090707 TUESDAY “Helen”

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Darren prepares for the Games; smile on his face, trashcan at the ready.

Olympic lifting warm up: Hang power clean from the mid thigh, 10 reps. Hang power clean from just above the knee, 10 reps. Hang power clean from below the knee, 10 reps. Keep it light. Use the same weight every round. Rest between sets. Make sure to pause at the bottom of the catch (don’t just stand right up after catching the weight).

Workout: “Helen”

3 rounds for time.

400m run

21 kettlebell swings (54lb men, 35lb women).

12 pull ups

Post time to comments.


Article: “Team Sports Participation Reduces Likelihood Of Youths Becoming Established Smokers; Smoking In Movies Increases Risk”

“Participating in team sports is associated with a reduced likelihood of youths becoming established smokers, according to a new report. However, exposure to movie smoking appears to be associated with an increased risk of established smoking in both team sport participants and nonparticipants. . .”

Click here for complete article.


We will be open different hours this weekend due to the CrossFit Games – Be sure to check back to see exactly what schedule changes are happening.

Remember to email laci.jackson@gmail.com if you plan on attending. We are organizing things like carpooling, food, etc.

Right now we are looking for folding tables, another BBQ, and some kind of carpet we can put down. to stay out of the dirt.

Events are starting at 9am on Friday. The Affiliate Cup teams will do 3 workouts. Darren and Jeff will be completing as many as 5 workouts on Saturday. The top athletes for each day will go on to do additional workouts on Sunday. . .

I predict it is going to be a CrossFit Massacre. Bodies strewn about. Blood. Tears. Cheering. Totally Epic.

Read more about the formats here: CrossFit Games Site – Scoring and Structure.

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  • Mark L.

    From my logbook, I see Helen, 8:51 (9/29/08), 8:22 (12/30/08), 8:09 (5/14/09)… and today was supposed to be a rest day!
    Is sub-8 in here? I need to at least check. Maybe I should shave my head this afternoon to make sure I’m maximally aerodynamic.

  • Mike P.

    Seriously….Helen. JJ, you’re killing me. Do you have any idea how much self control it will take to not detour to the Shed on the way to Briones today….

    Good luck on that sub 8 Mark!

    Jesse, aren’t you a hair over 8 minutes too? You’re going to make the Navy proud and get a sub 8 today right?

  • Holly

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe JJ will do a OHS-Fran WOD for you next week after the games.

    And thank you for the Taco feast last night as well. It was fabulous:-)

  • Yvonne

    Darren you look ripped! Good luck at the Games!!! I will be yelling at you with everything I have.

    Happy Birthday Carry!!!

    Jesse, when is your last day at DCF? I so wish I could do Murph with you. I will definitely do it after the Games and be thinking of you. Good luck in all you do and be safe. DCF is losing one of its BEST!

    Happy 19th Anniversary to my husband!

  • Jesse L.

    Mike, from your post it sounds like you are taking a rest day/?? I thought I would never see the day lol. yeah, I am a bit over 8 and am going to give a sub 8 a shot, not making any promises after crushing my hand working on O-lifts, woops. Mark, our sub 8 dreams rest on you, good luck.

    Yvonne, happy anniversary!! My last day in Cali is July 11th. My flight is at 11:30, so if DCF is open Friday, then that will be my last day, if not then Thursday will be it 🙁 Thank you for your kind words it has been a pleasure getting to know everyone and feeling so accepted and connected to the DCF community. The DCFers will be one of the things I miss most about the Bay.

    If Murph can’t happen because of the games I totally understand but I do request that after the games some time you do an honorary Murph for me 🙂

  • Alan

    Happy Birthday Carry.

  • luca z.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats Craig & Yvonne

  • Mike P.

    Happy Birthday Carry!!!! Thanks Holly for exposing her b-day.

    And Congrats Craig and Yvonne!

    Jesse, I forgot about your hand…hope that’s healing up. There’s no question we’ll do a Murph for you. Make sure you leave your contact info so I can curse you afterwards…and I guess see how you’re doing. That’s no joke, we are definitely losing one of our best.

    It’s actually a hill run day for me so I’ll call it a pseudo rest day. But to my defense I took an official rest day yesterday, and it sucked…(fingers crossed that Craig takes note of this glorious moment).

    Note and/or fuel from “One World” about DCF – “Those guys, oh we’ll beat THOSE guys”. – Freddie C.

    Make of it what you will…

  • 6am.....Matt & Len

    Happy Birthday Carry!!!!!!

    Happy 19th Anniversary to Craig & Yvonne…..damn thats a long time guys congrats.

    all you DCF gamers get plenty of rest..
    Sorry we wont be able to make the games to cheer you on.

  • 6am.....Matt & Len

    Happy Birthday Carry!!!!!!

    Happy 19th Anniversary to Craig & Yvonne…..damn thats a long time guys congrats.

    all you DCF gamers get plenty of rest..
    Sorry we wont be able to make the games to cheer you on.

