090727 MONDAY

Diablo CrossFit Sponsors Pure Pankration - Jordan Bouey in green trunks

Diablo CrossFit flying colors at the “Pure Pankration” Fights in San Francisco, July 16th. (Jordan Bouey in the green trunks just started at DCF)


Back Squats

5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Post loads to comments.

Mini Metcon after squats.

As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes

20 double unders

10 Box Jumps (24″)

5 Chest to bar pull ups

Post rounds to comments.


Article: “Knee Injuries May Start With Strain On The Brain, Not The Muscles”

“. . . University of Michigan researchers studying ACL injuries had subjects perform one-legged squats to fatigue, then tested the reactions to various jumping and movement commands. Researchers found that both legs—not just the fatigued leg—showed equally dangerous and potentially injurious responses, said Scott McLean, assistant professor with the U-M School of Kinesiology. The fatigued subjects showed significant potentially harmful changes in lower body movements that, when preformed improperly, can cause ACL tears.

“These findings suggest that training the central control process—the brain and reflexive responses—may be necessary to counter the fatigue induced ACL injury risk,” . . .”

Click here for complete article.


This is what “6am Matt” had to say about the rowing workshop Saturday:

“I started out the day with my 500 PR @ 132.4

with a little instruction early in the class I set a new 500 PR @ 128.6

and after all the instruction on my last 500 sprint ….Yep new PR 126.7

and my power to weight ratio was 2.38 (she said it was great)

and this is after all the other sprints, and rowing exercises

so yes the class was very good.



We have another workshop this weekend with Angela Lim for mastering the clean. Click on “Upcoming Events” for more details.

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  • Brandon B.

    What’s up Diablo Crossfit,

    Crossfit Sweat Shop is hosting a Fran-Off on Saturday, August 8th

    That’s right, people! The world famous Fran-Off is back with brand new levels of awesomeness. What’s a Fran-Off? Teams of two compete head-to-head in a double elimination tournament for winner-take-all prize money. How much? $1000. That’s right, 1k, a grand, a “G.” Paid-in-full to the winning team.

    For complete details click on the link: http://franoff.blogspot.com/

    Brandon Banks

  • Big Dave

    This quote is something I wanted to a share

    Do you have this in mind when you train?

    “Someone who “works out” heads to the gym with no clear goal in mind and tends to waste valuable training time. These are the people who look the same now as they did three years ago.

    Conversely, someone who “trains” is on a mission; they don’t pussyfoot around when it comes to their gym time. They get in, get s**t done, and leave. Whether it’s attempting to break a deadlift personal record that day or just trying to get leaner, they always have a goal in mind and their training reflects that goal.”

  • CraigH

    A Fran-off for cash?! Wow. Cool. I’m good for the thrusters if someone will do my pull-ups.

    Thanks, Brandon!

  • jamie

    JJ, Mountain, Darren & Stav (along with of course many fine DCFer) are all excellent pullup people….I say DCF definately needs to make an appearance and took the loot home!

  • jamie

    JJ, Mountain, Darren & Stav (along with of course many fine DCFer) are all excellent pullup people….I say DCF definately needs to make an appearance and took the loot home!

  • Miles

    Interesting little blurb on sfgate.com about crossfit today. I don’t think they answered the question about what crossfit is though.


  • Mark L.

    Mike P., are you around on the 8th? I’ll do the pullups.

  • jorgy

    One of Diablo Crossfit’s newest members is featured in the picture. Jordan Bouey is the big mamma jamma in green trunks. This was his first fight (unfortunatly he gassed out and got submitted) but it made him realize that he needs crossfit to do well.

  • Dean

    Participated in the Tiburon Triathlon yesterday. It’s shorter than a sprint distance triathlon. Takes less than 1 hour to finish. Finished 7th overall, but had the fastest bike split on the day. That’s a first. Very encouraging. Now back to DCF to get faster.Today’s wod is perfect for strengthening the run portion.

  • Sarah T

    Are we still in need for laides for the kickball tournament? I’m intersting but I think my comments got lost in the posts…I didn’t see Meg or Jaz on Saturday to ask about it. Let me know if I can still participate! THANKS

  • Sarah T

    Are we still in need of ladies for the kickball tournament? I’m interested but I think my request got lost in the sea of all the other posts! I didn’t see meg or Jaz to ask them about it on Saturday. please let me know if I can participate! 🙂

  • Sarah T

    Sorry about the double posting…sometimes the website is crazy!

  • jamie

    Oh yeah, I wanted to play on the kickball team too. Isn’t it on 8/8?

  • Yvonne

    Hey, the Fran-Off is the same day as the Kickball. You better still cheer lead Craig, no excuses! Now you will know what it is like to be a real woman! WOD, go home to shower, do your nail, hair, makeup, shave, get dressed up, clean house, cook, feed the kids and don’t forget to cheery! xoxo

  • Yvonne

    Oops, not just one nail all your nails and toes too, please.

