090715 WEDNESDAY “Grace”

Darren rocks the jumbotron

Darren makes the ‘Jumbotron’ shine.

Olympic weightlifting warm up: Push Jerks (aka “Power Jerks”), 3 sets of 10. Add weight each round if you feel comfortable. Take the weight out of the racks if you wish. Get coordinated, but don’t burn out. You’ll probably want to use jerks for the workout.

Workout: “Grace”

30 Clean and Jerks (really just from the ground to overhead).

135 is “Rx’ed”, but use 95 pounds, 65 pounds or broomstick as needed to maintain good form.

Post time to comments.

Remember that your time can only be posted on the DCF Leaderboard if your performance is witnessed by a DCF trainer and/or counted by a third party.


Article: “Obesity linked to child of same sex as parent”

“A study of 226 families by Plymouth’s Peninsula Medical School found obese mothers were 10 times more likely to have obese daughters.

For fathers and sons, there was a six-fold rise. But in both cases children of the opposite sex were not affected.

The researchers believe the link is behavioural rather than genetic. . .

They found that 41% of the eight-year-old daughters of obese mothers were obese, compared to 4% of girls with normal-weight mothers. There was no difference in the proportion for boys.

For boys, 18% of the group with obese fathers were also obese, compared to just 3% for those with normal-weight fathers. Again, there was no difference in the proportion for girls. . .”

Click here for complete article.


Upcoming Events!

Rowing Clinic, with Concept II – Saturday July 25th at 11am.

The 3 hour session will be $75 for Diablo CrossFitters and $85 for Non DCFers. Performed by “Concept 2” (the manufactures of the rowing machines), this seminar will cover the basices of the rower, rowing technique, settings for the feet and the damper, as well as how to use the monitor to maximize your rowing efficiency. Email Jeremy at jeremy@diablocrossfit.com if you are interested. Space is limited, so you will need to pay in advance to reserve your spot. DON’T WAIT! This is only a week from this Saturday!

Olympic Weightlifting Clinic – Saturday August 1st at 11am.

We will be hosting a 2-hour clinic that will focus on the Olympic lift, the Clean (also $75 per current member, or $85 for non members). The clinic will be conducted by USA Weightlifting Club Coach Angela Lim who has been weightlifting for the past eight years and has trained under the coaching of Olympic Coach Jim Schmitz. In this intensive clinic, we will focus on improving the efficiency of the student’s lift. We will videotape and critique each participant’s lift as well as discuss techniques and exercises to enhance Olympic lifting. Each participant will leave with a one or two day program to reinforce and work on the techniques that were reviewed. The Clinic is open to anyone who is a member of Diablo Crossfit and has a basic understanding of the clean, but wants to focus on technique and increase power. The Clinic is limited to only 7 participants to ensure personal attention and feedback. To sign up, contact Jeremy at jeremy@diablocrossfit.com. Payment must be made in advance to ensure a spot in the clinic.

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  • 6am....Matt

    J.J. Im in for the rowing clinic on the 25th

  • Mike P.

    Damn it Adam beat me last night!?! Alright Adam, rematch but this time minimum 8 beers…CF Games style!

    Will anyone be at the shed at 4pm today for Grace? What’s the mark to get on the DCF Leaderboard?

  • CraigH

    5,6 & 7 had some great rowing – our peeps pay attention! Darren epitomized the benefit of a solid row stroke at the Games – and it paid off huge for him. Our folks rowed some great times – and didn’t get clobbered – especially our new folks, Robert T, Kate A!

    Adam has ring dips! He crushed the wod last night doing 5-10 ring dips in a row with little rest.

    Great Games pics on Flicker and on Scott & Andrews Picassa links.

    I may do Grace at 4, Mike.

  • Scott S.

    That weightlifting class looks awesome but we are going to be in *&^$%*&%^ for Kate’s Birthday that weekend. Next time though, count me in. I’ll have to do with Rip’s virtual lessons for now.

  • jordan Karnofsky

    6 am killed grace this morning with a crew of 13!!
    We have a leaderboard entry!!!
    To get on the Leaderboard for this WOD, you need to go Rx (135/95) and get a sub 4 minute time.
    Tyler registered a 3:42 as Rx at 0600… SAVAGE.

    if anybody wants to get on the big board and have their name immortalized as DCF Elite, come in and do grace….she’s begging you…

  • jkarno

    6 am killed grace this morning with a crew of 13!!
    We have a leaderboard entry!!!
    To get on the Leaderboard for this WOD, you need to go Rx (135/95) and get a sub 4 minute time.
    Tyler registered a 3:42 as Rx at 0600… SAVAGE.

    if anybody wants to get on the big board and have their name immortalized as DCF Elite, come in and do grace….she’s begging you…

  • Holly

    Anyone looking to rent a two bedroom home in Martinez?

    http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/apa/1271079658.html (apts/housing for rent)

  • Mike P.

    Craig, I shouldn’t have a problem making it in right around 4 so if you’re there let’s get after it. And despite what I’m sure is a Grace around 2 minutes for you, I’ll put a 6 pack of cider on a victory…Karno, are you getting a piece of Grace today…maybe around 4???

