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Full range of motion is important

Wife Elani makes sure “Matt 6am” hits full extension.

Olympic weightlifting warm up: One arm dumbbell squat snatch 5 right, 5 left. 3 rounds. Use a light weight and go up if you feel comfortable. Squat as low as possible each rep (hamstrings to calves if you can do it).


Front Squats:

5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Post loads to comments.

Bonus mini metcon to follow.


Article: “Police Work Undermines Cardiovascular Health, Comparison To General Population Shows”

“. . . Violanti and colleagues have been studying the role of cortisol, known as the “stress hormone,” in these police officers to determine if stress is associated with physiological risk factors that can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. . .

“When cortisol becomes dysregulated due to chronic stress, it opens a person to disease,” he said. “The body becomes physiologically unbalanced, organs are attacked and the immune system is compromised as well. It’s unfortunate, but that’s what stress does to us.” . . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Craig

    Anyone know where to find a roll of remnant carpet? We need it for the games – to lay over the dirt and grass.

  • Mountain

    Quite a workout on Sunday. Had a chance to watch the morning class attack it. That two people went under 12 minutes (including 2 minutes of prescribed rest) is ridiculous.

    Burpees are one of the more dreaded exercises, but put them in a WOD with rope climbs, and they became the non-brutal part that people look forward to. Funny how that works…

  • Laci

    We could also use another BBQ and a few folding tables. Email me laci.jackson@gmail.com if you can bring any of these items!

  • JimmyG

    After great form on front squats…….6am did “Annie”
    We saw some 5am open gym-ers doing it, so we copied.
    Scott D led the way with a 6:36
    Nancy and Eleni battled it out…as they do every morning…Nancy got her by 14 sec…
    Alan the beast loves this wod and PR’d as well as Matt 6am PR by 2 min.
    Great job everyone….

  • jamie

    CRAIG- awesome job on the shirts! They look really great.

    EVERYONE- get your shirts before they sell out….selling this week from Monday through Wednesday….after that they will be GONE! We are taking all remainder to the games this weekend. Shirts are selling quickly.

    -2 styles of womens tank tops; Each style comes in chocolate brown or red. Bella brand, thus they are high quality and pre-shrunk….although they do run narrow in the body.
    -2 styles of mens shirts; each style comes in cafe au lait brown or red. Not sure of the brand, but they are a great lightweight shirt.

  • Ronnielo

    Oh boy Yams for breakfast! I want my Fruit Loops!

  • Susan

    What’s the deal with yams or sweet potatoes. I’ve seen this being eaten at the gym often. Are they suppose to be really good for recovery? Maybe I need to get me some of those. My arms are still sore from Friday’s 100 pull-ups.

  • Craig


    Sweet potatos are quite versatile. Put them in the freezer and use them them as portable icebags for your sore muscles. If you boil them first, then mash them up and put them in a ziplock bag and freeze them, you have a flexi-cold pack that is also paleo food (after it warms up, of course).

    It is believed that boiled yams are a good source of long-chain or complex carbohydrates which aid in glycogen replenishment (the primary energy source for most exercise). Complex carbs don’t yield the usual blood sugar spike that occurs from eating simple sugars, like those found in energy bars or recovery drinks.

  • Susan

    Oh cool, thank you Craig! So it sounds like sweet potatoes and yams are pretty comparable in nutrition. Yams are kinda icky, but I love sweet potatoes and ate them a lot when I was a poor student. I used to buy them at the Asian market on my home from school. I’m trying not to eat any more white potatoes because they are in the nightshade family, but sweet potatoes and yams are not.

  • Brook

    Ok so it is VERY possible that it is in big writing somewhere very obvious….but I can’t find the time that the games start on Friday. I think I have to go by myself on Friday but I have no idea when they start. Can someone enlighten me?

  • Holly

    Yey! I had my first successful “crock-pot” dish since buying it last week and failing miserably twice so far.
    Cut up a whole chicken and sear the pieces in a pan for a couple of minutes on both sides. Transfer to the slow cooker and add some trader joes chicken bullion paste with a little water to coat the bottom of dish. Top with fresh greenbeans and several fresh apricots cut in quarters. Cook on low for about 3 hours. Once stirred, the apricots become this tangy glaze over the beans and chicken. Soooooo Yummy.