  • Scott S.

    Kate and I just registered for the 9/29 Nutrition Cert. Anybody want to carpool?

  • Meg Rosten

    Hi Ladies of Kickball!

    Yeah, so excited that you will be joining us!!!! This is the list we have so far of fun fabulous women to play and kick buttee… and hopefully break Darren’s winning streak!

    -Jazzy & Meg
    -Sarah T
    -Kate A

    If you are on this list and you can not play anymore please let us know. If you are not on this list and you would still like to play, let us know that too!

    This will be so much fun!!!!!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Bummer that the Fran Off and Kick ball are on the same day! Boooooo.

    Just so everyone knows. . . you don’t get to pick your partners for the Fran Off. Your partner will be randomly selected.


  • Mark L.

    JJ, will your exercise assignment also be randomly selected? (thrusters/pullups)

  • Mark L.

    I just read the very informative post at http://franoff.blogspot.com/ which has the full rules.

  • Rob

    I guess we all sign up individually for the Fran competition?

    If there’s a group from DCF rallying for this, count me in. I’m fat and slow but have been known to rally when I have to…

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Forget the Fran-off, kickball is where it’s at. I know that myself, Darren, Jaz, Meg, etc will all be at Kickball.

    Rest day today, kind of weird, I guess I should do more of these.

  • Mike P.

    I have no idea what my plan is for the 8th but it looks like I better figure it out cause there’s some serious business going down between kickball or a Fran-off. Hey Mark, it looks like you can pick who does what exercise once the teams are selected but I could be wrong.

  • Amy

    Yes, what Big Dave said.
    Backsquat today – highbar up to 135, then low bar up to 165. Then that gross metcon, all sweaty and hacking up lungs, 4 rounds and change in the double unders. Must bring barettes and Depends on double under days. Talk about having a plan!
    It was nice to see Sarah feeling irie, and weird to watch Stav sitting down.

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    930 class- Jaz rocked the BS with Amy, Vickie, Chris and Diana (who worked in the uncomfy place in her squat…nice job!!) Really great metcon after! Chris did his solo and the girls followed. Nice!

    1030 class- Armida did great on her BS then did 4 rounds of the metcon. Johnny, Meg H, and Rodil all had great form on BS!!! Nice to see. All in all it was a beautiful day!!

  • Sarah T

    You tell him what it’s like for us ladies! That put a big smile on my face-Hopefully the Fran-off won’t hurt our cheerleading squad.

  • Holly

    Happy 365 days of Crossfit Mountain!

    What was it that you said a while back? Something about getting slower and heavier since starting crossfit and would not change it for the world? Yeah, me neither 😉

    Fran-offs are for those who can’t match their polish to their pompoms!

  • Scott S.

    I meant 9/26, oops.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I think priority should be Kick Ball, we committed to do that first. . . .as much as doing 1/2 of Fran 5 – 8 times in one day for the possibility of winning $1000.

    DCF ladies in Kickball attire!? Who’d want to miss that?


  • Mike P.

    So what kind of beer is going to be in the keg sitting at second base for the ladies game of “kickball”? Oh wait, is this a different kind of kickball?

  • Meg Rosten

    Ahhhh… JJ and Stav, thanks for the manly support! All of us ladies will be so happy to have the cheerleaders!!!!! 🙂

  • jamie

    Mike P- is Tristin in for kickball with us since you are cheerleading?

  • Jimmy G

    I wish the guys could play….And give me baby bouncies…lol

  • Yvonne

    Yes for those that asked, taking 6 weeks off and that means EVERYTHING, on week 2. Exception for kickball on 8/8. Target date back September 1ST. If things are not healed by than going under the knife.

  • Mike P.

    Jamie – Tristin is being a bit elusive about that weekend which coincidentally is my birthday so I’m completely unsure at this point whether she’s in or not…but given the lack of detail I’m getting out of her I’m guessing probably not.

  • Dean

    Yesterday feeling pretty good about my bike split . Did back squats with Hylie and it all went out the window.. That’s what I love about crossfit . There is always something to work on. The desire that everyone has to improve is very contagious..Also enjoyed watching Jorgy take skin off his thighs.

  • Moises G.

    Hang in there Yvonne! I wish I had the opportunity to rest and hopefully heal. You don’t want to go under the knife, it sucks!!!! You are an athlete and in great shape, you will heal with some time off. Praying for you to heal.

  • Mark L.

    I suppose I might be in for kickball, too. The guilt/peer pressure is killing me!
    I can bring a little cheerleader with me, too. She’s got pom poms and everything!

  • Jeff B

    I am going to miss the party, I have to work on the Saturday of the big kickball game. Bummer, I had a skirt and nail polish color picked out and everything!