090714 TUESDAY


Jeff Leonard – 15th fittest man on the planet (and occasional DCFer).

Olympic weightlifting warm up: Power clean to front squat, 10 reps, 3 sets. Keep it light and add weight each set if you feel comfortable. Catch the power clean in a partial squat, pause, then go down to full squat (don’t stand all the way up after the power clean, then go down into squat). Make sure to warm up and stretch out your wrists.

Workout: For time.

1000m Row

21 Ring Dips

500m Row

15 Ring Dips

250m Row

9 Ring Dips

Post time to comments.


Article: “Sporting News” Covers the 2009 CrossFit Games.


Article: Elevated insulin linked to increased breast cancer risk.

“. . .After dividing the participants into three groups based on their insulin levels, the researchers found that women in the upper third for insulin level were more than twice as likely to develop breast cancer compared with women in bottom third for insulin level. The association between insulin level and breast cancer risk was even stronger for those women who had not received treatment in the clinical trial (i.e., the placebo participants) or were in the observational component: women in the upper third for insulin level had a more than three-fold increased risk for breast cancer compared with those in the bottom third.

Notably, the link between elevated insulin level and breast cancer was strongest among lean women and weakest among obese women (who, in general, have higher insulin levels compared with lean women). “This finding is potentially important because it indicates that, in postmenopausal women, insulin may be a risk factor for breast cancer that is independent of obesity,” . . .”

Click here for complete article.


This Thursday Night!


JJ will be cornering James Erickson at the Pure Pankration Fights. Tickets are $20, talk to JJ (we might even be able to get you a deal).

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  • Sc

    This workout looks hard. My first real row workout.

    Somehow, after 45 days of crossfit, I’ve gained 6 pounds. Go figure. Maybe the rowing will lean me up.

  • Scott S.

    Oops, “Sc” = “Scott S”

  • Jeremy Jones

    Yeah Scott, you’ve been loosing fat and gaining muscle. Good news for most guys. If you have gained 6 lbs, you have probably put on 10 lbs of muscle, and lost 4lbs of fat (maybe even more).

    Personally, I gained almost 20 lbs my first 3 months of CrossFit. I was already pretty lean and doing a lot of bodyweight stuff. When I started doing the high intensity stuff with heavier weights, I bulked up considerably. No change in diet.


  • Julie

    Little Muscle girl AMY…I WANT DA BEEF!!!! Can I take the rest of that cow off your hands…ie. I would like (3) 1/4 portions of da beef!!! Not just for me of course…there are 3 other people..hahahaha…please call me at (925)330-2209 or hit me up at bayareakid@hotmail.com
    Sounds like you are getting SICK strong…go girl go!!

  • Mark L.

    Scott, I actually did bodyfat testing when I first started Crossfit, which was after an intense fasting/anabolic diet type phase. Early on, I was still restricting calories, and I managed to lose a couple pounds of fat, and gain a pound or so of muscle. Once I started eating like a normal human being (around 3,000 cals a day), I gained 1 pound of fat back, and I gained over 10 pounds of muscle over the course of the next couple months.
    My advice is to try and eat paleo and focus on WOD performance for now. With that as your goal, you will definitely lean out. While eating PB&J might be good as a pre-WOD meal for performance, it’s not going to be so good for body composition.
    To see where I’ve been, click here (believe it or not, this was taken AFTER some significant weightloss in late 2007):


  • Adam

    Wow Mark – you’ve aged quite a bit since 2007. Do you still get to wear booties on your hands? And where do I find one piece PJ’s for adults?

  • Adam

    Mark, I don’t believe that is you in the picture…

    This is the same guy that told me at the games, “I want a pair of the DCF shorts but they don’t come in size 28.”

    reMARKable job!

  • Amy

    Annie again today, 10:50 ish WHEN IS THE TIMER COMING BACK? I took Stav’s advice and went w/ unweighted sit-ups and gained a minute, darn, but my jump rope mojo has been stolen by Dr. Evil, too. Not that I ever had Big Mojo to begin with.
    Then presses. I think I have a mental block on them from KO’ing myself last week, couldn’t get past 75#.
    Why is Luca awesome? Because he holds crying babies during the WODS!

  • luca z.

    Good classes today, not a technical WOD but a fun and challenging one, it’s kind of hard to do ringdips as you trying to breath after a 1000m rowing, t henew rowers are great by the way, thank s Dave) just be happy you did it in the early morning hours, it’s going to be HOT today,
    the highlights of the day:
    Jeff coming in to do some rowing and light stretches, he’s got another competition this W.E., the man’s a force of nature,
    witnessing Martin Power Snatch 295lb, like it was nothing, I want to be like them when I grow up.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Wow Big Dave. Thanks for posting that. . . OH WAIT, it was already posted above right below the workout!

    It is great to know that people read my posts thoroughly. Even better that NOBODY else mentioned it.


  • Mountain

    Dude, JJ, nice article. Good to see us getting some “mainstream” coverage.

    I was driving to The Shed Monday morning, listening to sports talk radio, and they mentioned they were going to talk about the big events of the weekend. Upon hearing that, my first thought was: “Awesome! They’re gonna talk about The CrossFit Games, and probably UFC 100, too.” During the commercial break, as the coffee began to kick in, I realized that of course they weren’t going to talk about The Games– but how cool would it be if they did? Thoughtful commentary on the darkhorse from Finland, Khalipa’s impressive comeback after getting crushed by the run, Annie’s impressive showing before running into muscle ups on the final event… that kind of stuff.

    Anyway, I don’t think CrossFit will ever be as big as football or baseball, and I’m not sure I’d want it to be, but it is really exciting to watch it grow.

  • Lauren

    I read/watch the stuff we guys post. I really enjoyed watching the drunk monkeys the other day.

    I lost my navel ring the other day during Monday’s WOD. It’s blue. Please be on the lookout for it. My belly button looks really weird without it.

  • Mark L.

    Lauren… that might be the best post (about the navel ring), let’s see… EVER! 😉

  • Mountain

    No, Mark… Jordan had the best post ever.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    I think I saw Mark wearing it.

  • Nasbil

    Congrats Team DCF for an AWESOME showing at the games!

    Sorry I missed you on Friday, I had two guys unable to make it so I ended up competing in all the events.

    Also major props to Darren for his performance!

  • Jeremy Jones

    No Mark, if Lauren were to mention that she lost it during the Snatch workout, it would have been the best post EVER.


  • Jeremy Jones

    “Nasbil” That is a new nickname!

    Too bad we missed each other Nabil. Don’t be a stranger!


  • Jeff B

    Check out these Burpees. Nevermind the 80’s style video game audio.

  • Amy

    I have to side with Lauren. That is ridiculously funny to me; I spit on my computer.

    Lauren- I’ll keep my eye out for it since I seem to be laying on the floor in various states of pain all the time lately.

  • Dorene Mort

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