Running with the medicine ball looks like a ball of fun for all involved.

Olympic Weightlifting Warm Up: Strict press 5 reps. Push press 5 reps. Push Jerk 5 reps. Split jerk 5 reps. Start with the PVC or empty bar. Use the same weight for all sets. Try again with more weight if you feel comfortable with the movement.


10 rounds for time.

10 pull ups

10 ring dips

Scale this workout down by doing less reps and using a harder band than you’d normally use (i.e. use a smaller band and do 10 sets of 5). This is a MUCH better way to scale for pull ups and ring dips than using more assistance and doing all 100 repetitions. Also, if you can do 10 – 15 repetitions in a row (without the bands for example), don’t even think about using a band for this workout.

Post time to comments.


Article: Stressed out parents may up asthma risk

“. . . As expected, children exposed to more air pollution had a higher risk of asthma, but this risk was further increased if their parents were stressed and described their lives as “unpredictable”, “uncontrollable” or “overwhelming”. . . “

Click here for complete article.


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  • Scott S

    Great picture. Everybody but Tyler looks absolutely thrilled to be there.

    Today will be interesting:
    -Pull-Ups: A growing Strength
    -Ring Dips: My Achilles Heel

  • Scott S

    I am a sick man. I take the morning off from work to relax and what do I do?

    I get up at 5am so I can eat and hydrate for a 6am crossfit workout. Nuts, I must be nuts.

  • Craig

    Great classes last night. Kristine B told me I was her favorite instructor and indicated as such on the survey. Therefore, she didn’t have to do the 7th 200m sprint.

    Snatch form getting better all the way around, frankly. I’m enjoying the pre-class drills. Dante got 8 double unders – stubborn man! Nick is a fast big man. Mike P smoke it. Jeff too.

    Nice to see our new folks truckin’ on this too. Well done, Kyle, Robert, Holly, Jeff, Katie.

    Running is a necessary evil folks. A lot of the aches and pains from runnning come from NOT doing it often enough, and from the insanely hard surfaces we have to deal with in modern daily life. ICE the knees, or ankles or shins if they are sore post work-out and with some time, the aches will go away as your body adapts. Cement and asphalt are facts of life.

  • Craig

    By the way: quick thanks to Holly C. and Nick for their coaching assistance during the power snatch. Holly had Katie in true full overhead lock out, driving the butt backwards, for her first overhead squats, which looked fantastic – nice work Holly.

    I can remember back at the old shed, watching a very frustrated Holly trying to drill her first o/h squats. What she learned, she’s now applying. Cool.

  • Big Dave

    0500 Class

    Joe, Donna, and I were going at the 10 rounds – 10 pullups and 10 ring dips. All of us finished around 20 mins with Joe going RX while Donna and I were using the band to get through the ring dips. This was much harder than it looks after the 4th round everything starting slowing down.

  • Lauren

    For those interested in wine tasting what days are good for you or not good? I’m free August 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, and labor day weekend.

  • Amy

    wine tasting=
    any Friday. Otherwise I guess I volunteer to babysit for all the mamas that go. I work weekend evenings.

  • Mark L.

    Lauren, let me know what you decide on dates. Wifey and I will MAKE the time.

  • Scott S

    Today’s modified WOD was awesome!

    5 x {10 Pull-Ups, 10 Ring-Dips, 10 GHD, 10 Burpees} + 400m Run = 15:51

    My goal was to do each pull-up set without dropping and I just barely made it. Brought my hands a little closer together and it took much better advantage of my kipping.

    I hate burpees and the run really drained the little I had left.

    JJ, can you post this WOD to BTW?

  • Yvonne

    Anyone interested in olympic weight lifting shoes, black, white or blue? Trying to place a large order so we can get a discount. They run small & all men’s sizes.
    $67.95 (plus tax, shipping?) usually $71.95 ($90)
    all shipped to DCF

  • Craig

    So I got to thinkin’ this morning on my run, if you were indeed attacked by a shark and lost an arm ( assuming you made it back to the boat ) you could help pull your buddy on board because your workouts included one-arm dumbell rows.

    Then, if you had no oars, you could hang your feet off the back of the boat and use your scissor kicks to power the boat to safety.

  • Jimmy G

    Great 6am HUGE class…so I modified the WOD so everyone could finish in time.
    Scott.S posted it above. The wod was so intense that we had to share a few beers after….our normal routine….lol
    Great having Scott. S and Juliana in 6am.
    If I hear one more 1 arm row joke….it’s on!!

    I’ll be training Anthony “RUMBLE” Johnson again today at DCF
    He’s been posting a lot of positive things about DCF on his MySpace. Like I said ….he’s hooked on DCF!!

    FYI… His next Fight is UFC 104 on Oct. 24th in LA. He’ll be fighting Japanese star Yoshiyuki Yoshida
    Main event is Light Heavyweight Championship between
    Lyoto Machida vs Shogun Rua

  • Mike P.

    Awesome job on keeping us posted on the fights Jimmy. I’ll be all over the next one that’s a little closer for sure! Everyone says hockey is the best live sport which is only true if you’ve never been to a live MMA fight or the CrossFit Games.

  • JimmyG

    Mike P.
    I totally agree…I’ve been to World Series, Play-off Football games, and even sat behind Jack Nickelson floor side at a Lakers play-off game…BUT nothing compares to being at a UFC event ….you can feel the electricity in the air, your neck hairs stand up and you get goose bumps!!! Incredible. Not to mention the second most beautiful people on earth attend…second only to the CrossFit games!!

  • Darren

    Gheesh Crossfit games was Unreal. Biggest group of beautiful people ever assembled in a single area. I love my wife and she is a hotty but WOW.

    And the woarst part is I think Craig was the sexiest.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Sorry scott, you’ll have to make that one up for yourself! (I barely have time to do our workouts!).


  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    930 class- Savage Julie started her day of with 95# sp,pp,pj,spj….damn!! We had awesome athletes in this class. Well, actually both classes. Kristine did all of her pull ups RX’d!! She finally got rid of the stinkin’ band!! Nice Job! Julie- 27:18 (red band RD), Kaela- 29:30 (jumping RD), Michele-27:12 (bands colors??), Kristine- 30:00 (blue band RD). AWESOME!!

    1030 class- SO nice to have Meg H back!! She whooped ass with a 22:05(red band RD), Jaz did a 23:51(red band RD), and Kevin who used a smaller band than he was used to!

    Great job pushin’ yourselves, gentleman and ladies!! This was a rough one!! CONGRATS again, Kristine!

    Shannon, dont know if you got my post on yesterdays comments, BUT Jorgy makes the shirts for me! They are amazing…Hit him up if you want one!!

  • Scott S.


    If you want, I could start posting the WODs for you for a while on BTW … if you just give me the login stuff.


  • Jeremy Jones

    Nah. I have to do it (that way it is updated with the website at the same time). Thanks though!

    Today’s WOD: 13:03 Rx’ed.

    Doing some squats then I am cutting out.


  • Laci

    Yvonne I am interested in shoes. Let me know what I need to do to order.

  • Yvonne

    Laci, check out the website and see what color and size you want and let me know by email or comment. I will let you know when I am putting in the order, probably early next week. They only have men’s sizes and run small. If you want you can try some of them on at DCF to get a feel. I know that the suede ones are more comfortable than the leather. Ask Holly what size she is getting because she tried on Mark’s for size.

    So far I have 6 people interested, Dave, Donna, Holly, Laci, Yvonne & Amy. Anyone else?