090729 WEDNESDAY “3 times a Newbie”

Anthony Rumble Johnson rowing at DCF with coach Jimmy coaching.

One of DCF’s newest members Anthony “Rumble” Johnson (professional UFC fighter) training under Jimmy’s astute tutelage. See a video of AJ in action below.

Olympic Weightlifting Warm Up: Medicine Ball Squat Clean 20 reps. Keep the ball close to the body, no arm pull, the ball shouldn’t rotate.

Workout: “3 times a Newbie”

3 rounds for time.

400m Run

10 pull ups

20 push ups

30 sit ups

40 squats

Post time to comments.


Article: “Trade Liberalization Linked To Obesity In Central America”

“Since trade liberalization between Central and North America, imports and availability of processed, high-fat and high-sugar foods have increased dramatically. Researchers writing in BioMed Central’s open access journal Globalization and Health link this influx of American junk food to a ‘nutrition transition’ in Central American countries, with a growing burden diet-related chronic disease. . .”

Click here for complete article.


Video: Some highlights of Anthony “Rumble” Johnson’s recent fights.

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  • Mountain

    Yesterday’s workouts.

    Rows @ 4:30pm (8 x 250m, w/ 2 min rests)– 45.0, 45.9, 48.1, 48.1, 49.8, 49.3, 49.0, 48.6

    Front squats @ 8:30pm–
    7 x 95
    6 x 135
    5 x 185
    1 x 205
    1 x 225 (PR!)
    fail @ 235

  • JimmyG

    6am Set the Bar for today’s WOD with All 7 people who have done it before setting PR’s.
    Great effort from everyone!! Debbie, Cabby, Anita, Kerri, Chanda, Filip, Kristal

    *Eleni absolutely smoked it today with a 14:07 RX !!! I don’t think that it will be beat today. (Yes, a challenge DCF ladies)

    *Tyson was insane….12:13 RX !!! That too may hold up!!

    Matt 6am PR by 1:50
    Holly had a 3:50 round 1 !! and PR’d the wod by 1:01 total 15:48
    Nancy PR by 2:30
    Josh B. PR’d round 1 by 1:20
    Alan PR ‘d the wod by 4min !!!!!
    Tyler PR by 6:30
    Maren PR by 1:53

    Funny thing…aren’t these the FightFit people??…Curious……very curious

  • NikalaCFSD but OG DCF'er

    Hey DCF! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the cute tank that you sent home with Eric from the games. I just took my shirt out of the laundry, and realized that it shrunk a bit…oops! Now Craig and I will match * ) I heard you guys kicked booty at the games, but I am really not surprised…you guys rock! Cant wait to get a look at the new place!

    Thanks again!

  • Craig

    Awesome at 6AM – very impressed with the crew. Way to set the bar Tyson & Eleni.

    Hey! Awesome to hear from Nikala….even if it was a dis. I get no love. I suppose its what I deserve for mispronouncing ‘Nikala’ for 3 months and calling her ‘Erica’ for a week. Eric was killin’ it at the Affiliate Challenge, especially with the funky shades. You guys are family.

    Yesterday reminded me of one stupid Saturday at the old Shed where I made everyone row 500m without knowing the rest of the workout. They recorded great times. Then I made them row 7 (!!) more 500s and if they didn’t beat their first time they had to do 5 burpees. 8 total 500s with burpees….yikes! Thats why I don’t do programming.

  • jamie

    Anthony, I like the rowing face!

    Bill, very impressive rowing times!

    Vickie, impressive full rowing strokes! I need to work on that.

  • 6am..matt

    your row times from yesterday gets you all the love you need!!
    Im gonna do that WOD sometime this week and will have a bucket next to me.
    Its gonna be tough after the first 500. How do you pace a 1:30 4 times?
    I know you hold the rowing secrets… Rumor has it you have pulled a 1:15????

  • Jeremy Jones

    Uh – a 1:15 would be the fastest on the planet. Craig has pulled pretty close to a 1:20 though.

