090716 THURSDAY “Goodbye Prashant and Shilpa!”

Goodbye Shilpa and Prashant!

Shilpa (and Prashant practicing bar levitation in the background) will be leaving us. Today is their last day!

Olympic weightlifting warm up: 30 medicine ball cleans. Take your time (use a few sets if needed) and really practice dropping quickly.

Workout (We came up with this workout for them):

2 rounds of:

10 Pull ups

20 lunges (alternating R, L for 10 each leg)

1 Rope climb

30 Double unders

Rest 1 minute

2 rounds of:

10 Pull ups

20 lunges

1 Rope climb

30 Double unders

Rest 1 minute

2 rounds of:

10 Pull ups

20 lunges

1 Rope climb

30 Double unders

Post total time to comments (include minute rests).


Article: Chef Alan from Chevy’s tells us how to eat Paleo at Chevy’s:

(Here is a video of Alan talking about the fresh foods and dishes at Chevy’s. For what it’s worth, Alan is also over 20lbs lighter than when this video was made because of of his Paleo food choices – Nice Job Alan!)

Now on to the Paleo Stuff, From Alan:

“Ok, so for eating at Chevys paleo, I’ll start by telling you what I eat religiously. Almost every day I eat at lunch at Chevys and I cross between three main items. . .

(click continue reading below for complete article.)

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  • Jeff B

    Thanks Scott. I was wondering the same thing? Was tonight Beer night?

  • Jeremy Jones

    Correction made. No beer (yet), just couldn’t decide if I wanted 20 or 30 lunges.


  • Prashant

    The levitation was working, the bar is a few inches off the ground. The force was with me that day.

  • Sarah T

    It was great working out with Shilpa and Prashant today. I’m not usually at 7pm so I normally see them coming as I’m going. I will be there for “their workout”!

  • Travis H

    Nick you look sober in that picture… sike

  • Mark L.

    Nick, can you please wear that hat when you come put in my kitchen counter-tops, today? Thanks, bro.
    Prashant & Shilpa: I’m looking forward to tonight!

  • Scott S.

    This workout is going to be rad. See you all at 7pm.

  • Jeff B

    I keep missing out on all of the fun. First, Grace now this. Can’t make it to tonight’s workout so I went to 6 a.m. for the first time. Thought I was going for the WOD and ended up in the throws of Jimmy’s Fight Fit class. For anyone who has not tried this yet I HIGHLY recommend it. What a great way to mix it up and wake up in the morning. Thanks to everyone this morning for the welcome and helping me out.

  • Carry

    Did Scott just say ‘Rad”?
    I am looking forward to the day I can get back to the fight fit class….next week I think
    And going back to Julie’s post yesterday….NOT HAPPY with a 2:30 Grace? Jeeze

  • Adam

    Workout today looks legit, super stoked to send Prashant and Shilpa off in style. See everyone at the 7p.m. class.

    Nick, I would rather play soccer than wear that hat, but you pull it off pretty nicely, haha.

  • Jimmy G

    Great class this morning…we welcomed in Jeff B…B is for BEAST right?
    and Shiva in her pretty pink outfit…lol Great job you guys, glad you liked our class. Come back again anytime.
    I’m at about 75% and just went 2 rounds not 3 with the class. This virus or whatever it was I had messed me up bad. I don’t recommend it to anyone.

    Take care Prashant and Shilpa good luck in your future endeavors…..much love

  • Earl H.

    Hey Prashant & Shilpa. I worked out with you guys a couple times in the evening classes and had a great time. Take care.

  • Prashant

    Jimmy and Earl – Thanks for the well wishes. Good luck to you and your families.

    Jimmy, I regret not coming to one of your infamous Fight Fit classes. Maybe another time.

  • Sarah T

    Is this old school comment day? We had “rad” and “sike”. Hahahaha.

  • Holly

    Damn Prashant, the force was not only being applied to your bar but Shilpa’s right bumper plate as well! It is clear now how she has stayed with you for 7 years–those jedi mind tricks!!! Poor girl doesn’t stand a chance and yet is still trying to fight it judging from the look on her face. lol.
    I have to do the wod at 4 but will try to come in at 7 for some goodbye hugs. You guys will be missed!

  • Amy

    Goodbye you two, I know Benen will miss Shilpa, I think he has a little crush on you. Not many sexy strong big girls want to watch Pinocchio with him.
    And Prashant, always a gentleman. Take good care of each other.

    Deadlifts – when Darren is sitting in front of you and telling you that you can pick it up, magic mind-trick, you can pick it up. 3×3 of 195 and 2 singles of 205, and nothing fell out and nobody got injured. D-Roe is my deadlift good luck charm. Then some Turkish get ups with the barbell, dangerous.

    Very inspiring watching Lynn conquer the rope climb today, and thank you Heather for the handstand coaching. I am glad I did not kick you, I have seen you press and don’t want to see you mad.

  • jamie

    Sorry Luca- after two rounds I realized I was to grumpy/mad to workout. I think today would have been a better day for lifting for me….angry lifting.