  • Lauren

    Happy birthday Carry!

    Hey Jesse, I’ll do Murph with you on Thursday afternoon.

  • Craig

    Hmmm. I’m really surprised Freddy made that comment without Jolie to back him up.


    Oh sh-t, Its our anniversary?

  • jordan Karnofsky

    6 am fight fit:
    matt,len,marley,rooney,hector,cabby,and myself
    95 lb. clean and jerks
    heavy bag
    ground and pound
    jump rope
    ab plank
    sledge hammers
    ring pushups

    good job yall-then we went to peets for sweet potatoes, protein shakes and fish oil also known as coffee.

    happy birthday carry!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when is briones today? 4pm? even if ur not affiliate cup material can we workout with you studs? please?

  • Mark L.

    Yvonne, I’m just going to go ahead and predict a Murph PR for you for Jesse’s going away WOD. For those of you who don’t know, Yvonne accidentally did 300 EXTRA squats in her Murph for Rhodes going away party. It didn’t get discovered until after everyone went home. 😎
    Thanks for the extra pressure, Jesse. I wish I could claim some injury that might slow me down (other than being 40).
    Happy Birthday, Carry!

  • jamie

    Happy Bday Carry! Rodil joked that since it would be your birthday he was wondering if the warm-up would to be the Filthy Fifty?

    Fit Fig Ab plank?

  • Ronnielo

    Happy Birthday Cary. Happy Anniversary to Yvoone and Craig.

  • jordan Karnofsky

    yes jamie-
    “fit fig ab plank” is also known as :
    1 minute static ab plank

    for those of y’all who dunno:
    fight fit is a 6am tue/thu workout with crossfit mixed with other good stuff
    we usually do 6 or 7 stations and every station is 1 minute of continuous work and we will do 3 or 4 rounds for a 20-25 minute workout. its awesome. set you alarm for a$$ crack early and just do it. get some gloves to hit the bag and bring some heart cuz this sh!t aint easy. thats my peace. late

  • Jeremy Jones

    4:30 at Briones for those interested in some more hill sprints.

    Carry’s Birthday! Damn, I would have posted Helen x 3.

    Happy anniversary Yvonne and Craig! May you enjoy another 50 years together.


  • Jeremy Jones

    And yes. . . There will be a Murph this week. But it will be Murph with a twist (at Jesse’s request).


  • Hylie

    Happy B-day Carry!
    Happy Anniversary Craig & Yvonne!

  • Craig

    Funny JJ.
    Happy Birthday Carry!

    The difference between Murph for Jesse vs. Murph for Rhodsie, is that we’ll have to do it with full range of motion.

  • Jesse L.

    It will be a fun Murph, thanks JJ.

    As for A sub 8 Helen, its all you Mark, I am saving mine for the first week in Maryland so I can freak everyone out and show them what DCFers are all about, and i will do it sporting my fresh new DCF gear (the new shirts are sick).

    I will be at Briones to run my a$$ off.

  • Big Dave

    Dang yet another busy day

    Happy Birthday Carry !!!

    Happy Anniv Craig and Yvonne !!!


    MURPH with a 20lb vest YEAH!!!

  • DJ Docto

    so much going on at DCF…

    I just wanted to let Mark know I’ll be there tonight…
    doing Helen, just for him hahaha
    its fight week for me, so I’m gonna do some crossfit.

    Happy Birthday Carry!
    Happy Anniversary to Craig & Yvonne and Dave & Donna!!

    see ya’ll tonight!

    ps. I’m off at 5:30pm so I’ll be sneaking in between the classes to do my Helen, Mark.

  • Mountain

    Happy 19th anniversary, Yvonne and Craig!

    Happy 19th birthday, Carry!

    Looking forward to Murph with a twist. Let me guess… the twist is 1000 squats instead of 300?

  • Tami

    CHEERS to Dave and Donna, and Yvonne and Craig.
    Have a Happy Birthday Carry!

  • Jesse L.

    where do you meet in Briones for the hill running? anyone down to meet at DCF and car pool?? Jordan??

    if anyone is interested you can just post it, or call my cell 925.997.1909 – Jesse

  • Mark L.

    I’m wondering about the twist, too. Jesse, I tried to get help with the sub-8 thing, but Mountain won’t budge (it’s his rest day)… so, I’m carbing up as we speak (good carbs).

  • Mike P.

    I can’t carpool only because I can’t guarantee I make it out of work as early as I want.

