090728 TUESDAY “Rowing Repeats”

Yellow is the new pink chris and heather run in their yellow shirts

Chris and Heather. . . Post caption ideas to comments. I’ll start “New couples therapy – working out while wearing matching outfits.”

Olympic Weightlifting Warm Up: 20 overhead squats. Break up the sets as much as needed. Use a moderate weight for your ability allows it, otherwise use PVC or an empty bar.


4 rounds

500m row

Rest 2 minutes (approximately if there is a large class and not enough rowers).

Post row time to comments.

Try to either A) pace all the rowing efforts so that the times are as close together as possible. or B) Set a PR on the first round, then just try not to throw up for the next 3 rounds.


Article: “Short Stressful Events May Improve Working Memory”

“. . .Researchers at the University at Buffalo have shown, in trials using rodents as an animal model, that acute stress can produce a beneficial effect on learning and memory, through the effect of the stress hormone corticosterone (cortisol in humans) on the brain’s prefrontal cortex, a key region that controls learning and emotion.

Specifically, they demonstrated that acute stress increases transmission of the neurotransmitter glutamate and improves working memory. . .”

Click here for complete article.



Saturday August 1st at 11am. – Olympic Weightlifting Clinic

We will be hosting a 2-hour clinic that will focus on the Olympic lift, the Clean ($75 per current member, or $85 for non members). The clinic will be conducted by USA Weightlifting Club Coach Angela Lim who has been weightlifting for the past eight years and has trained under the coaching of Olympic Coach Jim Schmitz. In this intensive clinic, we will focus on improving the efficiency of the student’s lift.

We will videotape and critique each participant’s lift as well as discuss techniques and exercises to enhance Olympic lifting. Each participant will leave with a one or two day program to reinforce and work on the techniques that were reviewed. The Clinic is open to anyone who is a member of Diablo Crossfit and has a basic understanding of the clean, but wants to focus on technique and increase power. The Clinic is limited to only 7 participants to ensure personal attention and feedback. To sign up, contact Jeremy at jeremy@diablocrossfit.com. Payment must be made in advance to ensure a spot in the clinic.

We are almost out of slots, so only those who have paid up front will be guaranteed a spot. After hearing stories about last weekends seminar, everyone should be thinking about going to this one. Especially if you want to work on your cleans.

Saturday August 8th – Kickball Tournament

Come cheer on the DCF Ladies as they compete in a Kickball tournament at Ygnacio Valley High School field (at Treat and Oak Grove). 10am until approx 4pm. Food onsite – $5 per adult, $3 per child.

Saturday August 8th – “Fran Off at CrossFit Sweat Shop!”

Teams of two (randomly selected teams) will compete in a bracketed double elimination style tournament to win $1000 cash. CHA-CHING! Click here to go to the “Fran Off” website for details.

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  • ron

    come on, come on, come on, come on now touch me babe, can’t you see that i am not afraid of today’s W.O.D. . . . I’m gonna love the DCF ’til the heaven’s stop the rain, i’m gonna love the DCF ’til the stars fall from the sky for you and i.

  • Craig

    Chris and Heather from Bumble Bee CrossFIt

  • Scott S

    “What’s it to you, I’m dressed in yellow,
    but that don’t mean we’re not super mellow” (He looks like he’s air-rapping).

    Failed Couples Counseling
    Chris: “I hate running. Maybe if i just concentrate, I can use the force to levitate the last 100m”
    Heather: “Your an idiot.’

  • jamie

    I’ve tried to get JJ to even wear the same watch/hat/shoes and he won’t do it…go figure!

  • Lauren

    Hey people interested in wine tasting. I’ve had the most votes for Saturday August 22nd. Do I have any objections? So far I’m thinking we can meet at DCF at 10 (?) and carpool up to Sonoma. I’m talking to a family friend who lives up there for the best places to go to.

    Any suggestions?

  • DJ Docto

    Dear DCF,
    I really am sorry for breaking both the long heavy bags 🙁
    It really wasn’t on purpose (don’t believe Jorgy!)..

    that is all.


  • ronnielo

    Based on some of the comments it looks like some of you have been drinking spiked cool aid ! JJ I think you should color cordinate with Jamie and let her pick the outfits!

  • Sarah T

    Are they holding hands…how cute! Craig stole my idea about bumble bees. Looking forward to rowing today!

  • luca z.

