090713 MONDAY “Darren Rosten – 39th fittest man on the planet!”


Darren Rosten – 39th fittest man on the planet.



3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Beginners work muscle snatch. More experienced lifters can try power snatches or squat snatches. Letting go of the bar before completing 3 reps counts as a failed set.

Post loads to comments.

Bonus mini metcon to follow.


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  • Nick

    Amazing weekend. Performances were epic. I am a little sunburnt and dusty.
    Already looking forward to next year.

  • Prashant

    I second that. It was awesome hanging out with everyone, and watching all the DCF’rs compete. Darren did awesome, as did the affiliate team.

    Sucks to say, but this will be mine and Shilpa’s last week here in CA, and DCF. We are moving back to the great state of Texas. We are really going to miss all of you guys, and this weekend was a perfect example of the community we are going to struggle to find anywhere else. I have been coming to DCF for 6 months now, from not being able to do a single pull up to being able to do 5 dead hangs, and finally being able to string together kips. Shilpa did 3 kipping pull ups on Thursday and was totally STOKED! Thanks to all the trainers and to all the people we worked out with for the support and encouragement. It will be a sad day for us when we leave this community behind.

    Our last work out will probably be Thursday.

  • Mark L.

    I run the show, Thursday. I’ll be sure to have something special planned. 😎
    I had a great weekend. Debbie really missed you all. It was to be her Crossfit debut! Unfortunately, virus/bacteria prevailed, and she spent a good chunk of the day in bed.
    I had a great time deepening relationships and building memories with you all.
    Considering the increase in scale YOY, next year is going to be INSANE!
    Nick, remember that skydiver guy?

  • Jeff B

    Prashant – Please let me (us) know what time you will be working out on Thursday. I would like to join you during your last workout if not sooner. Your friendly face and great spirit is going to be missed.

  • jimmy G

    It was nice to be back to 6am after a week in bed..still only feel at about 70% though.

    Great snach form from everyone. Michelle, Marnie, Debbie, Eleni, and we all know about Nancy’s…lol
    Big Kevin, Josh.B , Cabby and Mate 6am were throwing weight around.
    We welcomed back 100mile Suzie as well. Its always nice to have her around.

  • ChrisW

    AWESOME work Darren!

  • Hylie

    Congrats to Darren and Team DCF for an amazing display of tenacity! Although I could only be there for Friday’s event I am in awe of the determination and grit the athletes displayed to complete each work out. All I can say is WOW!!!
    DCF Rocks!!!!!!!!

  • Mark L.

    Chris! How did YOUR meet go?

  • Darren

    Happy Birth Day to my wifey Meg. 30 years old and still kickin’ We are headed up to Napa for next couple of days. So train hard and lets get ready for CF games 2010.

  • Craig

    Great pic today. D was able to really full swing the hammer as the spike buried – but the last 2 feet of spike had the crowd and his judge shouting “whoa!!” when he took a huge arching swing, hit the spike and it lterally shot into the ground and disappeared. No one else duplicated that.

    Awesome event this weekend. Thanks to all the DCF peeps who rallied, cheered and partied in support of fellow DCF’rs and all the athletes. It was a blast.

    Yvonne and I rolled out of there at 7:20PM on Sunday while the majority of the crowd was still there watching the awards!

  • ChrisW

    Mark, I lifted in the 85 kg Class,here are my results from the meet: FYI 1kg=2.2 lbs

    BDW: 83.5kg


    S: 1)96kg 2)100kg(PR!) 3)103kg-miss
    C/J: 1)128kg 2)133kg(PR!) 3)138kg- missed the jerk
    Total: 233kg(PR!)

    I’m knocking on the door of a 300lb Clean and jerk in competition which has been a long time goal! The next meet is in a month, we’ll see if I can get it then.

  • Mountain

    Great job, Chris. If I did the math correctly, you did a 300+ pound clean. Buh-damn!

    Great job by all the DCF heroes– Jeff, D-Roe, Carry, Julie, Yvonne, Jeremy, Jorgy, and Mike. Phenomenal individual performances and best in the Bay Area by the team. And Adam’s antics were pretty remarkable, too.

    Did 3×95, 3×115, and 3×135 overhead squats. I tore my left cheek on Thursday, and don’t trust it yet. Afterward, got 49 consecutive pullups. Just 57 more & I’ll catch Speal.

  • ChrisW

    I was close , but no cigar. I was unsucessful on my 3rd attempts in both the S, C/J.

    My 2nd attempt C/J was 133kg=292.6lbs

  • jamie

    Jeff & Darren- Well done- you inspired us all!
    Team DCF- JJ, Mike, JD, Carrie, Yvonne & Jorge- Awesome!

    It was so much fun DCFers! Thank you so much for attending, supporting your team and being such an awesome crowd to hang with!…Prashant, Shilpa, Stephanie, Bill, Nick, Paula, Carrie, Jeremy, Lauren, Adam, Laci, Jordan, Craig, Dave, Donna, Rodil, Meg, Holly, Mountain, Mark, Luca, Vickie, AJ, Tami, & Tristin….I can’t wait for next year (with more sunscreen).

