090721 Tuesday


Sarah’s shirt “Big Snatch” – “But I’m Still a Lady”

Olympic Weightlifting Warm Up: Power Snatch + Overhead Squat 15 reps (complete 1 power snatch to get the weight overhead, then perform one overhead squat. Set the weight down and start again). Use a light to moderate weight. Take your time.

Workout: 6 rounds.

Run 200m

Rest 1 minute

Post times to comments. (Compare to 400m repeat times. . . Check your 400m repeat times and try and maintain the same or better pace for these efforts -the 200s should take half the time as the 400s- There is less total distance here, but there is also less rest after each effort. Sprint hard, and try and maintain consistent numbers for each effort.)


Article: The Fitness Spotlight gives a great article on goal setting.

“One of the biggest problems I see with people and their workouts is that they don’t actually have a tangible goal. They want to workout X number of times per week for Y number of minutes. But what does that mean? Does that mean walking on a treadmill? Or doing an hour of various weightlifting exercises (and which ones at what intensity)? Cardio-kickboxing? Beating on a punching bag? Running 15 miles?

Or they have goals like running a half-marathon in under 2 hours or squatting their bodyweight. But they have no plan to get there. Their efforts are haphazard and completely random. Unfortunately, without a set of goals and a plan to reach those goals, you never know where you’re going to end up. You’ll likely float from one thing to the next, never making any major progress because you never planned.

It’s time to set some goals and create a plan to reach them. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Amy

    Perfect article, thank you, Jeremy. So now I will be bugging you to help me with my *specific* goals, ha ha. No more ranting and raving here. Focus, pure focus.

  • Big Dave


    Donna worked on her dead lifts and did a PR of 173lbs. Congrads to Donna as she nears Juile’s dead lift PR of XXX lbs?

    Lookout Juile!!!

    Donna’s goal is to dead lift more than Julie… just kidding.. well maybe close to what Juile does.

    Runs were hard but it’s a work in progress for both of us to get the run times well below 40 secs every 200m.

  • Jeff B

    I am still sore from Jorgy’s “mini” met-con last night. I think from now on if a mini met-com causes Jorgy to lie face down on the mat during the met-con it should bear the name “major” met-con.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Jeff B – agreed.

  • Lauren

    Nice article.

  • JimmyG

    Fight Fit WOD
    1 min each…….
    Ground & Pound
    Ring Rows
    Thrusters #95
    Scissor Kicks
    1 Arm Row #80
    200m Sprint

    1 min Rest
    3 Rounds

    Max effort from everyone today..This one was extra hard!!

    Tyler and Maren tried FightFit for the first time…yes they too loved it!!
    After class Michelle, Eleni, Matt-6am, Cabby, Shiva, Marnie, Maren, and Tyler all sat around in a circle like they were having a tea party…it was cute….lol
    We miss Karno…does he not want to work out with us anymore????

    Did PT wod #2 with Kerri and Tyson…more Fire breathers to add to DCF
    Tyson did 7 1/4 rounds and Kerri 6 1/4 rounds…Fracking awesome!!

  • Mark L.

    I love that article. I just updated all my “set goal” items in Beyond The Whiteboard. I am also going to e-mail them that article to give them some ideas on how to enhance the goals features in the software. Right now, it’s not time based at all, for example.
    More Oly for me, today (I’m on week #3 since the USAW certification). Mostly, I can feel my legs getting SOLID, and the supplemental exercises like snatch balance are definitely helping my confidence.

  • jamie

    Sarah, love the shirt.

  • karno

    hey guys-
    sorry ive been flakin lately been traveling a lil bit here n there and have had no sleep lately. comin in today at 5, tomoro morning as well as all day tomoro and thursday. goin camping for a week up by tahoe next week so i will be gone again. dont worry tho im still paleo-ing? as much as possible and doing a lot of burpees. october 22-bringin sexy back. jimmy knows what im talking about. sarah awesome shirt you are definitely still a lady, even with that big ole snatch. haha see ya guys at 5

  • Amy

    If I could count.
    200 m x6:
    37 sec, 41 sec, 46, sec, 48, sec, 48 sec, 46 sec
    Took an extra 28 sec break in between three and four. I’ll lie and say I just wanted the boys to be able to finish first. The truth is I was hypoxic and ditzy.
    Totally gassed by the end. Really, I think I was jogging. Whenever I hear the theme to Chariots of FIre in my head I know it’s bad.