    Ron one word for you CLICK!!! sorry guys inside joke.
    Nice classes today good torn out of people, considering normally we get a lot of cherry pickers on this type of WOD.
    I can vouch for DJ his kicks are just too strong for those bags, I was going to fix them today, but Jimmy bet me to it, thanks. By the way DJ’s fighting in Sacramento August 8th if you are interested, I’ll post all the details

  • Craig

    Quite surprising, Jamie, since he does enjoy wearing your panties.

  • Brook

    Lauren- Russ and I are members at dry creek winery in healdsburg which is just a few minutes more up the road..if you are interested. I am pretty sure I am going so we can taste for free.

  • ronnielo

    Is wondering how Craig knows that JJ wears Jamie’s panties? Is there more to this Crossfit community then I am aware of? one wonders.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Craig meant to day “wearing ‘out’ your panties”

    You’ve got to proof read before hitting post Craig.


  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    Yeah, Ronnie….when JJ steps up yo the barbell to C&J you can see the nifty little thong popping outta his boardshorts…hahahahah!

  • Moises G.

    JJ loves to show a little whale tail when he trains, lol!!

  • Ronnielo

    Whale tail ……….LOL! So what color of thong is JJ wearing today? Maybe I should ask Craig!

  • Chris W

    Running just as fast as we can… Holding on to one anothers hand. Trying to get away into the night, and then you put your hands around me and we tumble to the ground and then you say…I think we are in love now…the beating of our hearts is the only sound.

    Please proceed to puke.

  • Julie

    Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuuuuuhhhh….only the theme to Chariots of Fire could be heard in the background…..amongst the sweat and tears…

  • carry


    If I’m not too late, I would like some oly shoes….size 8 por favor

  • Yvonne

    Carry call me today. I placed the order today but I am sure I can add yours. I left a message on your cell phone with my phone #. Need to know color and for sure an 8?

  • Scott S

    Almost a pukie.

    Damper at 8.


    Afterward, my feet hurt like hell!

  • Scott S

    Totally a must read article on C2 measurement! These questions had been plaguing me for a while and are all but resolved now:


  • Craig

    Scott’s times are almost within one second of each other. Most everyone in 5, 6 & 7 rowed a faster 4th interval than their 3rd. The tall chicks rule! Shawna and Katie rowed sub 2s (Katie averaged 1:55sh and Shawn, who saw her times before class, rowed an average 1:52sh). Huge improvements in our rowing all the way around.

    I love seeing the new folks in as well – your times are going to drop fast as you come to more classes. Great efforts from our first timers. Holly and Carrie showed great row form. Eduardo and Robert T. both working hard to stay sub-2 and even sub 2:50.

    And tonight Terry showed he still has it, rowing hard to finish 3rd in his heat of 7 strong guys (and Shawna).

    Finally, Chris (in the pic above) is an impressive rower! He rowed 1:35 – 1:40 for all his heats!

    And, the day ends with a best time of: 1:28, 1:30, 133, 131. I still got it too.

  • Amy

    Everyone knows yellow is the new black, duh.

    1:50, 2:03, 2:03, 2:03. I am still traumatized from the last time I did a team row WOD and then almost passed out in the library an hour later. Russ accused me of sandbagging, rightly so, but he did it on the last 100 m of the last round, so I couldn’t do much to correct myself. I guess I’ll do a make up with the trash can close at hand next week, no sandbag this time.

    Up to 75# on the OHS today, practiced the snatch balance and only fell on my ass twice, and this time was burly enough to throw the barbell away from me rather than letting it land on my shins. Staring at the pictures in Greg Everett’s book helped with the bail. Maybe if I stare at the clean pictures long enough I will actually be able to rack some weight some day. Props again to Russ for giving me the right form correction and helping me successfully snatch.

    Jeff reminded me last night at 10:30 that I had said I was going to do 100 pushups yesterday. It took me almost 10 minutes and I think I said something nasty about Miles towards the end, though Miles neither suggested nor endorsed this feat. He just planted the crazy seed in my mind. This is the kind of wreckless behavior that takes place in our home when I am on the wagon. Time to start drinking, soon.

    AND I saw a guy pee on the floor today at the gym. True story. We have good disinfectant, so never fear.

  • Amy

    Holy Moly, I just read Chris’ row times. What a yeller beast.

  • Jeff B

    Before anyone makes assumptions or suggestions, I want to clarify the guy who went wee wee on the floor was not me.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Wee Wee? You’ve got me stumped.

    Was it Mike after he got a cramp?


  • Mike P.

    That wasn’t pee…that was just a bodily cramp reflex, much like when your eyes tear up after a shot to the nose. Man I hope I wasn’t rolling around in someone’s pee…

    Old man had killer times! Craig, next stop…ring dips.