090731 FRIDAY “New Schedule!”

+++New Schedule Starting Monday August 3rd!+++


See Below for “Big Kevin’s” continuing story of his path to total fitness domination.


Work up to a heavy double strict press (strict press x2), then with the same bar:

Strict Press 1 reps

Push Press 3 reps

Push Jerk 5 reps

5 rounds. If you make it through all the jerks, add weight and try again. Rest as needed between rounds. Post loads used to comments.

Mini Metcon: “Annie in under 8”


Double Unders

Sit ups (anchored feet okay)

Complete as much as possible in 8 minutes (quit at 8 min if you are done or not).



Email jeremy@diablocrossfit.com to reserve a spot.


“I had set the goals back in March to be over 1,000 lbs on the 3 major power lifts and finish a marathon in the same year. I finished the 2nd Half San Francisco Marathon 20 minutes faster than last year today and The only running I’ve been doing is at CrossFit. Also I got 405 dead, 335 squat and 275 bench in the last 3 weeks. time for new 2009 goals…. thanks for helping me achieve them way faster than I would’ve without DCF. I gave the horns on some of the marathon pictures so I’ll send you one when they come out.”

– Big Kevin

Big Kevin flashing the horns at the San Francisco Marathon

See Kevin’s other testimonial by clicking here.


Article: “In battle, hunches prove to be valuable”

“. . .Studies of members of the Army Green Berets and Navy Seals, for example, have found that in threatening situations they experience about the same rush of the stress hormone cortisol as any other soldier does. But their levels typically drop off faster than less well-trained troops, much faster in some cases. . .”

Click here for complete article.


New Schedule Starting Monday August 3rd!

Starting Monday we will have a new Schedule at DCF! The primary changes will be that we will be adding a class in the evening and offsetting the classes by a half hour. That’s right! Evening classes will now happen on the half hour! (4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm and 7:30pm).

We will also be adding classes during the weekdays and on the weekend.

Check back soon for updates!

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  • Big Dave


    Congrads on accomplishing your 2009 goals.

    Great to hear you shaved 20 mins off your 2nd Half San Francisco Marathon time.

    Keep up the work and don’t look back.

  • Amy

    Your experience at DCF is exactly the kind that inspires me to keep at it – stronger AND faster, that’s a combination worth loving – and healthier. You own those power lifts, apparently. Nicely done.

  • luca z.

    Nice work Kevin, congratulations!!!!

  • JimmyG

    Kevin you are not only a beast but really fun to train with..Congrats buddy

    6am fun today…Alan and Nancy were neck and neck in “Annie” and finished in a lovers tie…how cute. Welcome back Michelle we missed you terribly.
    Great Job newbies Rachel and Kristal.
    Excellent job Anita, Maren and Marnie.
    Jeff B had a stout Annie time. good job guys…

    Darren, ok so maybe you are better looking than me, but if you ever want to come play with us in 6am, we have a few specialties of our own that we can give you a real head ache with……..
    a 400m sprint (We have someone with a PR of 0.55)
    a 1 mile run
    a 100 mile run…lmao
    a CFT
    a 5000m row
    Max effort Box Jump
    Front Squat max
    Pwr Cleans max

    either way…much respect my Norwegian brother..

  • Mark L.

    On another note… I am coming in, today, and plan to wear a 50 pound vest and row a 500m sprint. All this talk Scott linked us to at Concept2 about Watts/Weight ratio makes me think there’s some magic going on with inertia on the low friction horizontal sled with the erg meter.
    I’ll let you know if I beat my PR of 1:32 (pretty good for a little guy, I hear). 50 pounds additional makes me almost as heavy as Craig (our champ)!

  • Adam M

    Kevin, you the man. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep at it.

  • Jeff B

    Went to the 6 am class today to see what all of the hubbub was about. Very large class and lots of energy for so early. It is a fun group. Completed the WOD at 115#, last set at 135# was assisted on the strict and failed on the last push jerk.

    Completed Annie under 8 min. (7:45). First time I did Annie with feet anchored and it cut a lot off of my time.

  • Big Kevin

    6am crew is awesome, everyone wants everyone else to do well. Alan and I work for a restaurant company and our #1 goal is for our team members to make our guests feel like, “they have a friend on the inside” it’s amazing that in a gym environment I’ve felt that way from day 1 with Alan, Jimmy, Jeremy, Matt all the girls as well.Great environment makes it easier to achieve goals.Thanks for all the kind words.

  • Whipping Boy

    Amazing results, Kevin!! Hit us up in the afternoon sometime and show us some of what you’ve accomplished. I look forward to a workout with you – at least until you beat me, which seems to be an easily achieved goal around this place.

    Thank God for the C2.

  • jamie

    Nicely done Kevin- you have a great story and should write it up and share!

    I am sadden that I have never been referred to as a BEAST or KILLED any WOD?!?!? =(

  • 6am...Matt


    Use the Force Curve screen on the new C2 when you compare your pulls with and with out the 50lb vest. (change display ) button. that will tell you every stroke how hard your pulling and where you can do better

    check it out


  • JimmyG

    Happy Birthday Jeff B.!!!

    Thanks for joining us for your B day WOD!! Great Job!!

  • JimmyG

    awwwe Jamie….I think you’re a beast!!! xxoo

  • Mark L.

    Thanks, Matt. Nick showed me that force curve thing after the rowing seminar, but this article is way more detailed! Maximizing “area under the curve” is just the cue I needed (having been a Physics major in college for a while).

  • Carry

    Happy Birthday Jeff!!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Jeff’s Birthday is Tomorrow.

    I might have something special in store for him.


  • jamie..."the BEAST"

    Ooohhh! Birthday workout for Jeff, tomorrow eh? Love it!

    Ah, so nice to have BEAST confirmation!

  • Jeff B

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Jeremy is right, it is tomorrow. Not sure how this got out as being today, but thanks. JJ, please, don’t make me pukie.

  • Amy

    Ha ha, I bet Jeff thought he was going to get away with a rest day tomorrow. NO SUCH THING! This ain’t no kindy-garten.
    Jamie, for now on you will be referred to as: J-Beast, Beastie J, Beastalicious, Mama Beast. All fitting, though you are so lovely it seems a little perverse calling you a beast.

  • Mountain

    I know Jamie’s been called a monkey. That’s a beast!

  • Mountain

    Speaking of monkeys, I saw this on Takis’ facebook page today:


  • Craig

    Jeff, Jimmy was the source. Please see the conversion table below:

    today = tomorrow
    pullup = band pullup
    30 seconds = 45
    1 minute = 1min 50secs
    5 rounds = 4
    315lbs = 285
    58″ box jump = 52
    Chuck Norris = Billy Blanks

  • jamie...aka-beastalicious

    Awww, mountain….I’m flattered. I say monkey goes to Holly for her mad awesome rope climbing skills.

  • Mark L.

    Results are in: whatever help the 50# vest gave me, if any, was canceled out by the fact that I was wearing a dang 50# vest. It made it harder. I was marginally slower that without it (it took about 5 seconds off my 500m/ pace). I did not have the cojones to try and row a whole 500m with it, either (it also made it hard to breathe).
    Jamie, you’ve got some kipping pullups! I saw them!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Did today’s WOD with 125 then tried 135 and failed. Dropped down to what I thought was 130, but it turns out it was really 127.5! (a 2.5lb plate on one side!). I got it up, then went for 130, got it. So I went for 132.5, got that. Then got 135.


  • Mark L.

    Worked up to 155# on the WOD.