+++CLOSED SUNDAY (no class at 10am or 3pm due to the games!)+++

+++3pm classes will be canceled this weekend due to the games. But don’t worry, I’ll be posting workouts you can do at home so if you can’t make the morning classes you can still get a workout in! Olympic lifting class and Muay Thai is canceled this weekend as well.+++


Diablo CrossFit Games 2009 Affiliate Cup Results:

Overhead squat pull up workout place: 31, Score: (840)

Hill Relay Run place: 30, Time: (0:12:28.400000)

Stadium Metcon place: 11, Time: (0:18:00.300000)

Overall Place: 16th out of 97 teams (2nd place for the Bay Area!)

(Not bad considering J dizzle’s knee surgery two weeks ago, Yvonne’s need for shoulder surgery and Jorgy’s 103 temperature yesterday).


4 rounds for time.

Run 400m

50 air squats

Post time to comments.


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  • Andrew

    Is Chico even considered Bay Area?? I say we got first in the Bay! Great job, team! I’ll see you all tomorrow to cheer on D-roe…..

  • megan (andrew's gf)

    hey DCF, you guys kicked ass, congrats! it was great competing with you in the same heats

    gluck darren!

  • Craig

    And if they counted Jorgy’s legit o/h squat of 225 we were top 10!! JJ, Mike P, Jorgy, Yvonne, Carry and J-Dizzle were unbelievable amid some amazing athletes. The wall ball target looked like 12ft tall. Great times.

  • Jesse L.

    16th is no small feat, way to go. Does that mean I have to go from a gym that is 16th overall in the world, to a gym with one trainer who has a level II cert? lol I think DCF has more athletes with certs than most ofther gyms. A testament to the Badassness of the athletes at DCF, cheers!! Now keep enjoying your time at the games, I wish I could be there to support Darren and Jeff, but I will have to send my good vibes from the road.

  • Jasmine

    Great little class today! Running 400’s were so much fun after squats! Ooowwww….
    Our guys, Ron C. and Zak were pushing hard today with both under 14 minutes and Aaron gave us a glimpse of Fran. The girls held their own too! Great job Diana and Melissa for pushing further than you thought you could go!

    We are thinking of all of you at the Games and looking forward to hearing and seeing all the fun through your pictures and stories. Go get um’ D!

    See you all Monday,