090719 SUNDAY


Irish and Maynard. Tent dogs.


Tabata deadlift (135lb men, 95lb women, barbell deadlifts)

Tabata dumbbell push press (men 45lb dbs, women 25lb)

Tabata burpee

A “Tabata” is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. 8 rounds total (4 minutes). Count reps for each round. Your ‘score’ for each exercise is the lowest number of reps completed in any one round.

Add the ‘score’ for each exercise for a total score. Post total score to comments.


Article: More evidence that short bursts of intense exercise fends of disease.

“. . . “Within just two weeks, the young men experienced, on average, a 23-per-cent improvement in how well they used insulin, according to the findings published in the journal BMC Endocrine Disorders.

Dr. Timmons believes the “maximum effort” workout essentially uses up all the carbohydrates (complex sugars) packed away in the muscles. “If you deplete the muscle stores of carbohydrate, then they act extremely efficiently at taking up dietary glucose and storing it,”. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    So it’s been about a year since my first triathlon (look up the 080816 post), and yesterday I did the same race, the “Tri For Fun” in Pleasanton. It’s a bit shorter than a sprint at 400yd. Swim, 11mi. bike, 5k run. Last year when I did this, I jumped right in, literally, no “tri” training. I posted a 1:05.15, which, given the circumstance, i was happy with. I remember being dizzy getting out of the water, after having to stop a few times to get my bearings. It took me over 8 1/2 minutes to swim 400 yards that day. I did decent on the bike and run though.

    Fast forward to this year. I’ve done 2 full sprint Tri’s (Ice Breaker & Morgan Hill Sprint) and 1 Olympic Distance (Rancho Seco). I’ve also began dedicated triathlon training, spending ~2 days a week in the pool, and 2-3 days on the bike trainer or riding outside. My running is still mostly done at DCF, with at least a once a week 5k distance. I was excited to do this race to see what kind of progress I’ve made. My goal was under 1:00, but obviously wanted to do much better than just meet my goal.

    I came in to the race from a week of tough training, heavy lifting days, tough WOD’s, 2 days on the bike training, 2 days in the pool and some running. I knew I would be tired going in to the race, but thats how my schedule is.

    The race itself went great, I got a great start on the swim and finished in the front third of the heat. I was neck and neck with another swimmer the whole way, he hit me in the face, arms, and head a few times, and I returned the favor. Felt very strong coming out of the water,
    Swim-5:19 (1:27/100m, much improved compared to 8:30 last year)
    T1- 1:23 (fast for me, time from out of water, to pedaling on bike)

    Next was the bike, which for me is a big learning curve. I finally was able to stay in my aero bars for most of the ride. Rode back and forth with a racer from Cal Polys Tri Team.
    Bike- 28:52 (avg. 22.86mph for 11 miles, solid improvement)
    T2- 27 seconds ( I FLEW through this transition, bike shoes off, running shoes on, GO)

    Last was the run. Normally I make up some ground on this portion, and I did okay. Just didn’t feel quite as strong as I hoped. I really pushed on the swim, and it took a lot out of me. A correlation is the rower in FGB, lots of effort, not as much gain. I had a decent run though.
    Run- 22:20 (7:11/mi, much slower than my Firecracker 5k time, but oh well)

    Total Time- 58:24 (I took about 7 minutes of my race from last year, this was a short race, so I’m pretty stoked on it).

    The moral of the story is, go out and do it. Don’t think about it, or do it next year, or blah blah. Life is too short.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Nice F’ing work Stav!


  • jorgy

    I would do it if someone taught me how to swim. I have been kicked out of public pools for “pretending to drown” when I was really trying to swim at a fast pace.

  • Big Dave

    Stav great job to take off 7 mins.


  • Jeff B


    When is the next Sprint Tri that you are doing? I know nothing about doing a tri, never participated in one, never watched one, etc. but have said for 5 years that I want to do one. I might as well celebrate hitting 40 with my first one. I would like to have some idea of what to expect and how to be prepared on race day. Hope you might be able to help with that.

    You are correct about just getting out and doing it. Lip service doesn’t get you any closer to accomplishing your goals. By the way, nearly 23 mph on the bike is really good. If I remember correctly that would be a regular road bike, not a bike designed for time trials.

    Great Work!

  • Ronnielo

    Awesome post and effort Stav ! I would love to do a triathlon but I swim like a bricK!!!

  • Amy

    Um, Stav, it seems you have awoken a beast in my husband that will require a tight bathing suit. Opinion to be determined. Nice show, especially the day after tearing it up in the shed!

    I ****HEART*****dog pictures. Especially CF dogs. But shouldn’t those dogs be wearing red socks?

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    Next Tri For Fun is August 15th, I think there’s quite a few people doing it. Jaz has talked about it, and others. It’s a very short swim, easy bike, then the 5k. Great race to start on. Let’s talk soon, better yet, come swim at Heather Farms with me. Moises is going there as well!

  • Craig

    I’ll dust off my old gear and go on Aug 15! Great post Stav.

    Unbelievable amount of Newbies this morning – more than the regulars! That was cool. Great to have so many new peeps.

    The vets did Tabata. Nice programming JJ – that was a great workout.

    Good form practice at lighter weights. Some excellent performances. D-Roe came in with a total of 26. Yvonne was first for the ladies with 23. 1 Gun Mountain came in at 25.

  • Craig

    And, very interesting article JJ. More and more evidence that this stuff works!

  • Mark L.

    How did Kate A.’s parents do this morning, Craig?
    Stav, great work on the Tri stuff. You CAN go a long way without fully committing to 100% swim/bike/run. It will be interesting to see how you do over the course of the next 12 months. The real trick is getting the volume right so you recover, completely.

  • Dean

    Not to beat the tri thing into the ground, but I just got back from doing the Donner Lake Triathlon. I have been doing tri’s for the last 12 years. The last few years my results have suffered for many reasons. I believe the number one culprit was my loss of strength. I had a great race today. Donner is one of the toughest Olympic/International Tri’s. The elevation plays a major Roll. The distances .93 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike and in this case because of the lake 6.5 mile run.
    I finished in the top 50 and 5th in my age group. I have done this race 4 times , this is my best placing in this race.
    I am 100 % sure I am starting to see gains again is soley do to Crossfit. With a solid fall and winter of Crossfit I believe I will see great results next year. My recovery is some of the best I have had in years. I will be back at DCF tomorrow.Even after racing today, not to mention the recovery after the Death Ride last week.
    I could go on and on about what Crossfit has done for me. I am very grateful it has come into my life. Doing the Tiburon Sprint Triathlon next Sunday, it benefits the Tiburon Fire Dept.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Dean…way to go!!! 5AG? Top 50 is LEGIT. Nice. I was planning on doing the Tiburon Tri as well, sounds like a good warm up for Folsom. Glad to hear your race went well!

  • Dean

    Thanks, your results as well.Its very short and fast, plus a good cause.

  • Mountain

    JJ, I know you hear this all the time, but Tabata Deadlifts are really fun.

  • Scott S

    I second Mountain. Tabata’s are fun. Something about the structured time and everything makes it thrilling.

    I think I under-set my goals though. I paced the first round of each exercise with 5 reps but ended up with an extra 3 seconds or so at the end of every round so I should have tried 6 reps I think.

    Also, I think I should have done the RX dumbbells 45# instead of 35#. Lessons for next-time I guess.

    BTW, Darren ‘s advise on shouldering the dumbbell for transfer of hip momentum was priceless.