090701 WEDNESDAY “Happy Birthday Stav!”

Stavros does farmer plate carries

Happy Birthday Stavros! (and No, he is not 400 – or 40 for that matter).

Olympic Weightlifting warm up.

Workout: 4 rounds for time.

Run 400m

Rest 2 minutes

Post 400m times for each round to comments.


Article (I guess I better post it because I had a bunch of people email me! Don’t get me wrong though, I do like it when people email me good articles. -jj):

Can you get fit in 6 minutes a week?

“. . .There was a time when the scientific literature suggested that the only way to achieve endurance was through endurance-type activities,” such as long runs or bike rides or, perhaps, six-hour swims, . . . Gibala and his colleagues had a group of college students, who were healthy but not athletes, ride a stationary bike at a sustainable pace for between 90 and 120 minutes. Another set of students grunted through a series of short, strenuous intervals: 20 to 30 seconds of cycling at the highest intensity the riders could stand. After resting for four minutes, the students pedaled hard again for another 20 to 30 seconds, repeating the cycle four to six times (depending on how much each person could stand), “for a total of two to three minutes of very intense exercise per training session,” Gibala says.

Each of the two groups exercised three times a week. After two weeks, both groups showed almost identical increases in their endurance (as measured in a stationary bicycle time trial), even though the one group had exercised for six to nine minutes per week, and the other about five hours. Additionally, molecular changes that signal increased fitness were evident equally in both groups. “The number and size of the mitochondria within the muscles” of the students had increased significantly, Gibala says, a change that, before this work, had been associated almost exclusively with prolonged endurance training. Since mitochondria enable muscle cells to use oxygen to create energy, “changes in the volume of the mitochondria can have a big impact on endurance performance.” In other words, six minutes or so a week of hard exercise (plus the time spent warming up, cooling down, and resting between the bouts of intense work) had proven to be as good as multiple hours of working out for achieving fitness. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Big Dave

    0500 Class

    Joe, Dean and Dan running their butts off for 4 rounds of 400m

    Best 400m times were

    Time Round
    Joe – 1:22 R-3
    Dean – 1:18 R-2
    Dan – 1:21 R-1

  • Craig

    Great article – 6mins of work produced the same results as 5 hours! This is what the CF Endurance people have discovered. Its caveman fitness.

    Now, heres the big question I have: when do exercise returns start to decrease with intense interval exercise? When do we begin to overtrain? Is there an optimal amount of “intense” exercise?

    Finally, JJ and I discussed this over a year ago: intense intervals with rest are better than extended intense bouts of exercise. So, you’re better off doing filthy 50 with 30seconds of rest between exercises that doing it without rest.

    And, happy birthday, Stavros.

  • Jeff B

    I am going to try to make the 5 pm class for this. Hoping to see Mike P and Jesse head to head on the runs!

  • Yvonne

    I love that article! HARD INTERVAL is the way to go! Lots of people will be sprinting today instead of running.

  • Mike P.

    Happy birthday Stav!

  • Mike P.

    Jeff, I have every intention to smoke you on these runs, that is of course just after I take a quick swing with the PVC pipe to your kneecap. I’m trying to make it early so I can make up yesterday’s WOD, then get after some running at 5.

  • Mark L.

    Rest day for me, today (I went 5 days, one day rest, and 3 in a row, this week… PAST DUE!)
    That was a good article. I sent it to 3 of my PT clients I’ve had over the past few months that asked me about the whole, “how can 15 minutes of hard and fast make me fitter than 2 hours walking briskly on a treadmill?”) I also directed them to our blog, and reminded them that this is part of what they pay for.
    Athletes that have friends at our gym: Remind them to read the blog, and encourage them to POST (even something small or silly if they want). Post, post, post!

  • Yvonne

    Happy Birthday Stav! Make it a great day! Eat cake!

  • JimmyG

    400m Sprints WOOOOHoooooo!! this was the sounds coming from the 6am hard core.
    Cabby lead the way with a best of 1:08, Eleni with a 1:22 and Riley with a 1:26
    Russell and Josh.B battled it out to the bitter end.

    Of course 4×400’s wasn’t enough for 6am so I put a nasty little obstacle course together full of hops, skips, squat jumps, burpees and more……. They loved it…..lol

    Thanks for joining us 6am newbies you guys are welcome back anytime………….Russell, Riley, and Shiva.

