090623 TUESDAY “Fran”


Russ, Tami, Carry, and Holly get certified at Aromas! (Look for the horns)

Workout: “Fran”

21 – 15 – 9

Thrusters (95/65)

Pull Ups

Post time to comments.


Article: From Dr. Eades’ Blog “Protein Power”

Low-carbohydrate diets increase LDL: debunking the myth

” . . .This week sees the publication of yet another study showing the superiority of the low-carbohydrate diet as compared to the low-fat diet. This study, published in the prestigious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, demonstrates that subjects following the low-carb diet experience a decrease in triglyceride levels and an increase in HDL-cholesterol (HDL) levels; and that these changes are accompanied by a minor increase in LDL-cholesterol (LDL), which prompts the authors to issue a caveat. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Andrew

    gah! i just did fran on friday!

  • Big Dave

    Andrew – And your point is?

    Do it again and you should have a much better time this go around.

  • Andrew

    i’m still sore from it! but i’ll probably do it again anyways, thanks dave! =P

  • Danny

    At least you know you have something fresh to compare it to!

  • Scott

    My first Fran … oh the anticipation!

  • Craig

    Mountain: I love that workout you did at the track yesterday! (posted late yesterday). That is one that could easily show up here.

  • JimmyG

    10 peeps at FightFit. Always love to see Chanda in there killing it. Jesse L and Scott D joined us for the first time.
    7 stations, 1min each station, 1 min rest, 3 rounds pluss400m cool down.

    We miss Marnie.
    P.S. I spoke with 100mile Suzie. She’s not going to be able to do her race this year, and she’s super bummed. She’s doing rehab 3-4 times a week and trying to build back up to DCF. We love her and wish her well.

  • Mark L.

    I agree with Craig, Mountain. That looks like something I’d make up, try, regret about halfway through, but be glad when the benefits from it came.
    Sprints are underrated, in general. So much power is produced, and yet they feel so natural. Combining with lunges (also functional but more strength focused) is perfect.
    And on GRASS!!
    …as for Fran… maybe I can finally crack into the 4s after all the biking and front squats.

  • Jesse L.

    Mike, sorry I missed you yesterday, I have been x-fitting early so I have time in the day to get all my $h*t together before my move. We need to get a couple of workouts in before I head out. I am leaving today for Mexico until Monday, is there an affiliate in Cabo?? When I get back we will lock up a time for the workouts.

    As for a last workout, I was crossing my fingers for “Murph” in honor of my boy Rhoads who introduced me to crossfit and who just left for boot camp two days ago. I am not heading out until July 11th or 12th so there is time.

    Thanks for the sweet fight fit class this morning Jimmy, lot of people going hard.

    Enjoy Fran, and have a great week!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    500m of sprinting and lunges will not be appearing in any WODs I prescribe. You people can do that on your own time.

    For Jesse’s farewell we should all do Murph barefoot or wearing Vibrams.


  • Matt C

    Thanks for the congratulations! Sean and Keara are doing well! Started back at work today, but will try to make it in soon.

    That sprinting lunge workout looks like ti would hurt! then hurt a lot more the next day!

  • 6am...Matt

    Fight Fit was kick ass as usual.
    It was great to have Jesse & 6am Scott there.

    Thanks Jimmy!!!

    oh and j.j.

    its time to run backwards


  • Mark L.

    I am up for Murph, Jesse. Keep me in the loop!

  • luca z.

    FRAN IS A BITCH!!!!!!! no other way to say it, ask my athletes today, great efforts from all but man it was hard, kudos to Julie she did it with her knee hurting and with men’s weight, we did some different movements in our warm-up, T.G.U., Windmills and Superman, just to get every one ready to tackle the WOD, remember, ” our warm-up is your work-out”, also some god old partner stretchers at the end, good times, see you on Thursday

  • Mountain

    I think I found the perfect warmup for Fran. Or any workout, really:

    I mean, if you’re going to Superman, you might as well do it right. I don’t necessarily recommend the workout attire, though.

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    Mini class @ 1:16 today-

    Moises-3:09 (#45)
    Paula-12:20 (blue band)
    Kaela-10:26(#55)(2 min PR)
    Sarah-8:21 RX’d (2 min PR)

    Too much fun at DCF!!

