090703 FRIDAY “Angie”

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Heather working out the day after breaking her thumb. What is your excuse for not coming in? (From what I understand, her injury involved a Jeep, ninjas and a drunken goat).

Olympic lifting warm up: Romanian Deadlift, 3 sets of 8. Go light, keep a flat back, and work those hamstrings.

Workout: “Angie”

Complete for time:

100 pull-ups,

100 push ups,

100 sit ups,

100 air squats.

Post time to comments.


Article from Robb Wolf’s Blog

Post Workout Nutrition: High or Low Carb?

“When we talk health and longevity we are talking insulin management and carbohydrate flux. For many people insulin resistance is more important to deal with than performance, at least initially. If one is sick, or just less than optimally well, it’s tough to imagine optimum performance. Also, from a purely aesthetics (gasp!) perspective we might want to lean out for summer and not be a fatty. That was certainly my situation and I feel a good bit better at sub 10% body fat, especially when Chico is a balmy 106*F. I have tinkered with higher carbs PWO for several months and my signs of insulin resistance were simply not budging. I still have some cortisol issues that are likely driving some of this…multi time zone travel really kicks my ass! So I finally wised up and went back to what has worked so well for me in the past. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Sarah T

    Coming to my first morning class at 9:30! Hopefully in the next 3 hours, my arms will feel better from the lifting yesterday. Still a bit akward lifting, but I think I’m getting it!
    AND this is my first post! 🙂

  • Big Dave

    0500 Class

    Dean and Joe finished in really great times this morning:

    Dean 16:48

    Joe 19:43

    David 20:26 – PR for me as I cut down 9 mins off my last Angie time.

  • JimmyG

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Maren !!!!
    6am almost convinced her that we should do running Angie as a birthday treat….almost

    Ms. Maren was out late last night eating cake, ice cream and Ice cream cake. BUT, she still made it in.
    Donna is a beast doing wod as RX !!!
    I was trying hard to make the white board…not quite. I also ripped open my hand for the first time EVER. It sucks.

    My sister Jenelle joined us this morning..she goes to Level4 CrossFit in Seattle.

    6am crew is off to butter ball for breakfast…everyone except Matt .F…..lmao

  • 6am.....Matt

    Whatever guys
    have a great breakfast without me….BOOOO
    Happy Birthday Maren!

    Today it was great to see Alan hammer out 100 pull ups in a row with no fricken band.
    Then drop to the floor and hammer out 100 push ups. Then came the sit ups and squats. I am inspired to work hard to get rid of the band after watching Super Alan this morning. Donna and Jimmy also kicked ass doing the RX version. Nancy and the rest of the “girl squad” are all very strong and super duper
    Everyone in the 6am class is working hard and its loads of fun.
    The only thing that sucks is my wife continues to beat me at every WOD.
    I still got her on the Row, but shes creepin up on me….AHHHH

    Hope all you DCF peeps have a great 4th..

    I hope all you funny 6am crew enjoy your breakfast at that swine diner!!!!!


  • Craig

    Love the pic caption. Very funny.

  • Jeremy Jones

    9 minutes Dave! Nice.

    Jimmy – Jennelle was coming to class today! I didn’ t know that, I would have totally made it in to see her.

    Happy birthday Maren – Where has Tyler been?


  • Carry

    happy birthday Maren 🙂
    I REALLY miss the 6AM crew….Dang Allen….no band? Please tell me these weren’t all dead hang pull ups.

  • russell

    Damn Ninjas….

  • Alan

    No dead hangs. After ten months, I have finally learned to kip. Knocked out 6 sets of 10 and then had to go to sets of five. It works, as I shaved ten minutes from my last Angie which was completed with some dead hang and then a mixture of assisted and jumping pull ups. I am glad the 6AMer’s got to meet my children who are visiting from Phoenix. Thanks for the props Matt, missed you at breakfast. It’s not a swine joint though, Paleo can happen …..even at the Butter Cup!!

    Happy Birthday Maren!!

  • Mark L.

    Great classes, last night. We definitely scaled. We tried to stay with a weight where it would require some rest, but people could still maintain form for several reps in a row.
    Interestingly, form improved as the WOD went on (tiredness is a great facilitator for improving efficiency). I am talking about going from sucky power cleans to almost catching it right on the rack in one workout. A few still struggled at the end with crashing and/or muted hips, but I’m sure the next time we see cleans, more improvement will be had (these things take time–especially when flexibility is a factor).
    We had an athlete, Colin, among us who’s main reason for joinging us at DCF was because we’re one of the only gyms this side of the tunnel that lets you throw your weights on the floor. 😎 I had him by my model during the 6pm class after I convinced him to join in after his Oly workout.
    Everyone have a great 4th of July! I’m off today, and Nick is working on my kitchen with Paula’s brother.

  • Jimmy G

    JJ…she decided last minute to go otherwise I would have let you know.

