090629 MONDAY

Dean rests with some plates

Dean takes a leisurely stroll with some 45lb plates (ones that he will have to do burpees if he puts them down).

Olympic Weightlifting Warm up (in addition to class warm up):

Overhead squat – 10 reps with PVC, 10 reps with empty bar, 10 reps with empty bar again or light load.



3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Post loads to comments.

Bonus mini metcon to follow.



A little extra weight may protect against an early death.

“. . . It may be that a few extra pounds actually protect older people as their health declines, but that doesn’t mean that people in the normal weight range should try to put on a few pounds,” said Mark Kaplan, DrPH, coauthor and Professor of Community Health at Portland State University. “Our study only looked at mortality, not at quality of life, and there are many negative health consequences associated with obesity, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. . .”

Click here for complete article.

What this study doesn’t seem to address is to the health of the underweight people (people who are sick tend to be very “underweight”, cancer, etc) . . . And the fact that many athletic people are considered “overweight” due to the added muscle mass (I am borderline obese for example). Once again the BMI demonstrates it’s flaws -jj


Video: Highlights from the 1999 World Championships where Shahin Nasirinia wins the Gold Metal for the 85 KG weight class (187lbs). He is wearing red and black vertically striped singlet. I recommend watching the entire video, but you can see his snatch at 0:42 (175 KG, 385lbs! I believe), and 1:33. His clean and jerks are at 2:30 5:08 and 8:58. His final lift is 215 KG (which is 473 pounds!).

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  • luca z.

    Interesting article J.J. 😉

  • Mark L.

    Interesting article, but I often wonder about these types of “correlation equals cause” types of “discoveries”.
    The third paragraph is downright silly. Paraphrasing, “sure, it’s true that it may reduce your mortality risk by being a little fatter than what’s considered ‘normal’, but don’t go out and add fat to try and live longer. Why not? Having extra fat will interfere with your quality of life by increasing blood pressure, cholesterol and causing diabetes.”
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the reason we don’t like those three downsides of porkiness that they can lead to premature death?
    A couple studies seem to show that having some extra fat correlates to reduced mortality, but that same fat gives us symptoms that we know from decades of research, almost without a doubt, cause mortality? Which correlation is wrong?
    I wonder if the people in the study that had the extra fat that lived longer maybe did NOT have high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes (those things we know cause mortality). Now THAT would be a study that might be meaningful (especially if their diet were also examined).

  • Big Dave

    If you aren’t satisfied with your physique and your progress in improving it, it’s most likely not your set/rep scheme, split, tempo, or exercise choices. It’s your diet.

    Most people are animals in the gym and wimps in the kitchen. They’ll train hard and try any grueling workout program, but they don’t have the willpower to choose the right foods at the right times in the right amounts. And their physiques reflect it.

  • Mountain

    Also, they’re probably not doing enough burpees.

  • JimmyG

    6am was working hard today. We loved the overhead squat practice and then moved on to dead lifts. Big Kevin was in the corner working his way up to 405!! Great form from everyone this morning. The Cisco’s joined us and did great. Also loved seeing Marnie back. After we did a guy/girl partner met-con and the Frediani’s won!!
    The married couple knew each-others strengths and dominated the wod.
    Kevin, Hector and I stayed to bench. I PR’d at #265 then got #135 x 30.

  • JimmyG

    You may notice a clothing rack in the front lobby….DCF, and SOLDIER stuff coming soon!!!! Ladies Tanks too…..

  • Moises G.

    Looking forward to it Jimmy!

  • Julie

    SWEET!!!! I’ll be able to rock the gear…eventually I’ll be rockin the house again?! Ice ice baby….

  • Craig

    Did you really just say “ice, ice baby”?

    Shahin is amazing – in that video: Pyros Dimas set a world record in the snatch in a meet in his country (listen to the crowd) and Shahin hung in there and beat him for the Gold with a 215kg clean & jerk! Notice Pyros uses a push jerk instead of the split jerk.