  • Adam

    I’m not as good as I once was…. which is bad because I’m only 28.
    On the bright side, I think the running made my back loosen up after the tabata deadlifts a couple days ago.
    6 x 200:
    32, 33, 36, 42, 40, 36.
    I’ve got a long way to go for rugby season…

  • Scott S.

    I wish I could be there tonight, this would be fun. Mr. Boss Man needed my help at something tonight so I am stuck shaking hands with strangers.

    Ugh, I hate being a desk-jockey.

    I will be there tomorrow AM though! Yipee!

  • Mountain

    My goals are to deadlift as much as Julie & run as fast as Jan. Still have a ways to go in each direction.

    Planning to do this workout at the track at Acalanes High. I’ve never cracked 30 seconds in the 200m, so hopefully today is the day.

    For those doing the WOD at DCF, I’d recommend starting and ending at the 100m mark so you don’t have to stop and turn around halfway through.

  • Craig

    One arm rows: functional, just in case you end up in a row-boat after losing one-arm to a shark.

    Uhh, how about just using a rower?

  • Long lost super Shannon


  • Jimmy G

    1 Arm row in case you have an M-16 in one hand and need to pull a buddy up off the ground or an extra ammo can, OR if you’re in a fight and want to pull your arm out from an arm bar attempt, Or if someone is hanging from the edge of a building like I’ve seen in 1000 movies and you want to pull them up to safety…..and p.s. We use the rower ALL the time as well as ring rows. How about that???

  • Jeff B

    200m x 6 –

    Pr by six seconds overall. I tried to pace my first 200 but not so sure that really helps at all. I would like to give some credit to Mike P for my PR. I got to listen to his footsteps and breathing the whole way and didn’t want him to catch me on the last couple of laps.]

    35, 36, 34, 36, 39, 36

  • Lauren

    Hey DCF ladies,

    Meg and I were talking today about taking a road trip to Sonoma for some wine tasting. Let me know if you’re interested.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Ammo can maybe. But unless your buddy is a small child (45lbs or less) I don’t think it really applies.

    200m x 6

    37, 41 (quad started to lock up), 37, 38, 39, 35


  • Brook

    Absolutely interested!!!

  • Brook

    Absolutely interested!!!

  • Jimmy G

    We were using the big boy #80’s hitting 10 reps on each arm twice in one minute for a total of 20 reps per arm in 1 min…..Soooo It would be interesting to see a 1 or 3 rep max ???
    You guys and your damn teasing…you know it riles me up!!..lol

  • Darren

    Gheesh rows take me back a few years. I remember straddling a flat bench doing rows with the 110’s grunting and flexing while looking in the mirror at 24 hour fitness. Then waiting bullshitting for a while then made my way over to the preacher curl machine (you know, for when i have to curl my buddy that has been wounded).

    Man I miss those days. Oooh Chaa

  • Tristin

    Lauren…I would definitely be interested in some wine tasting!

  • ronnielo

    Bench press and DB rows count me in…….:)

  • twogunbonecrusherholiabloheavyholly

    Freakin’ NICE snatch!

  • Mountain

    After three intervals, I wanted to quit. After my sixth and final interval, I looked across the track, saw something large & blurry moving, and figured someone was driving a maintenance truck on the track. I looked back a second later & realized it wasn’t a truck– it was the pole vault pads. And it wasn’t moving; I was hallucinating.

    29.00 (PR!), 31.44, 33.31, 34.44, 34.47, and 34.41

    1) I broke 30 by a full second.
    2) One minute between intervals isn’t nearly enough

  • Jeremy Jones

    Brook is VERY interested in going wine tasting.

    All this talk of bench pressing and rows makes me realize how glad I am that I never did the regular gym thing.


  • karno

    sprints were tough with jeremy at 4.
    cruised the first one, got progressively tired, legs cramped, then pretty sure i was gonna hang out with pukie but i averted disaster.

    31, 37, 39, 38, 45 (soooo gone), then 40 as jeremy’s stomping and choo choo noises scared me into not letting him beat me. rough wod. loved it.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Interestingly, Karno was whooping me on this workout until the last couple runs when I started to catch up with him. I finished only 4 seconds behind him overall.

    Chasing his white ass definitely made me run faster. . . wait. That didn’t come out right.


  • Julie


  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    Shannon, Jorgy made the shirt for me!! I LOVE it!! Hit him up, he’ll hook it up!!