  • jorgy

    Mike, I get off work at 4 so if you wait 15 mins for me to get to the SHED I will do Grace with you. I need a nice PR

  • Big Dave

    0500 Class

    No one showed up this morning so I did the workout. Made good progress on two items.

    1. Did RX instead of 95lbs last time I did this workout

    2. Cut my time down 4 mins

    Overall I am a MACHINE working on progress!!!

    Very happy about it too.

  • Mike P.

    Good work Dave! Cutting 4 minutes while moving up to Rx is a huge improvement.

    Jorgy, that sounds good I might not be there right at 4 anyway.

  • Scott S.

    And humble 🙂

  • Karny

    4 o clock. Dcf. 135 Lbs. Rx. Pr’s. B there. Do it……..do it

  • Amy

    Beware, if you cross Sarah and are not too big she can clean and jerk you 30 times in under 7 minutes. And Stav will do it in under 2. I think this is how they keeps their classes in line. I had FUN watching today, Shawna, Brook, Jaz, Stav and Sarah ate Grace for a snack.
    I worked the back squat – one rep max of 165 after a sloppy set of 5 at 145. Jello legs. Then I innocently did 7 round of 10 pull-ups, 10 ghds, 10 push-ups. If you have ever wondered where all the trunk muscles on your body are, I recommend this WOD as a demonstration. I think I was lucky to get my forehead to the bar by the third round.
    Thank you Mountain for the interval coaching and catching my ugly squat. I think I owe you a Peet’s for sure now; you help me get wicked fast and keep my back intact.

  • Mike P.

    Stav can do it in under two minutes because we are still waiting for confirmation that he’s actually human. I mean honestly, who is ripped all the way down to their calves???

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    930 class- as Savage Amy said, Stav did Grace in under 2 min…We’re not worthy!! We’re not worthy!! Jaz and Jellybean kicked ass in 4:09, Brook 5:06,Shawna 5:20!! Damn!
    1015 class- Julie, Jenna, and Zak came in and kicked Grace around…the amazing, beautiful, and STRONG ladies times?? Julie-2:30, Jenna-3:16!! Brought a tear to my eye! AND our BEASTLY man Zac? 3:16!!
    1030 class- Hector and Ronnie battled it out….So cool to see the awesome Jerks in class…Kathy, Paula and I took a bit of time to make sure we had our Cleans as shiny as possible and our Jerks under control. Then off they went! Great way to show Grace who is boss!!

  • Darren

    Stav sub two? Wow, that is a dcf first.

  • Stavros@Diablo Crossfit

    A DCF 2nd actually. JJ was there for my 1:55 on May 8th

  • Ronnielo

    Well I PR’d GRACE by almost 6 mins, was a bit over a 11 the last time and 5:44 RX today. Yea its still slow but its progress. And at 51 I know I can still knock that time down some. Hey Jordon when I did the 40 reps at 135 on the bench Friday I still had or 5 or 10 more reps in me.

  • jamie

    Stav, that’s insane! Nice job!

  • Mountain

    Stav, you beat me by 14 seconds, and I only did cleans. And it wasn’t even a PR for you.

  • Julie



    Let me know if you have responsible friends who are down…besides, figure I could crush em if they jack my house up?? HAHAHAHAHA…..

    1st time for Grace…2:30 RX’D…lame, coulda done in quicker…feeling sluggish today…she’s mine next time!! hahaha…grrrrr

  • jamie

    Sitting at home bummed that I missed Grace today. Went in at 1245 today & did rows & dips from yesterday….it was a lot harder than it appears in writing!

  • Jeff B

    No Grace for me today, scheduled rest day. Maybe I will try this tomorrow or later this week. Completely impressed by the times I am hearing. You guys and gals are all so AWESOME!!!

  • Craig

    Ronnielo! You’re getting fit man. Awesome performance.

    Fun stuff at 4 with Jordan, Jorgy, Steve, Dean, Meg and Mike P.

    I came in at 2:33 – with 12 reps done at 38 seconds, I took a pause and totally broke my rythym and started to drop the bar – that kills time. No pause next time – straight through. I wasn’t even that gassed at the end.

    Jorgy clobbered it with a 1:50 something. Jordan was 2:38 (PR), and Mike P. was in at 2:23 I think. Steve moved up to 115 lbs and nailed it too. Meg & Dean did it immediately after doing the row/ring dip wod from yesterday.

  • Nick

    I am in for the rowing

  • jkarno

    awesome workout at 4 today with jorgy craig n jorgy n meg n dean.
    6 am’ers killed it also with cabby and josh and a few others going RX.
    totally a mental challenge to think about 30 reps at a time. you feel like you will never get through it. jorgy thought of a good plan was to go 12 reps, then 10, then 8 for a total of 30. it made the workout so much easier in my head that I knew it would get easier after 12 and then after 10. its amazing how much power your mind plays in lifting a barbell. everybody today had great efforts. eduardo put forth an amazing effort along with adam, chang, shiva, sarah t, chris, ryan, shannon, heather and sorry if i left your name out…. great WOD, i set a PR and i know a lot of other people did too. awesome day at the shed.

    ronnie-no way u beat me at bench press. one day we will both be rested plenty and we will do a bench ladder maybe? sound good? i know kevin will be down….

  • Kevin

    Down for Bench or Dead Lift ladder… Name the time