090628 SUNDAY “3 times a Newbie”


Some of the DCF guys at the USA Weightlifting Certification Seminar. . . with Shahin Nasirinia – World Champion Weightlifter (Gold Metal 1999 – Beating out Pyrros Dimas in Greece!).

Workout: “3 Times a Newbie”

3 rounds for time.

400m run

10 pull ups

20 push ups

30 sit ups

40 squats

Post time to comments.



While a low calorie diet expands lifespans

“Experiment after experiment confirms that a diet on the brink of starvation expands lifespan in mice and many other species. But the molecular mechanism that links nutrition and survival is still poorly understood. Now, researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have identified a pivotal role for two enzymes that work together to determine the health benefits of diet restriction. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Mike P.

    Thank god this doesn’t require any grip strength…DAVE!

  • Craig

    Very funny pics on flickr of everyone carrying plates around!

  • Mark L.

    I don’t know why everyone else was standing on the lifting platform, and I was standing on the floor.

  • Big Dave

    Mark – I have been told many times the air is much cleaner down there.

  • Prashant

    They’re plotting against you Mark.

  • Mountain

    I think I’ll be offering a “Three Times A Farmer” option at the 3 o’clock class– replacing the 400m run w/ a 200m farmer carry (45/25, plates or dumbbells).

  • luca z.

    Awesome USAW cert/seminar, nice group of people, met some cool guys, learns some more ways to bring pain on my athletes, this is going to be fun, can’t wait for Tuesday 😉
    Thanks to the gang for e nice W.E.

  • Amy

    What is wrong with me and Jeff? Why do we think that showing up for a 10 am Sunday WOD in 100 degree weather is a fun family activity?
    Today I got to feel like a newbie, three times over. 20:15. Jordan K-Fresh led a giant class through the warm up and Big Dave gave me extra pointers on medicine ball cleans after, thanks to both of you big boys I am a little stronger and faster. I think I also discovered the secret behind Mike P’s socks. Gangsta tattoos that he is hiding.
    We all came home and took a three hour nap.
    Luca: bring it on! Cannot wait to learn more…

  • Tami

    I just got an email about buying reserved parking for the games, but thought twice before hitting the “confirm” button. Did I miss the carpooling posts?
    I don’t mind driving and have two seats available for Friday and Saturday and three seats on Sunday. Just thought I’d throw this out before we all bought reserved parking. Any interest?
    It’s so hot I’m stuck to my chair … y u c k

  • Russell


    You looked like you pulled something on that last rep

  • jordan karnofsky

    awesome huge class this morning and it was blazing outside. little plyo warmup and a ton of sweat, a class of 6 newbies got a little taste of crossfit along with 27 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) DCF regulars. we had michael jackson tunes blaring and quite a few amazing efforts. Jeff and Amy obviously killing it along with sonya, tanya, jason, brandon, chris, shilpa…dang too many to name! awesome jobs to the rookies especially zack and amanda- who busted the WOD twice! it was a crossfitter’s dream, a buncha people gettin busy in a shed athletically challenging themselves as hard as they could (hopefully you guys were all going as hard as you can. the intensity factor in crossfit makes it what it is….my favorite thing on this planet. you can continuously push yourself, every week, every day, every WOD, every movement. dig me?

  • Mountain

    Why do people show up at 10am to workout in 100 degree weather? So they don’t have to show up at 3pm to workout in 110 degree weather!

    Holly, Air Force Riley, and I all gutted out the WOD. Holly did her first 5K race this morning (only 90 degree weather at the time?). Figuring that 3.1 miles was enough running for the day, she did farmer’s carries instead of runs for the first two rounds. He grip was thoroughly shot by the third round, though, so she ran the final 400m. Total bad-assedness, finishing (I think) in 18 minutes & change. My brain was a little fried after the workout, so I may be slighty off.

    Riley, in her first class (after finishing the 3 PTs) got a brutal workout on a brutal day. She hung tough throughout, though, and finished in 23 minutes & change. Then sat in front of a fan & drank water, & hopefully will be recovered in time to do FightFit on Tuesday morning. Don’t let her duck you, Jimmy, she’s a firebreather in the making…

    I did the first round in 3:58, then the heat caught up with me & I slowed down miserably. Got it through it, though… notice that I’m not mentioning my time?