Travis working on the starting position of his clean.  Jorgy and Nick help coach.

Nick and Jorgy coach Travis’ starting position for the clean (and don’t worry, Travis now has legitimate weightlifting shoes).

Olympic Weightlifting Warm Up: Press from behind the neck 10 reps. Push press from behind the neck 10 reps. Split jerk from behind the neck 10 reps. Use moderate weight. Add weight each round if you feel comfortable.

Workout: For time.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Deadlift (225 men, 185 women). No bouncing.

Ring dips

Post time to comments.


Article: “Errors found in study labeling red meat as cancer causing”

“The epidemiological study that came out two years ago and declared that there was “convincing” evidence to link consuming red meat with cancer, specifically colorectal cancer, was flawed, and now, the author of the report has admitted it and has promised to write a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture saying so. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Scott S.

    JJ, was there supposed to be an “8” in the rep sequence?

  • russell


    JJ has trouble counting past six.

  • Mike P.

    Scott, you just gave up a serious advantage…Don’t say anything and you’re time drops by a couple minutes and no one would have been the wiser! And you would have been the only actually doing it Rx on top of it.

  • jamie

    6 is missed when only sustaining on 5 hours of sleep a night for the last month.

    Gap/BR/OldNavy/Piperlime Friends & Family Day coupons will be at the gym by noon today! It is valid from TODAY-SUNDAY!

  • jamie

    Oh, error on my part….I meant 8!

  • JimmyG

    Fight Fit was awesome today; 6 stations, 1 min work at each for 3 rounds.
    Then I finished them off with an 800m row after 1 min rest. Love it.
    My leg is feeling much better, I’ll be back to normal on Monday for sure.

    My shoulder has been feeling great lately and having no problems w/ pull-ups I decided to try a muscle-up. It’s been close to a year since I’ve even tried……Got it done first try!!!
    So I think I’m the last Trainer at DCF to get a muscle-up…..lol

    RUMBLE is in for a surprise…….. 400m sprint relays today…..lmao

  • JimmyG

    PT #3 w/ Tyson and Kerri..both of them are freaks so I decided that they would do the “BEAR Complex” for their last PT with me…muah!!
    They loved it and dominated as I suspected..Tyson got #115 for set number 5 and Kerri got #60
    After they had a nice 800m row.

    Then Carry W. and I showed Tyson a Muscle-up and he got it second try!!! freaks…
    Great job you guys…yes they’re 6am-ers!!!

  • Tyson

    The Bear Complex is a sick workout. I don’t think either of us realized how many muscles those things were going to work. Lucky for us the days of hand-writing essays are done because I don’t think my forearms could handle it! Thank you Jimmy for putting so much faith in us.

    On another note, you FightFit’ers are animals. It was definitely motivating walking in and seeing that workout.

  • Tyson

    The Bear Complex is a sick workout. I don’t think either of us realized how many muscles those things were going to work. Lucky for us the days of hand-writing essays are done because I don’t think my forearms could handle it! Thank you Jimmy for putting so much faith in us.

    On another note, you FightFit’ers are animals. It was definitely motivating walking in and seeing that workout.

  • Carry

    I second that Jimmy….Tyson and Kerri are beasts…watching Tyson do the Bear was awesome…Kerri has great heart and strength! I think he got the Muscle up on his FIRST try…..no kip just a slow ring dip from his belly. Ya….he’s one of those.

  • 6am.....Matt

    Jimmy you did finish us off.
    that 800m row after the 3 rounds was a sprint not a warm down.
    It was great to have Carry back to 6am, and Holly yesterday.

    All you DCF peeps have a great day!!

  • Kerri

    Thanks so much Jimmy for working with both tyson and I!! you really kicked my ass and I LOVED IT!! Definitely got me hooked on DCF and am def a 6-amer:) Thanks everyone for their support of the newbies and your positive energy and attitude makes me want to get up every morning and join you all!!!


  • Jeremy Jones

    Crazy number 8. Always late to the party. Always the first one to wander off.


  • Amy

    At home with sick kid. Have made lots of coffee. Missing Luca and all my 9:30 peeps. Poor me.

  • Amy

    BUT I have a jump rope and a pull-up bar, and I am not the one puking. So it is not that bad.

  • Jeremy Jones

    FWIW next time I just write: 10!

    And see how many people ask questions.


  • Mike P.

    If there’s one WOD I cherry pick, it would be 10! anything. I want no part of a WOD with a factorial.

  • Craig

    Just to stir the 6AM pot: how is performance measured & compared at Fight Fit?

  • jordan karnofsky

    go ahead and stir “craigory”-
    its true that we do not write down our reps at each station.
    its true that we do not do the same workout EVER.
    however, we do measure the diameter of the sweat puddles we leave at each station.
    im gonna go ahead and say fight fitters and 6am’ers work harder than most.

    just throwin that out there, dont get mad if ur not a 6 am’er. maybe i’m biased. but i feel like they are in there for a reason. because they gotta go to work in the morning. and they know they need crossfit before going into the world. and they work their a$$ off. because its a great crew that are supportive and encouraging and funny and they buy coffee for everyone. and we drink coors light when we are sweaty and p.t.f.o. on the floor. sorry if that was strong. i just feel very strongly about those peeps, who know who they are. yeah 6am!!! ill be back monday folks.