    P.S. Our littlest powerlifter (Jax) is starting to walk. He also enjoyed bathtime with Diablo Duck last night!

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    930 class- good to see everyone working hard on snatch form. we did an AMRAP after….15 mins of hell. Stav with 11 rnds, Brppk with 9, Diana with 7! Great work!!

    1030 class- Hector and Johnny have GREAT snatches! Nice, guys!! As for the AMRAP, Kathy got 8 rnds+5 pullups, Jenny??

  • Big Dave

    Incase anyone wants to know the events for individuals

    Here they are:

    Event 1 – The Run
    The first event is a 7.1km run through varied terrain including both asphalt and extremely steep hills off trail. The athlete’s time will be electronically determined by a chip given to the athlete prior to the race.

    Event 2 – The Deadlift
    Heaviest successful deadlift completed lifting one rep every 30sec. Each competitor will begin at the first barbell, which weighs 315lbs for men and 185lbs for women. Dropping is permitted. The athlete then has 10sec plus any portion of the 20sec remaining to set up at the next bar, which is 10lbs heavier than the previous (so the second bar weighs 325/195). Athletes continue moving to progressively heavier bars until they fail. The athletes are ranked according to the heaviest successful weight lifted before failing.

    Event 3 – The Sandbag Hill Sprint
    The men will pick up two 35lb sandbags (loosely packed) and sprint approximately 170m uphill. The sandbags begin flat on the ground. The sprint is steep in places, with approximately 100′ in elevation gain over the 170m course. Women carry one 35lb sandbag for the same course.

    Event 4 – Row / Hammer Stake
    Row 500m
    Hammer a 4′ metal stake into specially prepared, evenly compacted ground (women use a 3′ stake)
    Row 500m

    Event 5 – Couplet
    Three rounds of 30 wall-ball shots and 30 squat snatches.

    Event 6 – Snatch – 1 rep Max

    Event 7 – Triplet – as many rounds as possible in eight minutes of four handstand push-ups on paralletes, eight kettlebell swings (1.5/2 pood) and 12 GHD sit-ups.

    Event 8 – Chipper
    15 barbells cleans (155 lb.)
    30 toes to bar
    30 box jumps (24 inches)
    15 muscle-ups
    30 push presses (40)
    30 double-unders
    15 thrusters (135)
    30 pull-ups
    30 burpees
    Overhead walking lunges (45)

  • Ronnielo

    Congrats D-Roe, Jeffery and DCF affiliate team. Truly inspirational efforts. I stayed up with what was going on at the games as best I could on the web.. And not to take anything from the awesome efforts of the participating athletes. But the DCF community that attended and supported DCF reminded me how blessed I am to be a part of DCF. Congrats to all!

  • Mark L.

    Oh crap, Jamie. Did you just say Jax was going to be a POWERlifter? I’ll be sure to forward you the name of my shoulder surgeon (he did great work on me).
    Jordan, Scott S. and Kate A. came down with me, and Lena also rode back with me. It was so intense, everyone passed out on the drive back (except me, of course). Snatch was a good call for today’s WOD.
    Awesome lifts, Chris! You PR’d at just the right time in everything!

  • Miles

    Did Darren get to keep those cool Kareem Abdul Jabbar sport goggles?

  • Amy

    Happy birthday Meg, be careful in Napa, I hear they make babies up there…
    Worked the squat snatch today, kept falling forward and dropping the bar on my shins or falling back onto my but like Imeanttodothat until Luca gave me the right correction, hip extension, duh, what else does one ever do around here?
    160 single rep backsquat, and I know I said a bad word out loud coming out of the hole.
    And it must be said, I witnessed Brook do a dead-hang pull-up.
    I need to take a nap.

  • Craig

    By the way…. don’t want to rant or anything, but this picture reminds of the rowing that preceded and followed the stake hammering:

    Darren rowed the SLOWEST stroke rate in his heat, with long, even strokes and stepped off the rower before any other competitor in his heat. Other DCF’rs will agree: there was some sloppy, inefficient rowing at the Games.

    Newsflash: Concept 2 stopped by our tent and said we may be wasting unnecessary energy on high settings (especially Level 10)! She advised settings in the 4-7 range for everyone. We’ll have to look into this.

  • Amy

    Butt, I mean Butt.
    And, Jax, congrats on the stroll. Tomorrow he will be doing double unders.

  • Big Dave


    I agree on the settings for the rowers. They should be set between 4 – 7 range like I saw at the games.

  • Carry

    Happy Birthday Meg!! You’re still just a kid 🙂 So fun hangin with you and your super hero husband this weekend. Thanks again for sharing your sun screen & have fun in Napa….

  • Yvonne

    Congrats to Darren and Jeff!!! You made me so proud to be a part of DCF!

    Prashant & Shilpa, no can do! You two will be so missed. Prashant, you are no longer “The Procrastinator”. Will plan on coming Thursday, hopefully a pullup WOD for both of you.

    Jasmine, Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Meg-ster, Happy 30th Birthday!!! I hope Darren meant “still kickin” his butt!

    Chris W, you are a STUD!!! Nice PR’s!!! DCF Team, next year?