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    I agree with 6 am…Matt. Time to run backwards!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    I think I have a workout idea involving lunges, running backwards and sprinting (or at least trying to sprint).

    I might have to “self test” first though. I don’t want to cripple the lot of ya.


  • Prashant

    Thanks for that Mountain. Do we also have to do the warm up in an empty pool?

  • Mike P.

    I think the pool is key. Maybe one of these days we’ll find Mountain doing the warm up in an inflatable pool in the shed.

    Jesse, just let me know when you’ll be hitting up any evening classes and we’ll get a few in. I’m definitely in for Murph, but I’ll let JJ’s roll on the barefoot train solo..unless my socks are deemed close enough, then I’ll reconsider. You’re leaving the same weekend as the games so make sure you get that one in a little early. Have a good time in Mexico.

  • Carry

    Congrats on your PR Sara & Kaela! 2 min PR is huge 🙂

  • Susan

    Mountain: I really think that warmup routine is lacking something. Perhaps they should play some nice bluegrass music in the background. Yes, that would complete it.

  • Long lost super Shannon

    DCF! Bryan and I have big news! We adopted a corgi puppy and just had to share… super cute… named Sadie. Reddish& white…

    We miss you guys! I’ve been doing A LOT of trail running 1) because they’re so many awesome trails out here and 2) and most importantly… I can’t bring myself to be a member at any crossfit gym other than DCF.

  • Jeremy

    We miss you guys too!

    Fran with Craig after the 7pm class.


    Not terrible. . . but not great either. Overall I told myself I’d be happy with a sub 4 because I was feeling so weird (lack of sleep and stuff).


  • Mark L.

    Shannon, you’re not lost. We’re just “on a break”. You’ll have to bring the new member of your family when you come visit! Just remember that make-up WODs can be some of the best of all. 😉
    Great time doing Fran, tonight! Craig had people partner up so they could have counters. My Saturday morning PT client, Keira, did Fran as her first class on her own. Funny how those things work. She did great, by the way, and I think she’ll be back.

  • Mike P.

    I knew there was a reason I dread Fran…that is one brutal WOD!

    3:18 Rx with Nick and Holly making sure my misery was legit…

    The bonus was JJ and Nick pointing out I looked like a pale ghost more than usual after I was done. Radical.

    So glad to hear the “supers” are doing well out in CO!

  • Tami

    SArAh, all that doubt this morning (tisk, tisk) you smoked it, and got to relax two minutes sooner. Nice.

  • Craig

    Not my best Fran tonight: 5:25. Ironically, it hurt just as much only longer. Demoralized by JJ’s wicked fast pullups.

    5, 6 & 7 classes were awesome. I hope you don’t mind my yelling in your faces! There were some stellar demonstrations of physical stamina and strength – Fran is a bitch.

    I did not want to do Fran, but the peeps that grinded it out tonight inspired me to go. Well done – congrats on all the PRs: Mark(sub 4!), Mike P (3:18!), Bill (5:25!!), Steph, Laci, Shawna, Jeff B and more. And way to go first-timers!

  • Amy

    The layer of thick fur I grew while on vacation and I were at the 7 pm class for Fran. 9:57 rx with some sloppy pull-ups; what else can you expect from someone who has been drinking white russians at bedtime and staring at the beach all week? Nice way to come home, though.

  • Mountain

    Susan, everyone knows bluegrass is workout music, not warmup music.

    So, I had planned to take a rest day today, then Jeremy had to go and ruin everything by posting Fran. Like I’m gonna say no to Fran…

    Anyway, today felt like “Lunging at Fran with GrandDAD on my back,” but I got through it. I even PR’d by one second (:01, for any illiterates reading this). Considering how crappy I felt, I think I can credit my PR to my thorough warmup, details of which I linked to earlier.

  • kaela

    mountain, next time i see you, i fully expect you to be in a drained high school pool, with a tall tee, some baggy jeans, and nice white stunna shades crankin out the soulja boy. i’m gunna be really disappointed if i dont see it