090712 SUNDAY

GYM CLOSED TODAY for CrossFit Games!


Which team do you think stood out the most at the Affiliate Cup?

Workout (at home because we are closed today!):

150 burpees for time.

Post time to comments.

Be sure to pace yourself and try breaking up the burpees from the beginning (sets of 10 or even 5).

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  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Congrats to all our DCF competitors at the games. I followed via Twitter from work, it sounded very challenging, great job making it through those brutal WOD’s. Hopefully everyone comes out healthy!

  • Craig

    Saturdayy’s events were nothing short of the most grueling fitness test ever. The last workout was almost absurd – 3rnds of 30 wall balls and full squat snatches?? Many guys and girls could not finish under 20 mins. Several girls were too gassed to hit the wall ball target and were dq’d! Speal let every wallball hit the ground. Guys and girls dropped like flys – and these are the best of the best!

    Meanwhile, GameDay Darren slaughtered the workout in his heat and vitually tied with JoshEverett and beat many top names. As guys in later heats suffered, DRoe moved up in the standings. His effort (after being brutally sick for 2 weeks prior!) was inspirational. How does he dig deep like that on game day? Even more amazing, after the events yeaterday he was running all over the site cheering others on and drinking beer. Watch out for a healthy Darren next year!!

    Jeff made the top 16 and competes today! He literally could not walk after the snatch & wallball wod. He crushed the stake pounding wod as he said it was a workout almost made for him! He is a beast and the DCF crew has adopted him with our “JEFF,JEFF,JEFF” cheering evry workout.

    Jason Kahlipa was incredible. I watched him collapse on the run a lay on the ground for a full minute before getting up and literally stagger the last mile to finish in the back of the pack! He returns to the arena 45 minutes later to deadlift 500lbs then crush the sandbag & stake wods. He topped those workouts with a 1st frikkin place in the snatch workout!! I literally thought he might withdraw when I saw him hobbling and choking up water on the run.

    This event is proving to be the contest it promised: to showcase the fittest athletes on the planet.

  • luca z.

    Congratulation Darren, you might not be competing today but you showed all how big your heart is, great inspiring performance yesterday, Jeff good luck today, you’re a true DCFer.
    Also congrats to D.J. in winning his second fight yesterday, he fought in Sacramento, Dustin was his corner man, he fought an MMA trainer, who also went a d train in Thailand, he was no match for D.J., too strong and powerful even for him.

  • Mike Erickson

    twitter “crossfit305” great updates w/ pics!

  • Ronnielo

    Great Job D-Roe! Keep on going Jeff and congrats D.J. on winning your fight!

  • Tami

    Congrats to the DCF affiliate team and Darren for their outstanding performance at the CrossFit Games. Watching Yvonne, Julie, Carry, Jorgy, Mike, JJ and Darren compete was amazing.
    And Julie pounding out the deadlifts was crazee, I hope someone got a shot of that.