  • Carry

    Nice work Chris….So that’s why we’ve been seeing a lot more of you. Hmmmm now if we could just get you to do a WOD!

  • Brook

    Happy Birthday Meg!! Have a wonderful day!!! I am a firm believer in getting SUPER spoiled on your birthday, and your 30th well that deserves a few days. Enjoy napa and don’t be afraid to use the “it’s my Birthday” card the whole trip.

  • Holly

    Happy Birthday Sweet/Strong Meg! Have a fabulous day with the 39th fittest man in the world!

    Congrats on your pullup PR Mountain….49??? That’s Hot!

    Prashant and Shilpa, you both will be greatly missed. I feel as though our bond grew even stronger after listening to the N/B/P/C song next to you guys at the games…lmao

    To all the DCF competitors-you guys ROCK and am so proud to hang with y’all.

    One very important THANK YOU that must be said is to Craig and Yvonne for missing hours of the games in order to BBQ our food. Without you two we would have starved. Thanks again for taking such great care of us!!!

  • Prashant

    Indeed Holly, when ever I listen to that inspirational song, I will be reminded of you 🙂

    On Thursday I am pretty sure we will be coming in at 7pm, what other time is there?!? 🙂 I know people may not be able to make it out at that time, but if you could it would be appreciated. I would like to see everyone before we leave.

    Chris – I don’t think we have met but your numbers are SICK!!! 293# C&J is just ridiculous!

    And happy birthday Meg!

    And that brings the exclamation mark count to 7.

  • Yvonne

    OK, Mountain, I know 49 is a lot but I am so use to seeing, Mountain, pull up, challenge, numbers up to 100 in one sentence with you that I forget to give you credit. You are the everyday man of pull ups!!!

    Craig and I will cook anyone’s meat anytime!!! Next year we will bring a cow and at least one keg to wash it all down.

  • Mike P.

    Prashant/Shilpa, That’s a bummer to hear you guys are leaving especially after a fun weekend at the games getting to know you two better. I’m out of town on Thursday but if I can make it to a 7pm class before then I will.

    Happy Birthday Meg!! That’s gonna be one hell of a power couple cruising the streets of Napa this weekend, enjoy it both of you!

    Hanging out with everyone at the games was a blast. I was wondering how they were going to put the games together to truly be able to call the winners the fittest man/woman on earth and it didn’t disappoint. Now I know they didn’t just mean physically fittest, they meant mentally too. D-Roe was incredible to watch and his ability to keep his head about him is unreal. Whether in the middle of a WOD or back at the tent you would have no idea he was in the middle of a lovely Saturday of physical misery.

    Huge thanks to JJ and Craig for getting there hours early to set things up and organizing this weekend as a whole. It was a great experience, one I won’t be missing in the future. I think my dogs had a similarly great experience. Props to Big Dave for serious DCF exposure with the timers around the ranch, and selling a ton of them too.

  • Scott S.


    Kate and I are also indebted to you for (among 100 other things) taking care of cooking our meat. All I had heard about all week was how difficult it was to cook grass-fed beef but you guys nailed it! It was perfectly delicious. Thank you so much.

    Also, Craig, I think you missed your calling as a male cheerleader. Watching you cheer on everyone (DCF crew and otherwise) was inspirational. Every time you screamed, you could their eyes light-up and that extra few reps burst out. Awesome!


    You have been our benchmark from the beginning and I’ve loved chasing your scores. As much as I wish we could convince you to stay at DCF – I wish you luck in the great state!

  • Amy

    Speaking of cow, I just put a deposit on a grass-fed steer from Alhambra Valley Ranch. Anyone want a share? details: Local ranching family, meat is hung to age after butchering (this is ideal practice in developing flavor), cost is $5.25/lb (5.99/lb usually if you buy small cuts at the Farmer’s Market).
    I have a LOT OF BEEF available come Aug 1. About 320#. I’d prefer to partition the shares as quarters, so I have three quarters up for grabs (that’s about 80# of meat/share, approx $420/share). The cuts are packaged in small servings.
    Buy a steak from them at the Martinez or Pleasant Hill Farmer’s Market and see if you like their product, let me know if you are interested.

  • Mike P.

    I can’t believe I forgot to mention it but this was the first time I got to actually hang out with Julie…Julie you are f-ing awesome…period! And if anyone has video or at least a picture of Julie blasting though 30 DL’s non-stop with a busted knee please post it! Tristin was still talking about that last night and for good reason.

  • Carry

    Mike….Julie’s deadlifts alone were worth the trip out there.

  • Mike P.


  • Rodil

    Happy Birthday Strong Meg!

  • Lauren

    I’m getting weepy with all the love flowing here. It was the greatest weekend ever – no doubt about it. Thanks to everyone for cooking/planning/inspiring/entertaining me (I’m talking about your dancing Adam).

    Happy Birthday Meg.

  • g

    Happy (belated) Bday Meg!!! Have a wonderful time in Napa — something is definitely in the wine/water there… be careful both of you will come back stronger, faster (so that humanly possible?)… AND…?!? *haa*

    Congratulations to the whole DCF team and D-Roe, 39th strongest Xfitter in the WORLD!!!!!