . . It had been well established that obesity promotes insulin resistance through the inappropriate inactivation of a process called gluconeogenesis, where the liver creates glucose for fuel and which ordinarily occurs only in times of fasting. Yet, not all obese people become insulin resistant, and insulin resistance occurs in non-obese individuals, leading Montminy and his colleagues to suspect that fasting-induced glucose production was only half the story. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Big Dave

    “Hard training teaches us how to push through when things aren’t easy and finish what we start. Transforming your body and building a high level of strength takes a lot of discipline and hard work. Physical accomplishments, whether it’s losing weight, adding muscle, or running a marathon, teach you a lot about yourself and help break mental barriers that hold you back in life.

    It’s a complete shame if we only have that strength and mental toughness in the context of working out.”

  • Craig

    Congratulations to our newest CF Certified peeps – reppin’ the horns in Aromas! Russell, Holly (a real tat?!), Carry & Tami – I think thats who I could see…

    Dave, that is a fantastic quote. Who said?

  • Big Dave

    0500 Class

    Donna, Adam, and Joe finished with some good squats.

    Adam and Joe also did DAD WOD from yesterday and both finished just under 13 mins.

    Great job by all this morning.

  • JimmyG

    Congrats Holly, Carry, Tami and Russell !! Finally Carry..geeez

    6am doing squats. Eleni was doing body weight I think!! Incredible.
    After, we did “DAD”
    Scott D was sub 10min….
    Great job 6am

  • Big Dave

    Craig – to answer your question – Coach Mike Mahler

  • jamie

    Coming in to do DAD for my warm-up today.

  • Mike P.

    Going to see if I can make it in at 4 today to give DAD a try. This is clearly a shed favorite and wouldn’t feel ok about not doing it.

  • Adam

    Dad as a warm-up huh Jamie? Might want to rearrange the order and do it after back squats. After Dad this morning (10:40), I was wondering if me and Mr. Pukie would finally meet? This is after I told Dave I was going to do Grandad… haha.

    Started STRICT zone today! Looking forward to the benefits that are sure to follow.

  • Mark L.

    Interestingly, we did back squats (with pullups) on the tail end of Dad, last time around, too!

    (has a bunch of the old times and a cool pic, too)

  • luca z.

    Congrats to the newly certified people, next time short ones in front (Tami, Carry)

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    930 class-Julie, Stav, and Jaz are back from camp! Yay! It was great having you three there. Brook and Meg H. worked on their form today and looked great!

    1030 class- Back squat form is amazing! Armida, Ronnie, Johnny, Kathy, Robert, and Rodil were all dialed in on form. Nice! They make my job easy! Robert PR’d his newbie with a 12:34! He wasnt able to finish his first newbie first time around…WOW!! Way to go! Kaela PR’d as well! 6:06!!

  • Yvonne

    Congratulations to Carry, Tami, Russell and FULL GUNNER!

  • Ronnielo

    PR’d on newbie today 4:13 today. Didn’t push heavy weights on the back squat worked on form and threw on some 32″ box jumps in between sets my last squat set was a set of 20 at 185. Been sick most of the weekend so I am pretty stoked about the progress.

  • Mark L.

    4:13 on newbie, Ron? That’s awesome!

  • Holly

    Clearly the next class I need to take is how to pose like a lady….Geeez!

    The cert was a lot of fun mixed with some really good information from fantastic trainers. Poor Carry tweaked her back perfecting her squat early saturday morning and was unable to join in on the reindeer games the rest of the weekend (which was most disappointing during our fran wod). Russell was also downing the motrin by day two for a shoulder injury. Hope you guys are feeling better today.

    No Craig, the tatoo is not real and if the other two ladies had gotten their butts in front for the photo you would have seen 3 matching guns. We told anyone who asked that we were only allowed to join DCF after agreeing to be branded. They’ll be coming in droves to you guys now…lol. Seriously though, I had more than one trainer make a comment about our really impressive community at DCF, and that made me feel very lucky and proud to be a part of it.

    Wanted to come in and do grand dad but I think I should rest. See y’all tomorrow.

  • Yvonne

    Matt, congratulations on the birth of you twins!!! What are their names??

  • Jesse L

    Mike P, What time are you working out tonight?

  • Yvonne

    Carry + Aromas = back going out
    So sorry Carry!!!

  • Carry

    Thanks to Holly & Tami nursing me back to health…I was already feeling better by day two but I wasn’t about to push it. I was able to do the break out sessions but skipped the back extensions and the rowing (DARN!) 😉

    I too was proud to be a part of Diablo….far as I can tell we got the best thing going.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    0600 Pool workout;
    Warm Up
    400m Kick/Pull/Swim
    400m Drill/Swim
    12x 100m

    0930 Class with Sarah;

    5×5 Back Squat

    Crossfit.com WOD
    3 RD’s
    21 KB swings, 24kg
    12 HSPU

    12:45 as RX’d

    Brutal WOD. HSPU’s were head to floor (most of them), hands on ground, no ab-mat, plates, etc. Very tough variation of Helen.

  • Tami

    Great time at the cert. with Holly and Carry. It was a lot of work keeping up with these two, and I’m not just talking about a CF workout, they owned that Boardwalk!
    We represented well, a direct quote from Freddy C., “damn those Diablo CrossFit women are tough”. Thanks Holly and Carry, tons ‘o fun.

  • Mike P.

    Sorry Jesse, I was already on the way to the shed to get in to the 4pm open gym. You’ve got to make it into some evening classes before you take off. And whenever that send off WOD rolls around you have to announce what time you’ll be doing it.

    Did “DAD” at 8:16 Rx with Tristin at 4. No music and a near empty gym made that a tough little guy. I’m going to give it another whirl sometime soon. Great WOD!

  • luca z.

    I could use more of those tough DCF ladies in my Muay-Thai class, poor Tami is all alone with us big boys, just come on in and give it a try you’ll love it, I guarantee

  • jorgy

    I had the ESA class do a heavy skills and strengths session with a 3×5 Front Squat and 3×10 heavy KB swing then made them do “DAD.” They looked like me the first time I did thrusters, like they hated me so so so much. At CFSR I had Travis, Scott, Scott’s beard and Scott’s GF??? They ran through Jackie and all got around 10-14 mins. Travster has sub 10 soon.

  • Mountain

    8pm workout at the Acalanes High football field:

    100 yards walking lunges/ 100 yards sprint
    90 yards walking lunges/ 90 yards sprint
    80 yards walking lunges/ 80 yards sprint
    70 yards walking lunges/ 70 yards sprint
    60 yards walking lunges/ 60 yards sprint
    50 yards walking lunges/ 50 yards sprint
    40 yards walking lunges/ 40 yards sprint
    30 yards walking lunges/ 30 yards sprint
    20 yards walking lunges/ 20 yards sprint
    10 yards walking lunges/ 10 yards sprint


    While I was doing this, the football team (JV, I think) was on the field doing bicycles and crunches. I don’t mean to cast aspersions on their conditioning program, but I suspect CrossFit would be more useful for football (and CrossFit Football even more so).

    The yardage totals come to 550 yards (almost exactly 500m) of walking lunges & 550 yards of sprints. The sprints were pretty ugly, but they really helped by breaking up the lunges into manageable pieces.