  • Craig

    Wow, Jordan. You wear your passion on the sleeve. Uh, wait, you’re always sleeveless. Not sure what that means.

    No accusations about work ethic. Getting there at 0600 is stout enough.

    A core principle of CF’s methodology is that it is “measurable and repeatable.” Thus, fitness gains can be legitimately tracked with empirical evidence.

    That said, there are other methods for measuring a workout value, i.e., you ‘feel’ better – which satisfies most people.

    All that said, my friend, JJ, Stav, Darren, Sarah, Rob and I were the original 6AM crew and we know what it takes to rise to the challenge at O-600. Hats off to the new generation.

  • JimmyG

    We do repeat WODs, but I try to keep parallel with the DCF main page WOD..
    ie…if you guys are doing thrusters than we add them into our wod.

    For most of us we have indeed started to count reps at each station, and try to better each round or maintain. Fight Fit is just like Fight Gone Bad…in that sense. Plus we are growing the number of stations we do, and what we do after the wod like rowing or running for time.

    We started Fight Fit with 3 stations for 1 min each. Now we go up to 6,7,8 stations for a min. and 3-5 rounds. This programming also depends on if we throw in an Oly lift or not.

    We also measure our Fight Fit performance against our DCF Main page WODS. We’re seeing lots of PR’s so it is working.

    Another measure is how many beers we drink after a wod.
    1=hard, 2=very hard, and 3=ass kicker.

  • Travis H

    People get out of bed before 7?


  • Jeremy Jones

    Ahh, Jordan. . . you speak out of turn young pup.

    Where were all the people 3-4 years ago? When Craig and I would come to the original “Shed” when it was 30 degrees,
    we’d be the ONLY ones there (a lot of times just one of us would be there by ourselves consecutive days in a row),
    your hands would freeze to the bar or dumbells,
    we only had one oly bar,
    only one pull up bar,
    a couple of medicine balls made from basketballs and sand,
    exhaust fumes from the muffler shop
    paint fumes from the paint shop,
    no rowers,
    no chairs,
    no water cooler,
    no fans (but a propane camping heater),
    no music,
    sometimes no electricity. . .

    Even after a few years of 6am experience, I am not sure anyone will appreciate what it was like back then.

    And if it wasn’t for the original 6am’ers enthusiasm, toughness, and dedicaton . . . we would have none of this. There would be no DCF.


  • Miles

    Jeremy did you guys walk uphill both ways to do crossfit in the snow?

  • Jeremy Jones

    No, but we would have. (sounds like a kick ass workout).

    The current 6am’ers walk up hill both ways in the snow, while doing flutter kicks and drinking beer.


  • Mike P.

    No Miles, that’s ridiculous. They didn’t walk back then…they lunged, holding hands of course to keep warm.

  • Craig

    All good Jimmy, but more is not necessarily better – it just becomes cardio. There is value in cadiovascular specialization, if your goal is weight loss and you’re comfortable with a loss of power.

    8 stations vs. 5 (& 5 rounds vs. 3rnds) insures a declination of intensity and force, especially for rounds 2 and beyond. In other words, you are going more rounds and doing more stations because you’ve reduced your intensity (power) – you may feel like it’s intense, but maximum force declines every round.

    But, unless you have a force meter on your punching bags, its tough to measure.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    0600, in December 2006. A very cold morning, I was looking for “Diablo Crossfit”…found some sort of weird converted muffler shop. One other person outside, looked like they were waiting. I asked, “Is this Diablo Crossfit?”, she (Janice), said “yes”. Jeremy got there shortly after. It was about 50F inside the original “shed” that morning…JJ led me through my first Crossfit WOD. I was beyond dominated, trashed, pukie’d, etc. I came back the next morning, and the next morning…

    0600 was special (and still is)

    I’m in the middle of a 72 at work. Started the day at 0545 with 60 minutes on the bike trainer, followed by a 15 minute run. At around 0930, did the DCF WOD on my homeade PVC rings and RX’d DL’s

    6:52 as RX’d

  • Billy Blanks

    FightFit is the bomb!

  • jamie

    If we want to reach really far down memory lane…..how about when DCF was out of my/JJ house garage and back yard? I came home to different strangers everyday. Rings were hanging on a tree and if you were lucky branches would fall on you while you are trying to doing pull-ups (tree was dying). Running between stations meant not tripping over the fallen lemons (from the lemon tree) or the uneven pavement slabs in the backyard. On occassion, warm-ups included helping me load/unload my car and athletes would get yelled at by me if they didn’t put the equipment away….ah, the good old days. Oh, those were the good old days when I actually lived in a house.

