090709 THURSDAY “Farewell to Jesse!”

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+++3pm classes will be canceled this weekend due to the games. But don’t worry, I’ll be posting workouts you can do at home so if you can’t make the morning classes you can still get a workout in! Olympic lifting class and Muay Thai is canceled this weekend as well.+++

Jesses skin is so white it is almost translucent

Tomorrow is Jesse’s last day with us (Friday)! Yet another DCFer is joining the Navy! Farewell and Fair winds Sailor.

Olympic Weightlifting Warm Up: Pressing Snatch Balance, 10 reps. Snatch Balance, 10 reps. Heaving Snatch Balance, 10 reps. Start light, add some weight if you feel comfortable, but don’t go heavy.

Workout: Team Murph (Per Jesse’s request – he wanted do ‘team’ because it would be more competitive and “fun”).

Teams of two will complete one “Murph” (by dividing the work between them)

For time.

Run 1 mile

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 squats

Run 1 mile

Use a 20lb weight vest if one is available (you’ll have to trade with your partner).

One teammate works out while the other rests. The work can be divided between each teammate as desired, but all the reps must be completed before moving on to the next exercise! That means all 100 of the pull ups must be completed before moving on to push ups, etc.

Post time to comments.


This weekend CrossFit fans from around the world will converge on the Ranch in Aromas for the CrossFit Games to watch some of the world’s most fit athletes vie for the title of Fittest Athlete in The World. Certainly, many other sports and venues can claim to have the fittest athletes, but only one contest is completely dedicated to producing the fittest athlete across broad time and modal domains: The CrossFit Games.

Now in its third year, the CrossFit Games has grown from an “anyone can enter” type venue, to a global contest of qualifying events that produced the best CrossFit athletes from around the world. If you haven’t already visitied the CrossFit Games site, then go immediately and preview the amazing athletes who qualified for this incredible event. Male athlete accomplishments incude Chris Spealler’s 106 consecutive pull-ups, Jerome Perryman’s 606lb deadlift, Bionic’s sub-2minute Fran and more! The women include Caity Matter, former pro-basketball player, with a Clean & Jerk PR of 190lbs, Cyndi Frieling with a 365lb dead lift, Gillian Mounsey with a 128lb press and 28 rounds of Cindy. These incredible people will go head to head in FIVE events on Saturday!

Diablo CrossFit’s Darren Rosten (Check out his profile by clicking here.) qualified for the Games by placing 2nd overall in arguably one of the strongest regions in on the planet. His 1st place finish in the grueling final event was one of the most exciting, hair-raising, emotional athletic feats I’ve ever witnessed.

Diablo CrossFit’s newest member, Jeffrey Leonard, will be competing in the Games as well. Jeffrey placed first overall at the NorCal Regional Event and will be competing in the FireFighter Challenge (his 1st love!) the week following the Games! Jeff is an incredibly strong athlete with fantastic Olympic lifts. Check out his profile by clicking here.

And here is a video of Jeff doing “Isabel” at DCF last week:

If you can’t come and cheer Darren & Jeffrey on, then stay tuned to the CF Games website for live updates or listen in to CF Radio for their live broadcasts from the Games. http://games2009.crossfit.com/thegames/radio-at-the-games.html

The CrossFit Games is also the site for the Affiliate Cup Challenge – awarded to the best Affiliate Team in the world. 99 Teams of 4 -6 athletes (at least two women!) will be competing on Friday and Sunday for the bragging rights to the most fit affiliate in the world. At Diablo CrossFit, with so many awesome athletes capable of participating, we held an Affiliate Team Competition to determine our participants. After 3 brutal workouts completed in two days,

Diablo CrossFit’s Awesome Affiliate Team is:

Josh Jorgensen aka “Jorgy”

Jeremy Jones aka “JJ”

Mike Penland

Yvonne Howard

“J Dizzle”

Carry Warner

J-Dizzle is literally recovering from knee surgery one week ago. Yvonne is nursing a shoulder impingement that has limited her range of motion. Both say they are up to the battle this weekend.