  • Adam

    Big ups (is this an 80’s term?) to Ed at the 10:30 class. He jumped out ahead of me early and I spent the next 24 minutes trying to catch him,

    Also a big thank you to the sprinklers that turned on in the grass out front at the end of class. I appreciate you being refreshing and cold….. and not a mirage.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Red knee high socks for sale at the gym. (similar to the ones the team wore at the Games). $10.

    Great for avoiding rope burn on rope climbs and scraped shins on deadlifts.


  • Craig

    Watching Nick wear that hat was almost as funny as listening to him explain in very graphic detail how he knows for certain that Foster’s Beer tastes like ass (which he did at least two times that evening).

    Bummer, P & Shilpa! I’m going to miss you both at 7PM on Tuesdays…it won’t be the same without you in my class. Then again, I won’t have to whisper to Prashant again about how to pronounce Shilpa’s name anymore.

  • Amy

    Vickie and Alessandro – Benen’s sick so we aren’t going to make it tonight and I can’t find your number to let you know! I’m bummed, I was so looking forward to it…

  • jorgy

    Nick’s description of Fosters in unforgettable. “Australian for someone sh%* in my mouth.” And a full story to go along with it.

  • luca z.

    First Good bye Prashant and Shilpa, like the ones that left before you, you’ll be missed, take care and good luck.
    Second today WOD was TOUGH!!! Later classes beware. Both my 9:30 and 10:30 class did a phenomenal job, Congrats to to Ron C. for his first hand rip on his pull ups, that’s what happens when you start to do them with a kip, nice work.
    Adam did you say Soccer, that’s a true men’s sport, after rugby of course.

  • Amy

    And Jamie, if you are still mad in the morning come lift heavy stuff with me. We can snarl and throw weights and wear pink. I’ll be there about 9.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Prashant and Shilpa…we’ll miss you, have safe journeys and best of luck with your move! It’s always sad to lose such positive and fun people like you two. Sorry I can’t make it in tonight, the kids and I are headed to a birthday party.

    Take care!

  • grace

    Shilpa and Prashant,

    I can’t make the ‘Procrastinators, pimps and… (what, can’t remember now gettin ol)’ class tonight! so SO bummed!!

    Will really miss u guys and hope your move to TX and all goes very well. It is so inspiring to see you guys become so STRONG! And your hair Shilpa stays so amazingly beautiful even at the end of the WOD. *haa*


  • Tami

    Bye Bye Prashant and bella Silpa. I hope our paths cross again in the future.
    Be safe and healthy.

  • Nick

    All I have to say is

  • Yvonne

    Prashant & Shilpa, you two will most definitely be missed! Best of everything to you both! Could not make it in at 7 to see you off but I did do your WOD today and it nearly killed me! Love the state of Texas, Craig and I would still be living there if our daughter wasn’t the only grandchild on my side of the family. xoxoxo

  • Mountain

    Goodbye, Prashant and Shilpa. I’m happy to have met you two, and really happy I got to hang out with you at the CrossFit Games. You two know how to chill. Come back and visit anytime (and if you’re driving, kidnap the Stornettas on your way through Colorado).

    This WOD was a great way to say goodbye. I (Big Dave ALLCAPS) HATE rope climbs. Because of the rope climbs, I did the entire workout wearing jeans– I’ll take heatstroke over a massive open wound on my shin. Anyway, got to the first break in 3:29. Hit the second break at 9:59. On the final round, I got halfway up my 6th rope climb, had to come all the way down, but got all the way up on my second attempt.

    Long story short– 17:04 RX. D-Roe went sub-15. I want to know how the 5, 6, and 7 o’clock classes did.

  • Scott S

    18:31 RX.

    My core is so tired I feel like a rag doll.

    The only way I pulled through the rope climbs was Jeremy’s scissor foot grip.

    And yes, the workout was RAD.

  • Julie

    Yo P & S…that way there are no spelling errors….I’m sooo sad you all are rollin out to that wierd single star state…SIGH…another two bit the dust?! But I must say, it was soooo great haning with you both at the Games..AWESOME display of DCF family!! You will be missed….hope you find a decent 2nd to DCf to train at….just NEVER forget where you came from!! SAFE travels…

  • Shilpa

    Today’s WOD was awesome! Although with that 25 minute limit, it’s more like AMRAP than doing it for time. Thanks, Mark and Jeremy, for putting this wod together, playing Journey, and putting in the rope climb for me. I’m glad I got a chance to take another whack at it.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who posted such wonderful comments and to those of you who made it out to the 7pm class (“Pimps, Playaz, & Procrastinatahs!”). Praz and I talk about how much we love Diablo Crossfit and we’re nervous that the next affiliate we join just won’t have the same spirit and community that we’ve felt here. And they definitely won’t have that badass Diablotron or the Diablo Precision Timers!

    Needless to say, if any of you guys are in the Dallas area and are up for a WOD or you need a place to stay, drop us an email! (shilpooATgmail.com, pnicodemusATgmail.com) I don’t want this farewell/love letter to get too long, so I’ll just say, See you someday soon!

  • Prashant

    What she said ^

    As I told Mark, i’m unemployed so I will be unnecessarily be posting here.