    ***p.s. someone, not mentioning any names or that hers starts with an “M” got caught “wod picking” an no-showed for 400m therapy today…boooo

    Happy Birthday Stav !!!!

  • Susan

    I’m usually in lurk mode here and I always try *really hard* to stop myself from posting something silly, but now Mark is encouraging it!

    I enjoyed reading today’s article. I think the main reason I like crossfit is that I have a terribly short attention span. Crossfit fixes that because you’re always doing something different and it’s always at shorter more intense intervals so you don’t have time to get bored or distracted. Yeah!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Thanks for the B-Day wishes. Cake? Hmm, maybe not…but ICE CREAM? Yes.

    I may make it in around 4pm to give yesterdays WOD another try. I can only improve on it since I did it last time in March when I couldn’t do Double-Unders to save my life. I got over 17 minutes, and it wasn’t pretty.

    Thanks again everyone.

  • Susan

    I’m usually in lurk mode here and I always try *really hard* to stop myself from posting something silly, but now Mark is encouraging it!

    I enjoyed reading today’s article. I think the main reason I like crossfit is that I have a terribly short attention span. Crossfit fixes that because you’re always doing something different and it’s always at shorter more intense intervals so you don’t have time to get bored or distracted. Yeah!

  • Moises G.


  • Susan

    Oh man, I have the stupid double post. Sorry. I blame Mark!

  • jamie

    Yesterday’s (Tue) WOD was brutal. How did AM peeps finish so quickly? The RX was 29% heavier for men & 32% heavier for women than Fran RX.

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    Happy birthday, Stav!! Hope your day is amazing!!

  • Rodil

    Happy birthday Stavros! Have fun and enjoy your ice cream!

  • ronnielo

    Happy Birthday Stavos!

  • Big Dave

    Happy Birthday Stav

  • Mark L.

    hahaha (Susan).
    Happy B-Day Stavie!

  • Julie


  • Adam

    Just curious what days of the week the 5am classes are? My body is trying to convince my mind that 5am is a good idea….

  • jamie

    Sorry Stav, happy bday….hard to post a comment when using a PDA!

  • luca z.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAV!!!! Jamie I don’t remember all the weights that were used by the ladies yesterday morning, each name and time was with the weight used, I told them to go as heavy as they could go with out destroying their form in the Thrusters, and they were all on the floor afterward.

  • Dean

    Happy Birthday Stavros . Have a great day and a great WOD !!!! Felt the Thrusters from last night. But all 4 400’s were a second or two apart. Consistent.

  • luca z.

    Did anybody see Sarah’s picture in yesterday post on Catalyst Athletics site, she’s in the back groud

  • Hylie

    Happy B-day Stavros!!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    I totally agree with Stavros – ICE CREAM is sooooo gooooood. Much better than cake.

    Adam- 5am ‘open gym’ is M, W, F. Not really a class. It is more for people like yourself that know how to get a WOD in and get out before the 6am class starts. You should try it, people are loving it so far.


  • Mike P.

    Stav, I’ll try to get in at 4 and get yesterday’s WOD in with you. I need to put my DU’s to the test. And as you can see in the pic above, chasing you is becoming habit.

    I’m on board with the Ice Cream over cake debate. And I’ve heard a pint of that stuff disappears awfully quickly in the Jones household…just a rumor though.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Oh yeah. . .

    I heard that the San Francisco Creamery now has a liquor license.

    If I am not at the gym. You all now know where to find me.


  • Mark L.

    Fat Tire Float, anyone?

  • russell

    Jimmy & the rest of the 6 am’ers

    Thanks for the workout. I’ll defintely be back. Josh kept me on my toes for all four rounds. My legs were still weak from the Deadlifts on Monday (lifting with Nick is always a great idea….if you don’t want to be able to walk the next couple of days), but having a strange dude grunting behind you will make anyone kick it up a notch.

    Good times.

  • Yvonne

    Kitchen sink and beer, oh my! I think some of us could break the record on eating the kitchen sink!
    Some of you have not had really great homemade cake! I have an 83 year old connection.
    Craig and I eat ice cream every night but cake we could eat every night if it was homemade.

  • ronnielo

    OMG I so want to comment to Russells comment.. Strange guy behind him as he is doing deadlifts and the strange one is grunting? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM DCF is a close knit community!

