Danny and Tara doing Helen

Danny and Tara trying to get a PR on Helen.

Olympic Weightlifting Warm Up: Snatch grip high pull from the ground. 5 reps, 3 sets. Start light and go up in weight if you feel comfortable.



3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Bonus mini metcon to follow.


Article: Obesity drug shows promise in testing (actually it seems to be a psychological drug. -jj)

“. . .The studies tested Contrave32, which combines bupropion, a drug used against depression and smoking habits, with naltrexone, which is used to fight alcoholism and opiate addiction. Orexigen CEO Mike Narachi said the drug “targets behavior and reward pathways in the brain.”

Dennis Kim, who leads Orexigen’s obesity and metabolic-disorders unit, said Contrave is “the first drug I’m aware of that addresses cravings in terms of obesity.” . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Yvonne

    Anyone interested in oly shoes let me know?
    black, blue or white
    only men’s sizes

    Lauren count me in for wine tasting.

  • Miles

    Just dropped you an email Yvonne, I’d love to get in on that – thanks for setting it up!

  • Craig

    I heard Chris W has a new front squat PR of 165kg (363). His goal is 400lbs.

    He better plan on trying out for the DCF Affiliate Team next year, or better, participating in the NorCal Games Qualifier! When you see him, please encourage him to be a good team player, help an affiliate out (and, go to full-extension on his pull-ups). ; )

    Thats a big fng fs buddy.

  • jamie

    So the Games are over and qualifying for the affiliate team isn’t in the work yet/I don’t even plan on trying, BUT I do miss the TEAM WORKOUTS! Bring those back!

  • Yvonne

    Chris W is a great high jumper, lunger, moving of large amount of weight every where and who else knows what??? When he does his lunges you can’t see his legs switching and his body stays the same height. Congrats on the PR on front squats!

  • Mark L.

    “When he does his lunges you can’t see his legs switching and his body stays the same height.”
    OMG, Chris! Are you Michael Jackson!?

  • Amy

    Back after a sick day, nothing like a few deadlifts to clear the sinuses. 125,175,195,205, 215- 1.
    Presses during the metcon exploited my weaknesses. They. Suck. -but rowing with a three year old on your lap makes them seem easier.
    Thank you JJ for referreeing in the kid room. You are one versatile man.

  • Moises G.

    It was great training with Luca this morning, he always watches for perfect form. I enjoyed getting my butt kicked and doing my first Metcon with Rx weight since recovering from my ruptured pec surgery.

  • Jasmine


    Meg Rosten and I are putting together an ALL WOMEN kickball team to compete (really, it’s just a lot of fun and no skill is required) on Saturday August 8th from approx. 10-4 pm… depending on how we do. Several of our DCF ladies and families go to the same church (Shelter Covenant Church in Concord). Every year we have a blast with friends, family and community and raise money for our yearly women’s retreat through this event. Would you consider playing on our team and showing everyone what our DCF ladies are made of?!? We are looking for a team of 10-12 women.It’s a great chance to hang with fun people, rally the family, be in community, enjoy the sunshine, eat good food and remember what it’s like be 10 again 😉 Here are the details….

    WHEN: Sat, August 8th
    WHERE: Ygnacio Valley High School field (at Treat and Oak Grove)
    TIME: 10am till we win! (app. 4)
    FOOD? Yes! Lunch is served from 12:30 -1:30 and catered by El Charro Mexican Restaurant .
    COST $12.00 per team member. Includes lunch, raffle ticket and of course, great fun!
    FAMILY? Yes! Kids, family and cheerleaders are all welcome. Lunch cost is $5 per adult and $3 per child. There will also be activities and fun for kids to enjoy as well as a kids kickball game during lunch.

    Our team will have a name, team cheer, team outfit and of course, have the best burpees and squats around! If you’re worried about getting your morning workout in, don’t be! We can do a team workout on the field while we wait to play 😉 We have successfully drawn several friends from Shelter into to crossfit and I’m sure we will gather a few more after they see what we are made of! Since the girls will be representing DCF so well, we thought we would invite the guys to be our cheerleaders. We wouldn’t want you to feel left out and we know you have always wanted an excuse to dress up and use pom poms 😉 Of course, you guys would be welcome to join in the group workout too.

    QUESTIONS? CAN’T WAIT TO JOIN OUR TEAM!? Connect with Meg or Jasmine. Our team roster needs to be complete by August 2nd. You have about a week to get back to us. Can’t wait to see who rallies with us for the fun!

    Love your kickball captains and inspirational leaders,
    Jaz and Meg 😉

  • luca z.

    Like the good old days Mo’, it was great to see you lifting heavy again my friend, great classes and great forms today on the deadlifts.

  • DJ Docto

    I’ll be in tonight after an almost 2 week layoff. Ankle is still funky and sore.
    But nevertheless it’s time to get back to work.

    If anyone wants to participate or support DCF Muay Thai, we should be competing on August 8th in Sacramento again.

    And there will be 2 more tournaments in September.
    1 in Albany and 1 in Antioch.
    Hopefully we’ll have a few guys fighting at both of them.

    Seee ya tonight everyone!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Kickball! Sweet.

    DCF men have to be cheerleaders for the girls. That would be pretty darn cool.

    Can we match our nail polish to our pom poms?


  • Chris Wacinski

    >>DCF men have to be cheerleaders for the girls. That would be pretty darn cool.
    >>Can we match our nail polish to our pom poms?

    Yah Boiiii. Another excuse to wear flash pants and a skirt. Even better because, Heather still has her Megaphone.

