090720 MONDAY


Holly and Mountain model the new Brown DCF shirts.


Power Clean

3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Post loads to comments.

Bonus mini metcon to follow (5-10 min or less).


Video: BJ Penn (UFC fighter and confirmed CrossFitter) does the whole “jump out of the pool thing” . . . BJ is 5′ 9″ by the way.



July 25th (This weekend!) – Rowing clinic at Diablo CrossFit. 11am, $75 for DCFers, $85 for non DCFers. Look at our events page for more details.

August 1st – Olympic Weightlifting Clinic with Angela Lim at Diablo CrossFit. 11am, $75 for DCFers, $85 for non DCFers. Look at our events page for more details.

August 22 & 23CrossFit One World will be hosting a “Running and Endurance” certification. Sarah and I have both done it and we highly recommend it, especially for those athletes looking to combine endurance sports and CrossFit. Cost is $595. $495 for LE/MIL/FIRE Click here to register.

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  • JimmyG

    Power Cleans…yea. Thanks JJ.

    Nancy can’t remember what a power clean is but then has perfect form while doing it…lol
    Cabby and Josh B were going heavy as well as BIG DAVE.
    Anita, George and Judy all did great.
    And welcome back to Chanda who was CrossFit-ing in Mexico for a week….doing Mojito’s for time…

    After we did a hard little metcon which included Burpee High Knees….fun.

  • Mountain

    So sexy it hurts.

  • Miles

    I like Mountain’s Blue Steel look.

  • Moises G.

    JJ the video of BJ is sick! I want to try it and end up scraping my face after I eat it, lol.

  • Amy

    So that’s what happens when bad asses wear stylish togs.

    Chasing Stav and Mountain on metcon sprints is a strange brew of utter despair, disbelief that I am anywhere near them, and a fine example of turning off the brain and just running. Utter despair took over on the second run as I just waited for Mountain to run me down. Those high knee burpees were disgusting. I had to stop and fix my hair twice.

    As usual I am indebted to Luca for working with me on my power clean form. Me, some PVC, and the driveway have a standing date. Also worked on the high bar back squat – up to 2x125x3 – a different beast than low bar, for sure.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Power Cleans today at 0930 with Sarahs class (SO many peeps!, wow, how we’ve grown)

    225×2 (new PR)
    235×0 (I tried this after doing a 3:02 Newbie, not smart)

    I felt much stronger on 185 than I have before. I need to work on catching lower with heavier weights, but my 225 felt and looked like my 185 used to.

    This morning (0645), I swam with the Walnut Crees Master swim team for the first time. It was a VERY humbling experience. You can’t take for granted first impressions in a pool, I was getting smoked by, old and young, thick and thin. FYI, the WC Masters is one of the top in the nation. I will probably join for the rest of the swim season just to get the coaching and guidance during pool workouts, I have no business in the pool next to some of these swimmers. There is a wide range of people though, usually 5-6 lanes worth, 6 deep or so in each lane, all different levels. Should be a fun journey.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    should read “Walnut Creek Masters”

    I hate spelling errors.

  • Mark L.

    I am friends with several all Americans who ended up swimming at Heather Farms when they graduated. Live in the East Bay, win a Div 1 swim title, but you’re not quite good enough to medal at the games… you go to Masters Swimming at Heather Farms.
    What a great resource for you, though! I’m glad you’re taking advantage of it.

  • Tyler

    Ha! That reminds me of a time a few years ago when I decided to swim with the Boulder Triathlon club masters class a few years ago. I am an ok swimmer, but also these people were amazing, and I felt overwhelmed swimming with these great athletes. What was cool and also intimidating was that the class was taught by a guy who won the swim leg of Ironman Hawaii for a number of consecutive years in the 80’s or 90’s.

    It’s been a while, you have me thinking I should get back in the pool more.

  • Tyler

    Wow, I should re-read before I submit next time. iPhone English isn’t very good.

  • Amy

    Pool party.

  • Jeremy Jones

    185 (plus 3 jerks)
    205 (plus 1 jerk)
    225 (plus 1 jerk, 10lb PR for C&J)
    235 x 1
    240 x 1 (sloppy) PR!
    240 x 1
    240 x 1 Fail.

    Got a PR in the C&J and The Clean. Not a bad night.

    Row 500: 1:26.8


  • Mike P.

    First day back from a 3 day white water rafting drip. Food, very paleo. Drink, complete and utter faleo. Great to be back though. Did as much as my sunburn let me with the cleans:


    Nice mini metcon with C2B’s which I ripped from, a nice welcome back. I’ll work on more weight next go at it.

  • Laci

    Great workout today! I love the OLY lifting days and Power Cleans are my all time favorite lift!! Such a good ending to a not so good Monday!

  • jorgy

    Almost got to 300 overhead today. Hit 275 easily and took too long of a break before too big of a jump to 315. Got it up but couldn’t control it, then failed twice at 295. Back hurt soooo bad after bad DL form on yesterday’s WOD.

  • Mountain

    “Got it up but couldn’t control it…” the story of Jorgy’s life.

    Umm, so, anyway…

    Previous PR was a single rep @165. Today, got three single reps @175 and three more single reps @185. A couple of failed reps @195. Stoked, definitely stoked.

  • Andrew

    new PR for me today!

    135, 155, 175, 185, 205(2)

    And then Jorgy’s “mini” metcon

    4 rounds of
    7 C2B pull ups
    14 chest slapping push ups
    21 jumping squats


  • Jeremy Jones

    I hereby decree this day “PR” day.

    Good job everyone!