Mike C with “Fran Personal Record” in his eyes.


3 rounds for time

200m Plate Farmer Carry* (45lb plates men, 25lb plates women)

Each drop or set down during the carry do 5 burpees (not including the drop at the finish line)

25 wall ball (20lb/10ft men, 14lb/10ft women)

Post time to comments.

“Plate Farmer Carry” – Two olympic style plates or bumpers carried at the sides with fingers through center hole.


Article: How High Carbohydrate Foods Can Raise Risk For Heart Problems.

“. . . “Looking inside” the arteries of students eating a variety of foods, Dr. Michael Shechter of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine and the Heart Institute of Sheba Medical Center — with collaboration of the Endocrinology Institute — visualized exactly what happens inside the body when the wrong foods for a healthy heart are eaten. He found that foods with a high glycemic index distended brachial arteries for several hours.

Elasticity of arteries anywhere in the body can be a measure of heart health. But when aggravated over time, a sudden expansion of the artery wall can cause a number of negative health effects, including reduced elasticity, which can cause heart disease or sudden death. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Mark L.

    A nice variation on the farmers plate carry might be to do it pinch grip style (pinch the plate at the rip with your thumb and fingers.)
    I am bummed that Craig, Jeremy, Luca, Nick and myself are going to miss this one, but we’re going to be at a USA Weightlifting certification, and we will likely be demoing Crossfit during the break (Craig is pulling for Burpie Grace). Anyway, there’s a written test and a physical exam, so it’s stressing us out.
    Everyone have a great weekend!

  • Mark L.

    …pinch the plate “at the RIM” not at the rip.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Or at the “rip” in your hand.


  • Jeremy Jones

    OOOOh. Facebook and Beyond the Whiteboard are now able to be linked. Your postings on BTWB will automatically be posted on FB!



  • Mountain

    I am bummed… yeah, that’s it, bummed… that I’m going to miss this one. Rest day before my race tomorrow. Don’t worry, though, I’ll do tomorrow’s workout after the race.

  • Prashant

    Good Lord this WOD was tough.

    Mountain – Good luck with your race dude!

  • Mountain

    How hot? DCF’n hot!

  • Big Dave

    10:00 Class

    Today everyone REALLY REALLY liked doing the farmer carry with the plates. Here was the break down by rounds

    Round 1 – No issues with anyone getting through this round but to realize the wall ball is the 10ft target was difficult for the ladies. Stav pretty much lead this entire class with his speed along with Mike P just behind him.

    Round 2 – Now here is where the break downs started. Matt, Mike, Kevin, Tami, Lacy, Dean all starting to SLOOOW down and take breaks. As heard from Mike P (You brought something out of me today I never share). Can you say frustrated Mike!!! I was as well on this round and even more on my earlier WOD with the wife this morning.

    Round 3 – Ohhhh my how this round really got to everyone. There were so many people stopping, resting, and or dropping the plates multiple times (got to love those burpees). Everyone was doing all they could do not to put these plates down (laying the plates on the tops of their legs for rest) and having to start over. Jaz cruzed right through without any drops. Tami got one drop. Kevin made a great effort to get to this round.

    Lacy, Prashant, Shipila, Carry, Chris, Lauren, Lena, Matt C you guys finished the workout without quitting… excellent job done by all.

    Carry gets the top time so far today for 11:25 as well as Stav time around 11 mins.

  • Mountain

    Great job by the 3 o’clock class today. Yvonne was insane, finishing in 11:27. She could have gone faster, but she didn’t want to make Stav and Carry feel bad.

    Amy was also incredibly fast (13:09), and she got such good depth on her wallballs that she left a dent in the floor. Tina and Keira also did a great job on the workout.

    Apparently, the guys thought the workout was too easy, so they added a bunch of burpees to it. Travis ended up doing 45 burpees (3 sets on the 2nd round, 6 sets on the 3rd round). Steve is still doing burpees out in the sun– we’ve given him a couple of IVs, and hit him with the shock paddles. There’s no quit in that guy.

  • Mountain

    ps– Amy, what’s your last name? There are 8 Amy’s at DCF… you’re unique, but your first name isn’t.

  • Amy

    I decided at 2:45 today to show up and do the WOD b/c Benen wouldn’t take a nap. Nothing like slugging it out in 104 degree heat. Yvonne is always great inspiration to chase and the other two ladies meant business. Have a fun race, Mountain.

  • Yvonne

    Great pic of Michael! I don’t know if that look was determination or the fear of Fran!

    Loved the WOD today!!! Felt sorry for the men holding on to a fatter hole!

  • Yvonne

    BTW, I love Mountain’s classes! Always creative and fun in the warm-up. He always makes me get more than I think I can. Thanks, Mountain!

  • Amy

    Amy Chionis, though I’m married to Jeff B.
    My face still hurts from hitting the floor with my nose on those creative, fun, 1-leged burpees.