Jamie, Jeremy and Ducky wearing their horns at the games.


3 Rounds for time.

24 feet of broad jumps*. Count the number of repetitions needed to complete the distance.

Perform 2 kettlebell swings for every broad jumps used. (men use 53lbs, women use 44lbs)

Perform 3 ring push ups for every broad jumps used.

Perform 4 abmat sit ups for every broad jumps used.

Post time to comments.

*A broad jump is performed by jumping forward with both feet together. No running or stepping allowed. To measure the distance, use the tiles in the gym, they are 4′ by 6′, or a tape measure.


Article: Stress and depression worsen childhood asthma.

“. . .The study involved 90 children with asthma, aged 7-17. Forty-five asthmatic children with symptoms of depression were compared with 45 asthmatic children without symptoms of depression. Both groups viewed scary, sad (death) and happy scenes from the movie E.T.: The Extraterrestrial.

All children wore electrodes to collect data on heart and respiratory function, which showed the level of activation and reactivity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions. The researchers assessed airway function before the movie, after the death scene and after the movie.

“The depressed group consistently showed greater parasympathetic activation along with decreased sympathetic activation in response to the emotional provocations – a pattern that would have a detrimental effect on the airways,” said Miller. . .”

Click here for complete article.


The Firefighter Combat Challenge (and Chili cook off) is this weekend in Fremont. Go cheer on Jeff Leonard (who just placed 15th at the CrossFit Games) and Deya (occational DCF visitor and Delta CrossFit member)

Here is a video of CrossFitter Brandon Cunningham doing the Challenge in 1:22.



July 25th (Next weekend!) – Rowing clinic at Diablo CrossFit. 11am, $75 for DCFers, $85 for non DCFers. Look at our events page for more details.

August 1st – Olympic Weightlifting Clinic with Angela Lim at Diablo CrossFit. 11am, $75 for DCFers, $85 for non DCFers. Look at our events page for more details.

August 22 & 23CrossFit One World will be hosting a “Running and Endurance” certification. Sarah and I have both done it and we highly recommend it, especially for those athletes looking to combine endurance sports and CrossFit. Cost is $595. $495 for LE/MIL/FIRE Click here to register.

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  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Tri For Fun, 0700hrs at Shadow Cliffs in Pleasanton. Get there early to register…see you there!

    It will be my year anniversary of my first triathlon. Last year, I finished in 1:05, hopefully, i beat that time. See you all at the 3pm class!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Stav – you are a madman.

    Everyone – the next “Try for fun” is August 15th! Start training now.


  • Scott S

    I try not to be a WOD picker but I am definately glad today is a rest day.

  • grace


    Have fun!!! Dude, I see a sub-1:00 in your future… I’m going to the Aug and Sep ones (the real one… my first). The sprint Tri’s are SO FUN and I’ve been doing them for years… Anyone doing Aug? My best time is 1:20 and my only goal is to NOT DROWN.*haa*


  • luca z.

    Saturday is always a fun day at the gym for me, I get to share my passion for the art of Muay-Thai, in my 9 o’clock class, by the way, I found another lady fighter, Shiva, she’s got what it takes to be a great fighter, Tami is so happy that finally she’s got another woman to train with.
    My 10 o’clock Crossfit is always full of people, it gets so crazy in there on Saturday, with so many athletes doing the WOD, it’s a mad house, but a lot of fun, today Stav, Adam Nick and Carry, killed the WOD, nice work
    And then I get to train people in the Oly lift, and it’s great to see the look on people’s faces when they figure out how to perform the movements, nice job to Paula today, you are on your way to a great clean form, just keep working on it.
    So if you’re not doing anything on a Saturday morning come on in and have fun with us.

  • Mountain

    Four peeps braved for heat for today’s 3 o’clock class. We warmed up with three of the exercises from the final WOD of the CrossFit Games– squat cleans, burpees, and overhead lunges.

    After that, the WOD itself was a breeze. Miles & Jeff (the other Jeff B) knocked out the broad jumps with 3 jumps apiece, with Tristin & Dennis getting them with 4 jumps per. Miles finished in 4:01, just one second shy of Carry’s mark. The rest of the group was close behind, everyone finishing in less than six and a half minutes.

    After everyone cooled down from the WOD, we finished up with 30 double unders for time. Good times.

  • Jesse L/

    Hey all, I am here in Rhode Island for officer development school. It is intense, a lot of marching, loooong power point presentations and only 15 min to eat in the mess hall. The PT has been light, but we had our PRT which is the physical test and I ran the 1.5 mile with a time of 8:59, did 99 situps in 2 min, and 76 push ups in 2 mins. I found a small gym on base which is always empty but has a sweet O-lifting setup with bumper plates, so I did “Grace” the first day I was here 4:23 which is a great improvement for me. Going to hit up a “Fran” tomorrow, see what happens. I miss you all and hope everyone is doing well!!
    Jesse Locke…. Lt. Locke

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Lt. Locke…great to hear from you! Glad you’re doing well and running laps around the others, which doesn’t surprise any of us. Who else but a DCF’er would be in the middle of boot camp, and still want to find time to do Grace, Fran, etc. It’s pretty sickening actually, well done brotha!

    BTW- Filthy Fifty on the CF main site tomorrow, just reading the list of exercises makes me tired!