    Have you broke a 1:20 Craig?

    Jimmy – sounds like we need an “Inter mural” team competition!

    “6am’ers” vs “The Late morning She Devils” vs “The Night Shift”


  • Jimmy G

    That sounds fun…We would have to have a “draft” on people like Carry and Holly who go to every class….lol

  • Holly

    Nothing like being called a “cherry picker” to get my butt out of bed at 5:20 am. I’m so glad I did though because it was really good to see the 6am crew again and meet some new people as well! I heart Jimmy’s Class!!! 3 times a newbie was less awful than usual and I even PR’d! We all got schooled by Firebreathing Eleni, she was amazing! She’s convinced itis the fight fit class and I believe her. She better try for the affiliate team next year. Great job done by Nancy as well who was breathing down my neck the entire time.

    Nice work on sticking with the 100 pushups Amy. Miles KILLS that WOD everytime it comes up because of all the hard work he puts into practicing his pushups.

    Okay I’m going to pretend to love my job now…


    Hey DCF thanks for the love. It’s inspiring to see how hard everyone works in here. You CrossFit-ers are all crazy and I have mad respect. I love walking in and seeing the big painting on the wall, it gets me fired up and ready to go!! later, AJ

  • DJ Docto

    when’s your next fight?

    ps. I played as you on the UFC game! haha

  • Carry

    Hey everyone….I have a friend who rescues animals from death row at the pound and places them in foster care or a kennel until she can find someone to adopt them(the kennel is off of Monument) She needs volunteers to either foster a dog or just walk/ run a dog from time to time….soooooo, I was thinking since we have so many dog lovers and we are kinda active people…? If anyone is interested…please let me know. THANKS!

  • Amy

    Holy schmoly, those 6 am chicks are out of this world with their times! Seriously, Uh-may-zing. More so after doing the wod myself and having this internal dialogue: “I should stop now. One time a newbie. I should stop now. Two time a newbie…two and a half…”.
    18:54, a PR of 1:21. Lots of hawt mamas knocking this out this morning.
    Deadlifts this morning before the wod, 175×5, 205×5,215×5, 220×4. Getting there.

  • Adam M

    Holly, please don’t tell me the secret to success is pretending to love your job. If thats the case, I am in for a rude awakening for the next 30 years of life.
    Good thing I have CrossFIt to release my inner anger built up over the previous 9 hours of the day.

  • Nancy

    Carry – I would absolutely love to be involved in that!! Email me at nancylevenson@hotmail.com.

  • Lauren

    Hey winetasters,

    So I have a family friend setting us up with a tour at Benziger and Imagery wineries. Please email me at lauren.lederer@sbcglobal.net if you plan on coming. I got votes for August 22nd and 0 objections so that’s the date I’m going with. I’m excited to hang out with everyone before I move in September.

  • Carry

    Amy…..I’m jealous. There, now that I’ve admitted it I can move on.

    Great job on the Dead Lifts….all the extra work is paying off!

  • Miles

    I know what you did Holly and that’s why you are the best.

  • Craig

    AJ: great comments – we’re inspired to have you with us!

    The “arena” painting (by our member Jen!) was meant to do just that: motivate. CrossFit workouts can make you feel like a Gladiator. The painting, is reproduction of the actual Roman Gladiator Arena under the shadow of Mt. Diablo: enter and leave it all on the arena floor.

    6AM Matt: best 500m = 1:19.8.

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    930 class- Amy smoked the Newbie like cheap crack. 18:54 after DL 220# 4x!! Nice work, Chica! Kaela did a 22:30, Julie a 21:07 and Jazzy 19:57.. Great Job!!

    1030 class-Kathy rocked an 18:47! Nice! Shawna also kept it strong with a 19:30! Way to go!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Sarah is being modest. She also PRed the 220lb deadlift after Amy (she did it TWICE! after her 3xNewbie!).


  • Jeremy Jones

    I also have to ask about 6am. . . how many people were using bands for those times?