    Best moment of the weekend for me: doing a snatch with Shahin watching and when I asked him my faults he said “nothing, its perfect.” Yes!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Yeah, he was a really nice guy. Humble and laid back. I sure hope he is able to move up here and get involved with the sport again.

    I guess Julie has “ice” on her mind because of her knee.

    “Alright STOP, collaborate and listen. . . “


  • luca z.

    his english was not that good Craig, for him to go into a lengthy description of all the problems he saw would have been to hard, so he just say nice no problem, hehehe, nice class again Sarah!!!

  • Craig

    Luca, you’re cruel. I’d expect that type of comment from Jordan or Mark. Yet another funny guy at DCF.

  • ronnielo

    I wonder what comment this guy saw my overhead squat or snatch…. Ah YI YI Houston we have a problem! Or as Luca says look at Pichnocio doing a overhead something!

  • ronnielo

    OK Was meaning to say ” comment this guy would make”………..DUH!

  • ronnielo

    OK Was meaning to say ” comment this guy would make”………..DUH!

  • kaela

    love the dead lifts! new pr today! was not, however, a fan of the mini metcon. that was brutal. thanks for pushing us today, sarah!

  • Mark L.

    I’d never make a rude crack about your form, Craig. Although there was that one missed snatch you had that made the building shake (doing Oly on the third floor was interesting). Heck, I thought you had excellent form on your missed reps… 😉

  • Julie

    YES…I said ICE ICE BABY…..hahahaha…the actual use of ice, not the dork with the mound of stupid hair with highlights, shaved eyebrows, a “droptop”, and pants you could catch an angry wild lion in…no, no, just the use of a LOT OF ICE!!! Hahaha…

    Oh and JJ…”…ice is back on a brand new mission….” hahahaha

  • Stavros @ Diablo Crossfit

    CFT today while on E8, done at Fusion Fitness.

    SP- 155
    BS- 365
    DL- 385

    Total- 905lbs.

    First time doing CFT in a long time. Didn’t want to risk too much, but feel good with my total given my focus in training has changed. I’m right around the 5xBWT Crossfit total…which is my goal for this year. I definitely could squeeze a few more out of each lift, but like I said, the risk/reward told me to stop.

  • luca z.

    I just couldn’t help myself Craig, it was ah easy shot!!

  • Amy

    First day trying MEBB (I love Rippetoe but I am bored and chunky). Split jerks 4-4-4-4-4 up to 70#, then a 2k row. I will be like the strongman in the video in no time. Rowing in front of that giant fan doesn’t make it easier, 8:45, I have a lot of room for improvement. I whine A LOT when I row, which suggests that if I am whining I am not rowing hard enough.
    Watched Tami kill a heavy deadlift without her shoesies and then we did a crazy HSPU modification with the bands off the Diablotron. It is a good thing I am solid or I wold have gone rubber-banding into the ceiling.
    Thank you Sarah for the pointer on resetting my split, too. Made the rest of the set much easier and more stable.

  • Brook

    Nick…..I am sure you can snort it but you may prefer the allergies over the burning sensation. The bee guy told me to start with 1 or 2 grains at a time and work your way up. You can just eat them straight or mix them in something it doesn’t matter. I hope it helps.

  • Mountain

    Did you hear that, Luca? Craig said you’re a funny guy:

    (warning: it’s from the movie “Goodfellas”)

  • Lauren

    Wow Tami and/or Amy you have got to show me that rubber band thing with HSPS! That sounds like fun (in a crossfit kind of way)

    I’m very sore from those OHS and deadlifts but no PR today.

  • Nick

    Thank-you Brook for the bee stuff. I think that I will eat it. I don’t need a sinus infection.
    Great article today jeremy.
    I always want to move more weight when I DL, but I went with form instead

  • Jeremy Jones

    Worked up to a couple sets of 365 x 3. Probably had one more set in me, but Jorgy and Travis distracted me for too long and when I went for my last set, I didn’t like my form so I called it a night.