    We got Maren ice cream for breakfast and sang toi her…I got a pic…..lol…
    Happy Birthday !!

  • Tyler

    Oops, I wasn’t supposed to tell everyone that it was her birthday yesterday, sorry. The first of many 29’s I’m sure. 😉

    JJ, I am working again, so my schedule has been off these past few weeks. Also I bruised my foot so I couldn’t walk either, but today was my second day this week, tomorrow will be three, and am getting back in the mix.

    Angie, wow. This morning was going great, until… I was about half way though, and my hands started ripping from all the kips. My last 20 I had to jump just so that I could complete my pullups!! These were my first rips, so I guess I am officially a crossfiter now?

  • maren

    Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes. 6am class thanks for the “surprise” ice cream breakfast…the singing waitresses scarred me at first I wasn’t expecting it…haha… Wow Angie is not fun after bday cake and Cheesecake Factory.

    Have a great 4th everyone!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Impromtu 2:30 team workout at the gym. Anyone can come workout with us if they like!


  • Chris

    >>Damn Ninjas….
    >>Posted by: russell at July 3, 2009 9:44 AM

    You should see how messed up the Ninja’s are. That’s my baby doll.

  • Donna D.

    “DANG ALLEN!!!!” Carry~ that sounds like a southern term! teehee!
    Oh what fun this morning!! Good Lord, yet ANOTHER ripped hand….not one but both hands got the skined peeled pretty good this time……I did it on my LAST set of ten…..DAMN IT!!!
    I love the morning group…..lots of energy…..lots of encouragement from everyone too! (sometimes I just don’t think I can make it without that little lift!) A big THANK YOU to Marnie, Elani, and Anita for their persistance in me joining everyone for Marlen’s birthday breakfast…..I really enjoyed hanging out with the group!! Marlen~ Have a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
    Stavie~ Happy Birthday to you too!!!!!!!!! And congratulations to you and Jazie on the new angel you guys are bringing into the world! That’s soooo awesome!!!
    Happy 4th to all my friends at DCF!!!!!!

  • Amy

    Forget the ninjas, what about the goat?
    I’m walking around with acupuncture needles in my ass today thanks to hitting it hard and not stretching enough. Lesson learned. Glute insertion, ow. SI, ow. Stopped in to watch Jeff get beaten by Angie and use the PVC roller, and it was nice to see Sarah, snatch shirt and all, Beth, Tami, Jaz and Megs x 2. I love me some She-Devils. And Jesse, got to get my digs in on him before he ships off to tighty-whitey land.
    Jorgy, got my tank, thank you, I love it. Paid Jeremy.

    Enjoy the 4th, be safe, and keep your dogs and kitties cool and indoors so I don’t have to take care of them in the ER this weekend.

  • Amy

    In all fairness I should say thay Jeff stood up to Angie with great courage. You know the WOD is bad when you here NO NOISE coming from the diablotron.

  • Andrew

    Hey guys, I’m in Monterey for the 4th of July weekend and decided to hit up CF Monterey today. Megan and I dropped by for their 5pm class and one of the owners, Ryan, was nice enough to let up join in on their WOD tonight. We ended up doing Elizabeth. I was the fastest of the day RX. 🙂 I hope I made DCF proud!


    21 – 15 – 9
    Squat cleans (135#/95#)
    Ring Dips

    me: 9:36 Rx
    megan: 12:53 Rx


  • Craig

    Nice work, Andrew! Way to represent. Say hello to my buddy Jacob there.

  • Yvonne

    First batch of DCF shirts are here. Craig will bring them tomorrow after 10AM class. Other batch will be here sometime Monday. $20 in the gym or $25 on-line.

    Women’s tanks:
    smoke black: 2 smalls, 13 mediums, 10 large
    red: 2 smalls, 13 mediums, 10 large

    Men’s t-shirts:
    brown: 4 mediums, 12 large, 6 XL, 2- 2XL
    red: 4 mediums, 12 large, 6 XL, 2- 2XL

  • Mountain

    Congratulations, Andrew! Is this the first time you’ve beaten your girlfriend?

  • luca z.

    Andrew, like many of us at DCF is ok with the fact that he’s got a beast as girlfriend, it makes it more interesting

  • Mountain

    1/2 Angie today. 46 pullups in a row to start, all 50 in 1:20. Pushups in 2:40 (4:00 total at that point). Situps in 2:00 (just past six minutes at the start of squats). Squats in about 1:20, to finish in 7:23.

    Pushups suck after pullups. That’s all I have to say about that.

    Firecracker 5K in downtown Pleasant Hill at 8am tomorrow. The owner of the store that sponsors the run (Fleet Feet Pleasant Hill) CrossFits at DCF.

    I hope there won’t be any running in tomorrow’s WOD, because I’m planning to show up to the 10 o’clock class before I get my BBQ on.

  • Flash