  • JimmyG

    I would totally agree with you if Fight Fit was all that someone was doing.
    Thank goodness for DCF power Mondays which we never miss.

    Another interesting point with FightFit is that if we are doing an Oly lift in the WOD
    we do less stations and rounds. (Usually 5 stations for 3 rounds)
    My athletes also must alternate where they place the Oly lift during the WOD. Example; You can’t just start with the OLY lift at station #1 every time when you are the strongest.
    I try to have them alternate where the Oly lift is, such as sometimes do Oly at station #1, #3, or last at #5

    I guess in technical terms with FightFit (modeled after “Fight Gone Bad”) athletes are able to reach the point at which both aerobic and anaerobic glycolytic metabolic systems begin to predominate, as well as exceeding metabolic demands of an MMA Fight.

    P.S if it wasn’t for you guys finding CrossFit at some park before sunrise and in the cold, none of us would be where we are now or as sexxy!! Thank you so much!!

  • Chuck Norris

    I Heart DCF and FightFit!!!

  • Craig

    I defer to Chuck!

    That was very funny. Good thread, Jimmy.

  • Coach Burgener (or not)

    Pfft….. you pups today. Try a 6am class after you’ve been milking cows for two hours.

    I coulda jerked the world!

  • Carry

    Fight Fit is a great compliment to a traditional CrossFit WOD. It’s a fun way to get your cardio and work on some oly lifting as well as punch the bag (which I love)
    You get to do some very cool things in Fight Fit that you don’t see at a traditional CF WOD and I like to mix things up a bit. People do sweat and we more often than not end up on the floor trying to breath. And that’s always a good sign 🙂

  • jorgy

    I guess I am not as much of an OG as I thought. My name has been excluded from the OG 6am class. Even though there were times when Craig forgot to fill the propane tank so we had no heater. And there were times when before I got a key I would have to teach the class outside and do tabata, or my little creation known as a mile full of burpees. When we would run the 400 and have the sweet aroma of diesel fuel in your lungs from the delivery trucks. I guess I am not on OG.

  • luca z.

    Wow I turn my back for a minute and there are 35 posts, cool, great classes today kudos goes all the WAY to Julie for doing the WOD with 225lb, girl you’re a BEAST, in a nice way!!
    Before the 9:30 class I did some Pad training with D.J. as he’s getting ready for his fight next August 8th in Sacramento, if any of you wants to go and support him let me know, I will post all the infos next week, it is not a UFC fight but still exciting to watch and DJ is one strong dude, I feel sorry for whoever is going against him.

  • Darren

    Nothing beats getting up at the butt crack’o’ dawn to do a WOD at the old shed and No one would show up. That was the the best.

    Ended up being lunges and pushups.

    PS. 4pm > 6am

  • Craig

    I am SO sorry Jorgy! Yes, you and RIck are OGs.

    How could I ever forget??: 0600h Pain!

  • JimmyG

    Darren….don’t start that again now
    the correct equation is
    4pm x 3 = 6am/2

  • JimmyG

    Sarah and I would be OG’s too….as well as the only ever DCF jiu-jitsu team !!!

  • luca z.

    Also, I almost forgot Shiva did 2 bar muscle-ups back to back. Nice work, that girl is like a monkey on that bar, and she still tries to do pull-ups with the band!!!!!

  • Big Dave

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about 5am Class???

    Never started at the old Shed until now

    If you think you got what it takes to show up.. like Russ, Donna, Joe, Adam(once in a blue moon) then I can believe you.

    6am’ers get an extra hour sleep.

    Afternooners have all day to deal with getting through work and then go into class.

    I’m listening folks?

  • Julie

    Sorry Big Dave…if it’s NOT on FIRE &/or you’re NOT dying…I’m OUT!!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    If it is so easy to “get through work” and then workout. . . why don’t we EVER see 6am ers in the evenings? I think think it is much more frequent to have evening people visit the AM class.


  • Darren

    I am calling the badass 6amer’s to a duel. I will put the 5 pm firebreathers against the 6 amer’s any day. I don’t want anything to do with the 9;30/10;30er’s those ladies are crazy.

    9;30/10/30 > 4 > 6am > Craig

  • Big Dave


    Can the 5am go along with the 6am folks as a team?

    I would ask that the event happen at different times.

    5pm has to show up at 6am to do a WOD and 6am has to show up for 5pm WOD.

    What you think of that?

  • Jeff B

    Darren- If this goes down, I’ll show up at the 6 am WOD. I may not be the best firebreather, but I am always up for duel.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Today’s WOD: 5:09

    Had a few missed ring dips because of a lack of lock out at the top. DLs all the way through, no dropping at all (not even on the last rep of the round).

    Did “Annie” a few minutes later (mainly because I saw Jorgy do it).

    6:39 – horrible for me. But not too bad after not eating anything all day and right after the DL / RD WOD.

    Annie is such a fun little butt kicker. I think it is time we did it as a Mini Metcon.