  • Holly

    Jaz and Meg- I want to be 10 again, count me in!

    Lauren, if we can do either the 9th, 22nd or 23rd, I’m in for a trip to the wine country.

    I agree with Jamie, bring back some team wods.

    215 Amy!?! NICE!

  • brook

    I am in for wine tasting on the 22nd or anytime in that immediate area.

  • Amy

    Kickball yes. Male cheerleaders, with DCF legs, YES.
    I’d like to participate, Jaz and Meg, but I have to leave for work about 4, so maybe I should be the water boy? Let me know….
    Are the Muay Thai events kid-friendly? Not that Benen needs any more moves to execute on Jarret and Abigail in the kiddie room…
    I just woke up from a crazy nap in which I dreamed that I was pressing 85# like it was PVC. Dreamer!

  • jorgy

    I am going out of town on the 8th, but I will donate some money to the cause. Too bad cause my legs would look nice kicking up in a skirt.

  • luca z.

    Muay-Thai events are totally kids friendly, the only problem is, they tend to run long, so you might loose him, you just have to come at the right time, after all the weight ins and match ups are done, but it’s a lot of fun.
    Now on a different note, we have over 100 members in our gym, how come always the same people are posting every day, don’t you new guys have anything to share with the rest of us, it dosen’t have to pertain to Crossfit, I see so many new faces every day and still I hear from the same old ones, anything, just hello or something, it feels good afterward, try it!!!!

  • Scott S.

    P.R. of 225 lbs.

    Considering my first ever dead-lift was Sunday, I am happy about that.

  • Jeremy Jones


    Stop lurking. Start participating. The community is better if we all pitch in.


  • Jasmine

    Yay for kickball players and cheerleaders already!!

    So far our team is… Meg, Jaz, Stephanie, Holly and Amy! Amy, I doubt it will really go that long… each team plays at least two games. If we win, we continue on. If it does go longer we can dress one of the guys up or have someone fill in for you. We need your strength and comical relief 😉 The last few years Darren has had the winning team… so I think our goal should be to show him and his team up. What do you think… a bunch of girls take the title away from them?! Laci usually captains a team too. Her team name is “new kicks on the block” Pretty good name…but I’m sure we can do just as good or better.

    Sounds like we will have the hottest team and cheerleaders in all the kickball world! Jorgy…. We will miss your legs for sure. Jeremy… If you wear nail polish to match your poms I will be highly impressed AND amused 😉 Tell your wife we need her and her style for the team.

    Holly….I love your efficient post! I am also in for wine tasting given that a pregnant belly won’t ruin your time.. .I am currently known for being a great designated driver and my baby does enjoy some wine here and there 😉

    Fun times. I love that our DCF community likes to play and have fun together!
    Lot’s of life livin’ here,

  • Carry

    Back from vacation and for some reason I’m so tired and I think I broke my liver….other than that….

    REALLY looking forward to kickball. I will finally be able to put all those memories of being picked last or not being picked at all behind me. So count me in ladies!

  • Carry

    Glad to hear from Mo! bout time you get back to work 🙂

  • Andrew

    Hi luca

  • luca z.

    Not you Andrew.

  • Craig

    Yvonne says she’s taking 6 weeks off – no lie. 1st time in her life. She wants to heal completely: plantar fasciitis & shoulders. I don’t think she can make it 6 weeks.

    But, you definitiely have to have her on the kickball team!

  • Jimmy G

    I heard the kick ball team will be using a 20# Med ball for league play…My Money is on our DCF ladies…….

    Welcome back to RX MO…Congrats Bro !!

  • Jeremy Jones

    We should start a pool to see how long Yvonne can really go without training.


  • Jasmine

    Yvonne… we promise to be nice to you during kickball and we’ll just tie you down during the workout to make sure you don’t forfeit your six weeks off 😉 Good for you for taking care of yourself. We miss you and Abby misses Alana too! She still holds out hope everytime we come to the gym…. “I think Alana’s gonna be here today”.


    PS. Andrew, you’re funny

  • Yvonne

    Count me in on the team. Team name??? Diablo Dainty Dozen???
    Craig says the Diablo Douche Bags or Diablo Donuts!!!! WHAT!!!

  • Yvonne

    I miss you too Jaz, Abby & Zaza!
    Does playing kickball count as working out?

  • Lauren

    Ok so far I have myself, Tami, Meg, Jaz, Holly, Julie, Yvonne,Tristin, and Brook down for wine tasting. Anyone else have a preference when we go? It looks like we may need another driver or a limo.

  • Amy

    I will go depending on the date you choose. And I can be “designated” as a sober driver if I end up going.

  • Moises G.

    Carry it feels great to be back! And Jimmy thanks bro, hopefully I can get a training session in with you and Anthony. I feel like putting in some work!

  • Sarah T

    I’m down for kickball…Stephanie mentioned it at today’s workout and it sounds like a blast…a team cheer??? and outfit??? I can’t wait!

  • jamie

    Yvonne resting? Wow!?! Good girl.

    Count me in for kickball- I just have to see about a babysitter….

  • DJ Docto

    yeah the muay Thai events are cool for kids..

    you just gotta show up like around noon or 1 atleast..

  • Diana

    I’m in for the kickball if there’s still room. Sounds like fun although I haven’t played since I was 12.

    Luca –
    Thanks for encouraging me to go up in weights yesterday. I had no idea I’d be able to lift as much as I did. I’m paying for it today but I definately feel like I took it up a big notch (for me) from previous workouts.

  • Chanda

    I am in!!!!