They have been training together now for about four weeks, attempting to prepare for whatever might come their way in Friday’s three workouts! Sunday will determine the overall champion.

Come cheer your DCF Affiliate team on Friday and hang with some cool CrossFit people from around the world. If you think our DCF community is cool – wait until you meet CrossFit people from everywhere else. The competition is amazing, the people are friendly, the athletes are unbelievable and the event is a blast.

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  • Big Dave

    To all,

    I will have a few pc’s at the games and hope to provide everyone some real time updates on how DCF people are doing.

  • jorgy

    I am battling a 103 degree fever as we speak, so lets just hope that I can get my temperature as close to normal as possible by game time. I might be useless if I cannot get it under 100 especially since I passed out at my house earlier this evening. Taking all the precautions in order to try and be ready, but what horrible timing for my body to give out.

  • Craig

    Sleep, Jorgy. Keep us posted, please. A little Tylenol and lots of water.

    Kick ass, DCF’rs!! D-Roe, Jeff, Jorgy, JJ, MikeP, Yvonne, J-Diz, Carry!

  • Mark L.

    Life here guarantees there will always be obstacles, and it’s the journey that’s important. That said, I still hope we whoop some a$$ even with all this illness and injury that’s plaguing our athletes. The stage is now set for a fantastic story, no matter the outcome!
    I’m looking forward to assisting everyone with team Murph, tonight.

  • Mike P.

    Even with any sort of illness and injury I still couldn’t have more confidence in our upcoming performance. That’s a function of the gym members as a whole and the trainers especially so I’m stoked to get this weekend started.

    I’ll be there for Murph tonight…not to do it, but to yell at Jesse which never gets old and is even better when I can do it and not have to actually back it up with doing the WOD itself!

  • DEAN

    Good luck Team DCF , Darren and Jeff. Cough up a Lung !!! Sorry I won’t be around to enjoy Murph. Heading up for the Death Ride . 130 miles 15000 ft of climbing.
    Good Luck Jesse , another crazy fast crossfiter going on to serve our country.

  • Mike P.

    I know everyone is familiar with Jesse’s firebreathing ability as a CrossFitter as well as him recently becoming a Lt. in the Navy, a sacrifice for all of us. But to top it off this sick SOB is also a Doctor of Psychology…

    In my opinion this is a clear violation of the rules in that you’re only supposed to hold “bad ass” status in one facet of life, maybe two. But to hold a monopoly on brain, brawn, and balls is just plain ridiculous! Clearly taking the CrossFit motto of “Training to not suck at life” to heart. I’ll see you at 5 but after that…just keep doing what got you to where you are today and stay in touch!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Every time you see the Duck at the gym you can thank Jesse. He is the one who rescued it from those feindish CrossFit Redding folks at the qualifiers!

    We’ll keep the gym cranking for when you visit, and for your return.

    Jorgy – you need to stay in bed until you get up to leave for the games on Friday Morning (you’ll probably need to leave your house at 6am or earlier). Sleep at home, don’t try and come out tonight. Tylenol and sleep. Keep your body hot.

    Now get off the damn computer, cell phone, etc and get some REST!


  • jordan Karnofsky

    for real dude. sleep it up. gotta rep DCF to its fullest and we need ya out there kickin names and taking A$$. hahahah. fight fit was awesome today. nancy, alan, michelle, suzie (back from a rough injury), marley and as always matt and len. this is seriously a great crew of people who frikkin LOVE crossfit.

    today we busted out 4 RNDS of:
    heavy bag
    ground n pound
    obstacle course running
    195lb tire flips
    50lb DB farmer carry
    and situps

    24 minutes of pain—-LOVE IT.

    i think ill show up with mike p just to watch people suffer thru murph.

  • Big Dave

    FYI to anyone staying at Motel 6

    Please make sure you ask for Crossfit rate when you checkin. I saved some money just by asking but you must do it at check in.

    See everyone at the hotel or the games.

