090724 FRIDAY


Caption from Nancy (center tank top): “6am… if we have to explain it then you wouldn’t understand”

Olympic Weightlifting warm up: Heaving Snatch Balance. (See article below for explanation and video) 3 sets of 5. Use light weights and go up in weight if you feel comfortable.

Workout: For time.

250m Row

25 Double Unders

10 Thrusters (135lbs men, 85lbs women)

Rest 1 minute

250m Row

25 Double Unders

10 Thrusters (135lbs men, 85lbs women)

Rest 1 minute

250m Row

25 Double Unders

10 Thrusters (135lbs men, 85lbs women)

Post total time (including rest intervals) to comments.


Article: “Weightlifting Epiphanies” the Snatch Balance

“. . . The snatch balance is an important exercise for lifters that are uncomfortable in the receiving position of the snatch or that miss lifts due to a poor lockout in the receiving position.

The advantages of the snatch balance over other assistance exercises such as overhead squat and snatch drops are: . . .”

Click here for complete article.



Rowing Clinic This Saturday! There is still a few spots left so be sure to email jeremy@diablocrossfit.com it you would like to attend.

We are also having our Olympic Weightlifting Clinic with Angela Lim next weekend (August 1st). In addition to coaching, she will be doing video analysis of everyone’s lifts at the seminar. Space is limited on this seminar so please register early by emailing jeremy@diablocrossfit.com.

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  • Laci

    Great workout this morning, wow 83# was so hard!!! Happy Birthday Adam, good luck with this workout!

  • Big Dave

    0500 Class

    Donna and I getting through this tough workout and I must admit 135lb thrusters after all the D/U’s and Rows gassed me out ot breath. Took me ~21 mins which I am not too happy about but know this is a work in progress for me.

    0600 Class

    Morning crew showing how this workout can be done QUICK!!! Well sorta QUICK. Cabby did this workout RX with a great time of ~15 mins. Laci you showed great strides that no matter what it takes to get this done, you did great even though your wrist hurt. Alan and Nancy getting through the D/U’s better and better which impressed me alot to see such great progress.

  • Jimmy G

    Damn 6am is the best looking class ever!!!
    And yes..those are 6am Beers baby!!! Good times.

  • luca z.

    Hey great Diablocrossfit community I’ve got Alessandro Kettcar and bicycle for sale, I’ll bring them up to the gym for you to see, the bike will fit a boy up to about 10 years and the car up to 12, it’s similar to the one depicted on the picture from this link:
    http://www.turnertoys.com/kettler-pedal-toys/kettler-kettcar-safariGT-pedalcar.htm, check it out, if anyone is interested you let me know, Alessandro had a lot of fun on them, but they are still in great conditions, thanks

  • Jeremy Jones

    Is it just me, or does Alan look smaller than ever in this pic?


  • Mike P.

    I didn’t even realize that was him until you pointed it out!

  • Craig

    JJ – no lie, I seriously thought that was Jeff B. Alan looks amazing.

    Jimmy, most of your class has “I heart CF” shirts on. Maybe you should start doing CrossFit exercises.

    ; )

  • Jimmy G

    Craig..you need glasses those are I heart JC shirts “Jimmy’s Class”

  • Mark L.


  • Jasmine

    Great picture.I want one of those shirts! Are they only for the cool kids in the 6 am class or what!?! I’m thinking the all chicks kickball team would look pretty fly in chose. Tell us your secret 6 am!

    Adam… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a fabulous weekend!

    Tough workout today. Not sure if my baby likes 65# thrusters anymore.

    Craig… you are pretty funny too;)


  • jamie

    OMG, I didn’t recognize Alan either! Insane! Alan & Nancy, send us a wedding picture ASAP (of course after wedding – that I know is coming up soon!)

  • Nancy

    Jamie – you got it! a couple more months to go still! 🙂

    Jasmine – I found those tanks in the store section of the Crossfit homepage!

  • Carry

    Happy Birthday Adam!! How old? 20?