  • Nancy

    JJ – I will admit to using the band, but the same one that I used last time and so will take the new PR on that happily! Eleni of course did RX and I watched her half with envy in my eyes and half with pride for new friend!!!! I know, I know – I really need to work on that kipping [sigh]. Way to go Len!! Love ya – see you in Fight Fit!

  • Amy

    Carry and Holly- Thank you for the props, but I do it b/c I want to be like you when I grow up, no lie. And maybe Eleni too, wowza.. And Sarah is modest, believe it or not, she walked right up to that bar today without so much as a howdy-do and picked it up without making even a slight poop face.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Nancy, a 2:30 PR is nothing to scoff at! Nice work. Next step. . . see what you can do without the band. I know you’ve got it in you.

    Remember that you can always scale down the reps and not use a band. I’d rather you do 5 singles with no band than 10 with a band each round. Better sub. It will get you to pull up sooner.

    I might have to come up with a “Frediani” WOD with rowing (for Matt), and just about anything else for Eleni.


  • 6am..matt

    Im pretty sure most of the 6am PRs did not use bands….
    we are all starting to get the kip going….It seems after we all watched Alan do the 100 pull ups with out the band (a month ago) we have been inspired to do the same

    Thanks Alan!!

    Thanks Fight Fit!!!

    Craig that 500m Time is insane.

  • Rodil

    Craig – I remember the Saturday you’re talking about back at the old Shed. “Don’t kill yourself on this row” you told us. Of course, we didn’t know if a high or low row time would be good. I think I got my best split on the last row but I was ready to fall off the C2 afterwards.

  • JimmyG

    For 6am..we have a few people on bands. I wrote RX next to their name if it was RX without bands. We have a great group and wide variety of skill levels…BUT the great thing is that everyone pulls for the next guy to finish.

  • JimmyG

    P.S. Tyson was droping off the pull-up bar into push-ups burpee style, then a Ninja roll into sit-ups and Pretty boy into squats…it was sick!!!

  • Eleni

    First off I want to thank my inspirational husband (6am…Matt) for dragging me out of my globo gym and waking me up at the crack of dawn!

    Thank you everyone for the props. Each one of you (those I have met and those I can’t wait to meet) has inspired me to push myself in ways I never thought possible.

    Nancy, it is because of you I can kip and beat people in dark alleys. Love ya girl! Na Na Na Na!

    And finally to Jimmy and my 6am peeps…Thanks for making 6am the best time of day! You are all such amazing people and Im glad to know you.

    I think I need tissue, I might cry… I HEART DCF



  • Mike P.

    One of these days Jimmy…I’m gonna show up and have my a$$ handed to me by your infamous 6 am crew! But only on the condition I get to have a beer at the end.

    Cramps from yesterday made my thigh feel like a took a shot from Rumble…actually now that I look at that video again I think a shot from him would have put me on crutches or a wheelchair for that matter. Nonetheless an obnoxious tight feeling slowed me down a bit. Finished in 12:00 Rx which tied from my PR but I’m going to have to default to Jorgy on my air squat form, I think my ROM was a bit weak. Gonna give this another try with fresh legs next week.

  • jamie

    So sad that I missed today’s WOD…..will be in tomorrow at 4 to do 3 times a Newbie…if I’m brave/crazy/strong enough, maybe I’ll do 2 WODs in one day…

  • JimmyG

    Mike P.
    Beers all around…….12min on 3 times a newbie is Fracking amazing!!!
    So I stand corrected on those times not being beat…but I bet it was in the back of your head the whole wod…So you are welcome…lol

  • Mike P.

    Haha…sold on the beers! And that was the ONLY thing in my head during the WOD, I owe you one!

  • jorgy

    Mike P. form was good. I asked for ass to ankles and you gave me your best effort. All were below 90 which is the standard for other people. I did the WOD for the first time, I have done once a NEWBIE but never three times, I think it was 11:27. My first round sucked horribly so it killed my momentum.

  • Justin CrossFit Placer

    That video was tight!
    ~Justin A in CA
    CrossFit Placer