  • Ronnielo

    I will not be able to attend the games as I am working all weekend. I know that Darren, Jeff and the team will do DCF and themselves proud. Jorgy get feeling better real quick.
    My workout Wednesday was 2 grandsons ages 6 and 3. Getting them ready then the San Fransisco Zoo, walking around the Warf and giving the Bushman a hard time.Pier 39 and a pee accident in the bay aquarium and yes I took a change of underwear but I left them in the truck. It was a tough workout but I got through it.
    Go Get em Darren Jeff and the team.

  • Jeremy Jones


    0800 Mandatory Affiliate Team competitor meeting
    0900 First events commence
    1500 Estimated conclusion of the events

    0700 Mandatory Individual competitor meeting
    0800 Opening Ceremonies
    0830 Event 1 commences
    2000 Estimated conclusion of the events

    0900 First Individual event commences
    1130 Estimated Affiliate Cup Final
    1600 Estimated Award Ceremonies

    So I guess you’d need to leave even earlier Jorgy (see mandatory meeting at 8am). . . But don’t worry. We can manage if you are still totally wrecked. . . Stay home, rest, and we’ll use you on Sunday! Well rested and ready to take us home for the win (like a ‘secret’ weapon).


  • Jimmy G

    Jorgy……I have you beat with a 104.3 temp, so there.
    I miss my 6am crew.

  • Amy

    My tweaked neck and shoulder won’t make room for Murph so I did Griff for Jesse today. 13:50 with a 3:23 first 800. Luca sent a De La Salle football coach out as a rabbit on my second 800, talk about stoking my competitive streak.
    Jesse, I will miss you. You are a rare blend of awesome athleticism, humility and friendliness. And I know Jeff will miss your pacing!
    Rock the socks, DCF team and Individual competitors. Make us devils working the weekend at home proud.

  • Holly

    Word has it that a mountain goat will take the win for the 7K hill run…

    To all the feverish ones, you may want to add some ibuprofen to your tylenol every six hours if you stomach can handle it. They work through different pathways and are safe together. I personally do not like taking medicine (why did I become a pharmacist?….to wear the cool white coat of course!) but when my brain is close to being cooked (107) I’ll do it.

  • Mark L.

    Holly, are you supposed to dose the IBP when you’re halfway into the Tylenol does, or does it matter? We do the phased dosing with our children when they have hot hot fevers.

  • Craig

    Gonna miss you Jesse. You’re one cool dude. I’m thrilled for our Country, who gets a damn good Sailor in their Navy.

    I did a great at-home workout this morning:

    8 x 75m sprints + 15 pushups at the end of each. (slight hill)

    Walk back to start line after each 75m sprint / push up combo.

    Headed to the Games at 2sh today.

  • Holly

    Mark it really does not matter because tylenol is taken every 4 hours and Ibu is every 6 so they always overlap.

  • Jesse L.

    Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I feel lucky to have stumbled into this place and felt so welcomed, supported, and challenged. Diablo crossfit is really all about the community for me, I am sure others have felt it as well. Thank you for all the support, from yelling at me to push harder or “get back on the bar” to just saying hi around the gym. All my interactions big and little made my experience special and one that I will never forget. As I move into this new experience I hope to make you all proud. I would love to stay in touch, so if you want my contact info please let me know.

    On another note, sorry to hear people are feeling under the wether so close to the competition. You are all really going to have to pick each other up, I know you will have a great showing, DCFers are gamers!!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    Best of luck! Thank you for serving our country. Godspeed and stay safe! I won’t be back in the bay area until tomorrow morning, I could do Murph at 4 tomorrow? Or, if you want to do a different WOD, let me know. It would be nice to see you and chase you around before you go.

    Best of luck to all those competing in the games, hopefully it all works out and everyone gets to 100%

  • Mountain

    Man, it’s strange to think of all the amazing athletes that have left DCF. It’s an all-star team by itself.

    Jesse, you’re awesome. Keep your Facebook page up to date, because I’m pretty useless with any other form of communication. Congratulations and good luck with everything. I expect you to visit once in a while & crush WODs when you do.

  • jamie

    JESSE- we were so lucky to have been able to try to keep up with you. Best of wishes.

    Team THERAPY (retail & physical, aka Paula & Jamie) finished Team Murph in 39:30!!! And all REAL pull-ups – WAHOO!