    Directions to Briones:

    From Walnut Creek, get on Hwy 24 toward Oakland.
    Take first exit “Pleasant Hill Rd”, stay to the right and take the first off ramp
    Continue past construction and Alcalanes High school (on right)
    After going past the high school, make a U turn at next light
    Turn Right into Briones Parking Lot

    Mark, I have 100% faith in a sub 8 today and best of all no one gets to steal your thunder if you’re the only one doing it. You should record your own voice yelling and play it on the speakers during your WOD, you yelling ALWAYS get my a$$ in gear! 🙂

  • Yvonne


  • Amy

    Late to the party, as usual, so many well-wishes to Carry, Miles and all the newlyweds (;-))…in keeping with my late theme, I did Sunday’s WOD, 16:01 this morning before the 9:30. Awesome programming. Burpees do make me throw up in my own mouth a little, gotta work on that.
    To all participating in the games and all those making it to support everyone: have fun, wear sunscreen, and rest next week. Mike, I expect socks to be worn.

  • Miles

    Thanks Yvonne and Amy, and happy anniversary Yvonne and Craig and birthday to Carry as well. That is so cool, I’ve never met anyone with the same b-day before!

  • Brook

    Happy Birthday to Miles and Carry Have a wonderful special day.
    Happy Anniversary to the 2 couples.

    and Craig, I hope you have something really wonderful planned to back your little jokeskie up.

  • Jesse L.

    Thanks for the directions Mike.

    Mark, by carbo loading do you mean drinking 10 beers so you can black out and go sub 6? “What happened, I was blacked out”

  • Holly

    Wow you too Miles?
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Clearly, July 7th is the day reserved for the births of the most humble fire-breathers.

    Amy, you make me laugh every time you post! Our schedules at the gym don’t seem to jive but I’m looking forward to the day I get to actually meet and talk to you in person. Until then please continue to post daily:-)

    Happy Anniversary guys!

  • Rodil

    Carry and Miles – Happy birthday!

    Craig, Yvonne, Dave, Donna – Happy anniversary!

    Hope you all enjoy your day!

  • jordan Karnofsky

    anybody want/need carpool to briones?

  • Mark L.

    Helen @ Open Gym (Sarah shouted, held my watch and counted my reps)
    8:00 GRRRRRRRRR! I rested for 1 second between reps 9 and 10 on my last round. COULDA WOULDA SHOULDA!

    BTW, on the morning WOD description, it listed the kettlebell as 1 pood. It’s 1.5 pood for men (you weren’t RX with 1 pood for any reps as a male).

  • luca z.

    Mark that was my mistake, as far as the board but the guys used 53lb k-bells, by the way nice work to today morning classes, some PRs, I remember Roniello he took 3 mins of his previous record, I’m not sure about the others, but great efforts from Paula in doing most of her pull-ups legit, same for Vickie, Shiva could have done hers minus the band, next time for sure, remember if you fly to the ceiling with the small band it’s time to go without.
    One thing I need to add, there’s a reason why we post our WOD every day, so people know what’s coming, some people don’t want to know but other do, if you have a medical reason that prevents you from doing some of the movements of the WOD or you are still tired from the previous day, but still would like to work-out we can modified it, but don’t come in telling me I don’t like pull-ups or I don’t like rowing, so I’m doing something different, it dosen’t work that way, you need to work with the class and work on your weaknesses, there’s no other way to get better, sorry about my venting, but it need to be said, on that note I hope to see you all on Thursday

  • Jesse L.

    MARK!!!!!!!!!!! 8:00 so close. This whole sub 8 thing is harder then it seems.

    P.S. 8:00 is pretty sick

  • Mike P.

    That’s still badass Mark, good work! Now it’s not a question of can or can’t, you just have to do it. I want to give it a whirl next time with you, give me someone to chase. And if at all possible throw in some scary Sarah… 🙂

  • 6am.....Matt & Len

    Big Dave & Donna have a great anniversary

    Jimmy G we missed ya @ Fight Fit…..get well soon.

  • 6am.....Matt & Len

    Big Dave & Donna have a great anniversary

    Jimmy G we missed ya @ Fight Fit…..get well soon.

  • Sarah

    Mike, Scary Sarah?!?! Geez…. Thanks! =)

  • Craig

    Wow, Luca good commentary..no cherry picking peeps. I got burned at the NorCal Regionals because I didn’t work hard enough on my weaknesses.

    Mark, I cry for you. Badass time, nonetheless.

    Blame the timekeeper.

  • Mountain

    Jesse, you made a typo. I think you meant to say, “8:00 is pretty weak.” And by weak, I mean 10 seconds faster than my PR.

    Next time I do Helen, I’m going sub 6. Of course, it’ll be Helen with a twist. The twist? No kettlebell swings!

    Anyway, I’m eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s WOD.

    Happy love day to all the birthdays & anniversaries today. Four, by my count. Apparently, 7/7 is a lucky day.

    Speaking of anniversaries, my one year anniversary with CrossFit (is that sick & wrong?) is coming up on July 27.

  • Mike P.

    Haha…Sarah you are someone who I don’t want to disappoint nor piss off! But in a complimentary way on both accounts!

  • Resan

    continue with the the nice work on the blog. Do like it! :p Could maybe use some more updates more often, but i am quite sure you got some more or better things to do like we all do. 🙂