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+++3pm class Canceled this Saturday for the 4th of July, MORNING CLASSES AS USUAL!+++

Quality Instruction, Devilishly good looks

The class leers as Craig teaches thrusters (except Jeff. . . he seems more interested in his hands than what Craig has to say).

Olympic Weightlifting Warm up: Hang power snatch from the mid thigh, 10 reps. Hang power snatch from the knee, 10 reps. Start light (PVC or empty bar), add weight and repeat – 2 rounds or 40 total reps. Make sure the bar brushes the top of the thighs or belly every time.


As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.

10 reps of the barbell combo (155lbs men, 105lbs women):

– Power Clean

– Hang Split Clean right leg forward

– Hang Split Clean left leg forward

10 Ring Dips

Post rounds (and fractions of rounds) completed to comments.



Celiac Disease Four Times More Common than in the 1950s.

“. . . Celiac disease has become much more common in the last 50 years, and we don’t know why,” says Joseph Murray, M.D., the Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist who led the study. “It now affects about one in a hundred people. We also have shown that undiagnosed or ‘silent’ celiac disease may have a significant impact on survival. The increasing prevalence, combined with the mortality impact, suggests celiac disease could be a significant public health issue. . . “

Click here for complete article.


Don’t forget to email Laci (laci.jackson@gmail.com) your plans on visiting the CrossFit Games next weekend!

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  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Thanks again for the birthday and baby wishes!

    I’m not sure WTF I was thinking doing the Thruster/DU WOD after coming of Mt. Diablo…that was just plain silly. As was the amount of beverages consumed at Pyramids, and the MOUND of Ice Cream at Fentons! Total carb crash!!! So, I figured I’d start the day off right today with a pool workout at 0530

    500m warm up
    400m, 300m, 200m, 100m
    300m, 200m, 100m
    200m, 100m
    3 x 150m pull

    3000m total, 58:14

    The brownie under the ice cream last night really put me over the top. I think I just threw up in my mouth…ugh.

  • Prashant

    Fentons you say…… hmmm. I’ll be back in 30.

  • Jasmine

    Hey friends,

    Thanks for all your sweet words. I might need a few more once you see me running around trying to keep track of my mind and three children 😉

    You guys are all so special to us and although this is or third baby, this time is unique to have each of you and our gym in our lives and along for the journey. I will promise to need your inspiration and encouragement as I attempt to navigate our workouts and make them work for a changing body. Geeze… even the CF mom’s sight says to drop your weights about 50% right form the very beginning. I have already been attempting to find the balance between not too intense, but intense enough for my workouts. Apparently I am supposed to be able to talk while I workout???Umm… not so normal in CF. Even crossfitters say the intensity is not the focus right now, but maintaining strength and good health is. So… I’m pretty much having to undo some of my “crossfit thinking” for the time being to make room for my new resident. Feel free to give me any tips and help you know! I’m thankful for the CF moms website that has some amazing athlete’s asking and sharing many helpful tips of how to safely and daringly be a crossfit mamma 😉

    The good news is I will have my very own weighted vest to train with for a while! That should make workouts much easier once I get to take it off in February 😉

    Thank’s for your excitement and kindness.
    See you soon!

  • Jamie

    Jaz, you were such an inspiration (as both a mom and workout partner) when I came to DCF three weeks after Jax! Not only are you already confirmed as a super mom, but also an amazing athlete. Now the pressure is on for me to just keep up with you while you continue to CF and grow #3. Best wishes and God bless. As for managing three children- well, at the Shed, you have a whole family of built in babysitters!

  • Long lost super Shannon

    Jaz- Bryan and I are so excited for your family! Keep us posted!

  • Mark L.

    Post, post, post! (thought I’d try this again, since it worked so well, yesterday) 😉
    When we were practicing the split cleans with our non-dominant leg at the USAW certification, Craig simply refused because he was afraid it would mess up his neurological training (along with his chances for Olympic gold).
    I’ll be reminding everyone, tonight, to rest enough to keep your form safe and mostly clean so you aren’t reinforcing bad motor patterns (learning mistakes). You don’t want to ruin your chances for Olympic gold, either.
    That said, intensity is right up there with form and consistency when it comes to our training target. Find the balance between intensity, form and consistency.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Mark is right. I created this as an AMRAP for a reason – Keep the form good or just rest until you can do it right. There is no reason to ‘keep on trucking’ to the finish because there is a number you “must” complete.

    We want 15 minutes of good form. However many reps that is, is fine.


  • luca z.

    Boy you could see those brains working today, a lot of thinking, from the W.U to the WOD, Olympic lifts will do that to you, makes you think about the way you move those barbells, the idea is to keep working on those until the brain gets out of the picture and your body moves by memory, also we want you guys to learn how to feel, if you’re doing it wrong or right, that’s why we don’t have mirrors in our gym.
    It was fun watching you guys work, there were some smiles, some scowls and some other expressions on those faces, all and all form was ok, the main thing was trying to get people to jump the weight not pulling it with the arms, and receiving it on the shoulders not you wrist, good effort from all I have to say, and a tough one to conquer.

  • Sarah

    Jaz, just listen to you body. Do what’s right for you and little jellybean! I worked out hard when I felt it and rested when I needed to. Now I have a little crossfit beast. Doctor will get freaked out when you tell them what You do. I was being monitored every two days my last 2 months of pregnancy. She is smart and very healthy!! Just listen closely, it’s good for you to destress while knocked up. =)

  • Amy

    Today’s WOD was wicked fun and wicked hard. Splitting on the non-dominant side IS hard.
    2 rounds+4 reps at 75#. Now my psoas is soooooooorrrrre and I am looking for something small and firm and round to lay on in the house.
    It was REALLY encouraging to see so many women at the 9:30 pushing themselves and showing beautiful form. And I *heart* working out next to Andrew. Slowest Power Lifters in the West, Unite!

  • Laci

    Great workout today! Loved it!! Btw, people need to email me if they are coming to the games so I can put my organizational skills to good use!

  • Laci

    Great workout today! Loved it!! Btw, people need to email me if they are coming to the games so I can put my organizational skills to good use!

  • Lauren

    I think I need to try this WOD tomorrow.

  • Scott S

    The Olympic WODs are totally akward for me … and awesome! I feel like the dumbest kid in the smartest class which gives me an awesome advantage … I got tons of room to learn and grow.

    I used to hate “maintaining” in the gym. With crossfit, everyday feels like my first day, it’s rad.

    Do I dare come in on my rest day for Angie … ? Only the alarm will tell…