  • Mountain

    Happy birthday, Adam!

    Carry, it’s gotta be at least 22. He was clearly old enough to drink at the Games.

  • jamie

    Either that or we unknowingly contributed to illegal behavior!

  • Mark L.

    Adam said something about turning 25 last night after deadlifts. Happy Birthday, Adam! Good luck on 315# for 1 rep and something else for 75 reps.

  • Sarah

    Happy birthday, Adam!!

    930 class- so awesome to see shirtless Jeff workin’ out! Crazy muscles! Vicki an Lena wooped some ass in their thrusters… Great form girls!!

    1030 class- love watchin Jaz workout preggers. WODing for two! Way to hang in there through a challenging time in pregnancy. It was way cool working out by such amazing athletes’ sides. Adam, Rodil, Meg, Tami, Paula… The list can go on and on… Great work from all. This was fun….when it was over….

    Thanks, Amy for playing with Olie Dolly while I got a little sweat going… You are the bestest!!

    Happy weekend all!!

  • 6am....Matt

    I know Alans secret……

    Chevys Tortilla Soup
    Without Tortilla Strips and Cotija Cheese

    and a whole bunch of those damn double unders

    Happy Birthday Adam

  • Jasmine

    Here’s our kickball status.. you girls are awesome!

    Our team is almost complete after only one day of sign-ups! We can add 1 to 3 more players, let us know soon if you would like to be one of them!

    Our team thus far : Jaz, Meg, Stephanie, Holly, Carry, Yvonne, Jaime, Diana and Chanda!

    Craig.. pretty sure our team name will not have anything to do with Douche bags

    Yvonne….in your case, kickball has nothing to do with working out

    James…. bring Jax! He will love it and there will be lot’s of hands to hold him. There are breaks in between games. So there will be lot’s of potential quality time for Jax and lot’s of grass for him to play on 😉

    Team outfit ideas… does everyone have the new red tank? Is there a shirt that we possibly all have? We can make fun shirts or keep it simple with plain white tanks or something…

    If you haven’t yet, can you email me with your email address? That way I don’t have to put all the info on the board and bore the boys with the details. Boys… we’ll be sure to remind you of when you can dress up and cheer us on… August 8th! We know you’re a little jealous 😉

    Thanks ladies!
    Jaz and Meg

  • Mark L.

    Snatches and OHS for me, today @ 3:30pm.
    Chanda and I did a spontaneous mini-metcon (Tabata squats with the new Tabata wall clock!)
    I managed 22 until rounds 7 and 8 when I dropped to 21. BAAAHHHH!

  • ronnielo

    Happy Birthday Adam!, Could not get in the for the WOD today (babysitting). Instead I did 6×200 meter rows. I used the 500 meter split time as my gauge. I went 1:34, 1:33, 1:32, 1:34,1:37 and 1:31 with I min rests between sprints. After a short recovery I did 100 situps and 100 push ups.
    I have also been doing a lot of stretching as prescribed by Casper aka Luca! Getting tired of having a constant tight low back and being called Pinocchio the woodman by Luca.
    Going Deep sea fishing with my oldest grandson who is 6. We are hoping to catch Ling cod, Halibut or rock fish,
    Have a great weekend all.

  • Eleni

    Wish I could join you for kickball. Matt and I will be out of town. Sounds like a blast. I know you girls will kick some serious butt. Congrats on the baby! Hope I get to see you soon! HUGS*

  • Alan

    Thanks for the props. I’ve been working hard – I guess it’s paying off!
    I don’t even miss bread or sugar anymore.

  • Jeff B

    JJ – I’ll take the comment about Alan as a complement 😉

  • Amy

    I want to kick the ball.

  • Amy

    And p.s. to all you big strong boys who can bench press 2-3 x your bodyweight – I’m breathing down your necks, I pressed 60% of my bodyweight today, ha ha.
    Front squats up to 120#. Then I needed to lay down on the floor and blow my nose a lot.

  • Kate A

    Hi –
    I was interested in the kickball game, any spots left?