090801 SATURDAY “Happy Birthday Jeff!”

+++New Schedule Starts Monday! Oly Class Canceled for Oly Seminar at 11am!+++


Recognize the shaved head and lack of body fat? It is usually the guy passing you on the runs and it is Jeff B’s birthday today!

Workout: As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

Run 400

20 Virtual Shoveling Reps* (men use empty bar plus 45lbs on one side, women use empty bar plus 25lbs on one side).

Post rounds to comments.

*A virtual shoveling rep is moving the bumper plate on the one end of the olympic bar over a parallette and back to the starting position. Switch sides (which hand is in front) as often as you’d like.


Article: “Health Benefits Of Physical Activity More Pronounced In Women”

“. . . They found that over a 12 year period, all individuals who increased their exercise by about 180 metabolic units per week (equivalent to an additional hour of mild or 30 minutes of moderate activity per week) displayed decreased levels of triglycerides and increased levels of the “good” HDL cholesterol. However, statistically significant decreases in the “bad” LDL cholesterol were only observed in women, with particularly strong effects in menopausal women and African-American women. And total cholesterol levels were only significantly decreased in African-American women. . .”

Click here for complete article.


Olympic Weightlifting Class is canceled for Angela Lim’s Olympic Weightlifting Seminar that starts at 11am. There is still an extra spot if you are interested.

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  • Yvonne

    HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY JEFF!!! Time to eat some cake!

  • Amy

    That is awesome, JJ, thank you.
    Happy day to my partner in crime. Today we will eat, drink and be merry, and we will pay dearly for it tomorrow, and it will be totally worth it.
    Everyone should know that Jeff is a great athlete and an even better husband and father. And his quote of the week? “I really like DCF women”.
    Enough said.

  • Laci

    Happy Birthday Jeff!

  • Nick

    Happy birthday jeff eat and be merry

  • Lt. Locke


    Happy B-Day!! Hope all is well, I don’t believe you are 40yrs old today. Few 40 year old are as shredded as you. Wish I was there to enjoy the B-Day workout but I will have to settle for well wishes instead.

    Take care,


  • Yvonne

    I finally got in to see my favorite physical therapist today, Manny. I waited 7 weeks just to get my initial evaluation. He wants me to continue my WOD’s. So I will be back so don’t yell at me, please. i just can’t do anything that hurts my shoulders, so if you see me grunting while doing a shoulder WOD, please “call me out”. By the way, my PT is really good friends with Kelly Starrett, they went to school together. He said to me today, “CrossFit is the best”. So, I had to tell him all about DCF. His new office is moving right around the corner from DCF. So he is going to check us out. I feel so much better after one appointment with him.

  • Diana

    I tried Muay Thai today and LOVED it. I had so much fun and will be back for more. I’ll let my wrist rest for a few days though. It’s only a little swollen. I’ll make sure to arm myself with wrist bands next time.

  • Jasmine

    Happy Birthday Jeff! May you and your partner in crime have a great day!

    😉 Jasmine

  • Moises G.

    Great WOD today! Jeff, Happy Birthday. Sounds like you are an overall great man, it’s awesome to see people who have that balance in their life. Enjoy your day and don’t forget the ice cream!!!

  • luca z.

    If the amount of people that show up for your B-Day WOD is any indication of how cool you’re, Jeff you’re a great guy, 20 people did today WOD at 10 this morning and it was a fun one, nice little job on your lower back and legs, as I told my class, tomorrow morning as you get out of bed and your back is screaming send a little love in Jeff direction, man you’re ear will be whistling tomorrow 😉
    Have a great birthday, and I’ll see you in class

  • Jeff B

    Thanks for the birthday wishes and very kind words from everyone today. Today’s WOD was lots of fun. Before the WOD I was thinking 5 rounds would be a realistic goal but chasing down Stav I managed to complete 6.5. The last two rounds we took turns breathing down each others necks on the run. I know that pushed me that little bit extra.

    For those who were wondering, I had nothing to do with planning this WOD. For that, you can blame Jeremy. >:-)

  • Mountain

    I remember when I first saw virtual shoveling on the CrossFit website. Nice practical, functional, brutal twist on Sumo Deadlift High Pulls. Can’t say I like it exactly– it’s a little too painful & humbling for that– but I appreciate it.

    Happy birthday, Jeff, and happy birthday WOD.

  • luca z.

    Nice big class for Muay-Thai today, with Diana getting a first taste of it, lots of fun, it’s open to all DCFers and to all levels, I hope to see more next week.

  • Craig

    Happy Birthday, Jeff! Welcome to the “you’re 40?” club.

  • Rodil

    Happy birthday Jeff! Great shredded look in your photo.

  • Mike P.

    Happy Birthday Jeff! Sorry I couldn’t make it today, I was at the Cert. at One World asking myself why I partook in so much cider last night. You’re a blast to be around and impressive to watch, keep it up and don’t get too comfortable with those 6 am classes…you’re in the evening crew whether you like it or not!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Happy Birthday Jeff…

    You’re too damn fast! Glad to have you and your family as part of the crew.

  • Amy

    Excellent clinic today. Lauren, Adam and I all got lots of individual attention and special programs to address our individual weaknesses with the clean. Angela and Summer were astute and focused as coaches. Lauren and Adam are both so naturally competent as athletes, and it was exciting to watch them work set after set and improve. For myself, I now know what specifically to focus on, and PR’d at 95 and don’t even have ridiculous bruises all over my chest like usual.
    Thanks for offering this! More, please.

  • angela

    It was a pleasure working with the Amy, Adam, and Lauren today. They were a great group with a good work ethic (especially with Adam doing that grueling WOD earlier today!). Amy has got some pretty incredible flexibility and with a little more practice, she’ll be scary strong. Lauren is awesome with her grit and when she got the timing down, the bar almost lifted itself. Adam is super strong and showed some real muscle today. With practice, I expect PRs from all these guys. Thanks for inviting us down today. We look forward to many more sessions! I will be emailing programs this weekend and posting your lifts on my website.