    I may have some carpet Craig. I’ll check and get back to you. I couldn’t agree more with Jamie on the shirts. Nice job and I LOVE the chocolate brown for the ladies!!!

  • Amy

    more sweet potato chronicles…
    5 hours of sleep and a giant skillet of eggs, chicken sausage, sweet potatoes and oh yes a pot of coffee will get you:
    front squat 33-85-90-95-105 and the MEBB metcon: row 500, 40 push ups, row 500, 30 push ups, row 500, 20 push ups in 13:37, friggin push ups. – if you are me today.
    Mountain called me out on push up depth early in the game and jeepers that made the whole thing so much tougher. Thank you, I think.
    Re: nightshade family and sweet potatoes – I thought they shared some of the potato alkaloid traits of white potatoes? Does anyone know definitively? Is it too early to nerd out this much?

  • Jeremy Jones

    White potatoes, eggplant, tobacco, and tomatoes are in the Nightshade family. Some people are sensitive to these foods. It has been postulated that everyone should stay away from them.

    Sweet Potatoes are not in this group.

    Brook – We will be organizing carpooling/caravans leaving from the gym on Friday Morning. But it is safe to assume the games festivities won’t be getting started until after 9am. So I would plan on being there at 8:30 if you don’t want to miss anything.

    But this is just speculation. I couldn’t find any details either.


  • Susan

    Amy, I found this article online that says sweet potatoes do not have the nightshade alkaloids that cause joint problems.


    It’s never too early to geek out on nutrition talk!

  • Mountain

    Holly, congrats on the successful crockpottery.

    Amy, sorry/you’re welcome for suggesting more depth on your pushups. You looked awesome doing that workout; makes me want to try it.

    As for today’s WOD, did 5×185, 2×205, and failed @ 225. Probably should have fought a little harder for that rep. Might’ve happened.

    Afterwards, Sarah’s “mini-metcon” was great. “Double Under Helen”? Three rounds of 40 double unders/ 21 KB swings (1.5 pood)/ 12 pullups in 6:59. First round in about 1:30, second in about 2:30, and third round in 2:59.

  • Mike P.

    Update on the CrossFit Games site. Affiliate event starts at 9:00 am on Friday and the WOD’s for the affiliate cup will be released on Wednesday at 2:00 pm.

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    930 class- We had some awesome women doing beautiful front squats… Heather had great form as does Diana! Watching Brook push herself was really cool too!!

    1030 class- Johnny, Armida………great work!! Nice form form everyone. Ronnie, we gotta work on your snatch…..

  • jordan Karnofsky

    4pm front squats:

  • Darren

    Scoring setup posted on games site. It just got real.

  • Craig

    Five events on Saturday for the individuals? Holy schnikees!! Go get ’em D.

    Hey, they’re using the same scoring system we did for our Affiliate Team competition!

    I wonder what they’ll do in case of a tie?

    ; )

  • Mark L.

    Don’t start.

  • Mountain

    Did a half-version of the lunge/sprint workout I did a couple weeks back. This time:

    50 yards lunges/ 50 yards sprint
    45 yards lunges/ 45 yards sprint
    40 yards lunges/ 40 yards sprint
    35 yards lunges/ 35 yards sprint
    30 yards lunges/ 30 yards sprint
    25 yards lunges/ 25 yards sprint
    20 yards lunges/ 20 yards sprint
    15 yards lunges/ 15 yards sprint
    10 yards lunges/ 10 yards sprint
    5 yards lunges/ 5 yards sprint

    8:11. That was much more like it. I like workouts that take 5-10 minutes. Like “Helen.”

  • Julie

    CRAIG!!! I HAVE TONS OF CARPET PIECES..some bigger than others, but enough to make a dopea** party pad for the games!!! Bring em to the gym tomorrow!!

  • Craig

    Mountain, I like it when Helen takes 5-10 mins too!

    Unfortunately, that wasn’t my experience last time.

    Great Julie!