  • Sarah T

    I don’t think I can make it into the gym today. Yesterday was my third day in a row and my hips are killing me. Probably should have added 5 more pounds to the bar yesterday…oh well! Wish I could do Murph-it looks like a “fun” one and I love teamwork! As they say: Teamwork makes the dream work! 🙂

  • Sarah T

    I don’t think I can make it into the gym today. Yesterday was my third day in a row and my hips are killing me. Probably should have added 5 more pounds to the bar yesterday so I didn’t have to do 12 +9…oh well! Wish I could do Murph-it looks like a “fun” one and I love teamwork! As they say: Teamwork makes the dream work! 🙂

  • lucaz.

    Anything to help you push through Amy 😉
    Great job Y’ALL to both classes, Murph is a hard one, as much on your body as on your mind, it’s very challenging from a mental point to face it and do it, the team version does help, you’re still working your butts off but with the rest periods and your team mate pushing you, it’s not as bad, kudos to Jenny P. and Zack for doing it on their own 1/2 Murph, nice ( two different classes)
    God speed to you Jesse I hope to see you next time you will come back to the Bay Area take care and you’ll be missed at the gym

  • Prashant

    Jesse – Good luck to you bud! It was fun working out with you, few times that we did. Take care and be safe.

  • Rodil

    Video demo is up for the 2nd event on Saturday. It’s the second video under the
    “More Event 1 Run Information” post.

    2nd event is a deadlift ladder starting at 315 lbs (men’s weight). Sounds like this starts 90 minutes after the start of the 7.1 km run. Athletes will start in reverse order of when they finished the run. So the 1st place finisher in the run will be the last person to start the 2nd event.

    The athlete has 20 seconds to complete 1 rep, then 10 seconds to setup at the next bar. The weights go up 10 lbs each time. The WOD continues until the athlete fails to get a rep in 20 seconds. The event is capped at 10 minutes, at which point the athlete has completed 20 deadlifts starting at 315 lbs and finishing at 515(!) lbs

  • Mike Erickson

    Walked by the old shed today. The “Diablo Crossfit” sign’s still painted on the door along with the “We’ve moved” fliers. I resisted the sudden impulse to do burpees.

    Good luck and have fun at the games everyone.

  • Long lost super Shannon

    JJ- an interesting article I ran across for my pharmacotherapeutics class. Although it’s not a primary source of clinical research- It’d be a good one to pass along to paleo newbies because it describes the diet:

    O’Keefe, J.H & Cordain, L. (2003). Cardiovascular Disease Resulting From a Diet and Lifestyle at Odds With Our Paleolithic Gemone: How to Become a 21st-Century Hunter-Gatherer. Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 27, pp. 101-108.

    I know you can get a free copy on PubMed… if not the Mayo Clinic website.

  • Long lost super Shannon

    JJ- sorry, vol 79… not 27. I still have blond typo-moments 😉

  • 6am..matt

    You are a Beast…. Its been fun to work out with you at 6am
    Thanks for serving our country
    we all cant thank you enough.

  • Big Dave


    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for going to serve our country. Donna and I are really glad we got to know you and hope you come back and visit sometime on your return home.

    Hopefully I (will or can) pass you for once running on your visit back at DCF.

  • Jasmine

    Good luck to our team, Jeffrey and of course our favorite uncle D! Go get um you guys but most important …. Have fun! We will be cheering you on from home and work this time, but can’t wait to hear about the blood, sweat and good laughs!

    Jesse, many blessings to you on your journey. We look coward to hearing from you!


  • Jesse L.

    I am blown away by all the nice things everyone is saying. Thank you so much, I loved my time at DCF and it was because of all of you!! don’t be surprised to see me posting on the site while I am doing my thing over in Maryland.

    Good luck at the games!! I am pumped for you guys and gals.

    P.S. I want up dates so I don’t feel so left out 925.997.1909 or mentalgame@gmail.com

  • Nick

    I had the pleasure of doing the wad with Jesse himself. Always an awesome motivator.
    You are an inspiration my friend. Good luck to you. See you again soon