  • Travis H

    Happy birthday Stavros!

  • Jimmy G

    I like Ice Cream Cake….why discriminate, just combine the deliciousness. Its Ice cream with all the glitz, glamour and shape of a cake..lol …Think mud pie, Mocha almond fudge ice cream with an oreo crust, oreo and fudge middle layer and fudge w/ crushed oreo topping…yum!!! I can hear myself getting fatter.
    the almonds are paleo right???

  • russell


    I was just having a conversation about how brilliant ICE CREAM CAKE is. I mean seriously who invented that? Just brilliant.


    The grunts were behind me this morning on the 400m sprints. Yes, they made me run faster, much faster, than I wanted to. I had flashbacks of the Ozarks.

  • ronnielo

    LOL Russell. I thought I heard a banjo playing music playing! All in good humor!

  • Jesse L.

    Happy B-day Stav!! I remember when Rhoads was showing me around the gym when I first signed up and he said, “this is Stav, the biggest badass in here.”

    Jeff, I am sorry but had to come in earlier today, I put up a time that I think might push you a little, but who am I kidding, you fly by me on the runs. let me know your times. Mike P. is on another planet, so I am sure he will crush the times.

    Some sad news today, I got my travel arrangements from the Navy and July 11th will be my last day in California before heading to the east coast. Sad cuz I will miss all the DCFers like crazy, and cuz I wanted to come support the crew at the games.

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    930 class- What can i say?? Jesse smoked the 400’s…when i grow up i wanna be as fast as him! Juliana and Lena kept their sprints really consistant. Nice job! Michlele, Brook and Diana made this WOD look easy….Great work!

    1030 class- Kaela, Kevin, Terry, Johnny and Jenny did some awesome work on their sprints! 400 m sprints are no joke. Way to keep it steady!

  • Amy

    Well, birthday boy, enjoy whatever sugar the day serves you. Then burn it off like the kind-hearted bad-ass you are.
    So good to see JULIE back at it this morning! She always puts a smile on my face, and it is always inspiring to see DCF athletes work through healing so quickly and with such determination.
    MEBB: front squats 3-3-3-3-3, loaded up to 115# – can definitely go heaver next time – but I was saving myself for the one girl I REALLY don’t care for, Helen. Ran the first 400 heat with a pack of testosterone-sweating teenaged boys from Jorgy’s ESA class, moderate effort at 1:25 and then progressively sllllllooooooowwwwwer through the next two rounds (no boys to compete with and seriously winded!). 14:09 and this is my first time doing her Rx, so now I have a place to start.
    Benen is in his bedroom “napping” with a chocolate protein shake and a whistle. I think the WOD affected my judgement.

  • Jasmine

    Happy Birthday Honey!

    I have been working on a present for you for the last 10 weeks, but it looks like it will take about another 30. It will be worth it in the end though, I promise 😉 (ummm… I might need help remembering this at times while my waist is expanding)

    So…. If anyone can top that gift, let me know! Baby Kalogirou # 3 is cooking and should join us near the end of January. We saw it dancing and waving at us this morning! Now you can all know why my weight has gone a bit higher AND a bit lower all at the same time! Fun times ahead.Should be interesting to compare and watch this process unfold with you all. Hears to our first crossfit baby!

    PS……WARNING! going away for an amazingly romantic anniversary trip to the wine country for 4 days without kids can be life changing and possibly add to your number 😉

    Most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love. It has been a great year and for sure a fun one to come!


  • Jeremy Jones

    CrossFit does it again.



  • kaela

    Happy Birthday Stav and congrats to both you and Jasmine!

  • Amy

    OOOOOO Jaz, that makes those extra lunges you did with me all the better.
    You two are awesome parents, I have alwaysadmired/ respected how creatively you honor your childrens’ spirits. In the short run not always easy but definitely worth it!

    That is a ROCK STAR birthday gift.

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    So awesome!! Congrats both of you!! Watch out world, another CrossFit baby!!

  • Andrew

    Happy Birthday Stav and congrats to you both!

  • Diana

    Jasmine –

    Congratulations! I’m very happy and excited for you. : )

  • Mike P.

    Congrats to the both of you! Not too surprised, look at that shirtless beast, you can’t keep your hands off of that…