090804 TUESDAY


Fight Fit: Aftermath.

Olympic Weightlifting Warm up: Snatch High Pull (click here to watch a video of the movement performed by gentleman scholar Greg Everett at Catalyst Athletics). 2 sets of 10 reps. Use a lighter weight.

Workout: 6 rounds for time.

10 one armed dumbbell power snatches right (45lb men, 25lb women)

10 one armed dumbbell power snatches left (45lb men, 25lb women)

10 knees to elbows

200m run

Post time to comments.


Article: “Millions of US Children have low Vitamin D”

“Seven out of ten U.S. children have low levels of vitamin D, raising their risk of bone and heart disease, according to a study of over 6,000 children by researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. The striking findings suggest that vitamin D deficiency could place millions of children at risk for high blood pressure and other risk factors for heart disease. . . “

Click here for complete article.


Track Run at DVC Wednesdays!

Jan Maynard is leading some running work at DVC Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

From Jan: “This week I am doing 1 mile 10K race pace, then 200 meter jog, then 8 X 400 fast with 200 walk/jog recovery.” All DCFers welcome!


Grass Fed Beef Order in the works!

Jan and Jen Maynard are setting up another large order of GrassFed Beef and organic chicken breasts. Please Click “continue reading” below for more details.

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  • Scott S.

    A Crossfit Vacation:

    Scott: “My girlfriend and I are traveling in Monterey next weekend and are looking for a place to do a weekend WOD or two. Our home base is Diablo Crossfit in Concord (East Bay Area). Do you guys allow drop-ins?”

    Response: “We allow drop-ins, but not from people who train with that jackass Craig.”

    OK, I admit, Jacob also said: “Kidding. I love Craig. You guys are more than welcome!”

    Unfortunately we were too lazy to actually go – today will be our first day back after 4 days rest. But the scariest part of the trip (beware the following TMI):

    (Post pre-marital sin)
    Scott: “Wow, you wore me out.”

    Kate: “More than all the other girls?”

    Kate: “You know – Fran, Helen, Cindy…”

    Phew … that was a close call.

  • 6am.....Matt & Len

    Classic Picture…

    800m sprint after 3 rounds of fight fit = BRUTAL

    Maren we can see you hiding in this picture

  • 6am.....Matt & Len

    Classic Picture…

    800m sprint after 3 rounds of fight fit = BRUTAL

    Maren we can see you hiding in this picture

  • Mark L.

    Matt, I’d like to see some of those 800m “sprint” times. =)

  • JimmyG

    Great picture…athletes from left to right..Matt F., Eleni, Marnie, Carry, Nancy and Maren in a pile behind the chaulk tower…

    There was 1 min rest after the 3rd round then Row. The goal was to be under 4min for the 800m sprint. Everyone made it.
    I think Matt was under 3:30 if I remember correctly.

  • JimmyG

    UFC this Sat night!!!
    Any body interested in pitching in a few bucks each and wathcing the UFC fight at DCF this Sat night???
    Couple of HUGE fights…BJ Penn vs Kenny Florian for the lightweight title and Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffen fighting at 205lb !!!

    We could do Paleo pot luck style or for a few bucks more get Chevy’s

    Please let me know…I’m assuming Craig and JJ are cool with it and might join us in the festivities… 🙂

  • Sarah

    I’m intersted in a DCF softball team. I’ve loved playing softball since I was 5 and haven’t played seriously since my senior year of high school (going on 10 years) but I still look at my softball glove and pray that one day someone will start a softball team!!! 🙂 I hope everyone else is as excited as me!

  • CraigH

    Scott, I’m a favorite target for abuse. Jacob in Monterrey is good peeps. We met at an Oly cert a couple years back and he visited the Shed – powerful guy. This is what happens at CrossFit – you’ll make many friends from around the globe at Certs and CF events – its a cool thing.

    Great ohs yesterday in 4:30 class – love the form improvement in our people. Its great to see strength gains too: Travis & Jared – huge improvements. And the new girl (?) – man she could go amazingly deep with really nice lumbar arch – awesome for a newbie.

  • 6am...Matt

    Jimmy Im in for the UFC Fight Night…
    Lens out, she will be in So-Cal

    jj- DCF should sell log cards for the new rowers. it makes it easy to look back and load recorded times for pace boats

  • sakura


    Depending on the sched I’m down. I’ll have to keep you updated though. Put us down as a “maybe” for 2.5.

  • Mark L.

    Jimmy, can you promise Silva will actually fight this time? Debbie was really bored, last time she watched him.
    I agree about the log cards, Matt. Also, copies of “The Zone”.

  • Julie

    Hey Jan& Jen,
    Can I order JUST chicken??? Just got an order of beef….is there a possiblity to get those sausages you mentinoned as well?? My internet at home has been down, so I’m a little slow on the upstart…THANKS for doing this!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Mark – What about copies of the Mark Sisson’s “Primal Lifestyle” book? (I think I’d rather have that one than the Zone).

    I might actually be able to come to the Fight Night this time!

    Waiting on confirmation from Jamie (there is a Kickball tournament that day you know).


  • Super Bryan

    DCF. I will see you all on Friday. Gonna catch a WOD at 10:30 before heading up the coast for the weekend. I hope it is a good one!

  • Julie


  • Meg Rosten

    So happy my bro is coming back for the day! 🙂 Good times!!!!!!

  • russell


    Stoaked your coming into town…not so stoaked that I won’t be around to hit up a workout while your here.

    Lunchtime overhead squats. Form’s getting better….

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Bryan, 1030 on Friday…I will try to make it for the WOD

    Softball sounds great! I was just talking to Jaz about starting another team. I played on a team for a number of years, it was fun, to say the least.

  • Mike P.

    I would definitely be in for a softball team. Any way that DCF can show off our constantly varied dominance around the bay area the better.

  • Meg Rosten

    Sarah & Chanda: For some reason your email addresses are not working…. can you try and email me so I can email you? Perhaps your email thinks my account is spam. I have some great kickball 411 for you 🙂 Thank you!!!!

  • Meg Rosten

    btw: You can email me by clicking on my name 🙂

  • luca z.

    If you weren’t there today, either at 9:30 or 10:30, you missed out on a great WOD, nice total body work-out in 20 or so minutes, shoulders, abs, legs, back you name it, try to beat that Globo gyms. This one was a tough one but both classes did an amazing job, there were some technical difficulties on some one armed snatches but in all I was pretty happy. We did some 30sec holds at the bottom of the squat, to get people used with the concept of being in the hole, and been able to get back up with a vertical torso, fundamental for a successful clean and front squat, in the fundamental classes we’ll do more of that, be ready

  • Tami

    Softball, that’s a yes for me!

  • Amy

    I will happily be a team mom for DCF softball. I am very afraid of the ball and it is a fear I am NOT interested in conquering in this lifetime. As long as I can stay behind the chain link we are all good.

  • jorgy

    I would play softball. 3rd base right here. Line drive specialist.

  • Yvonne

    COED DCF SOFTBALL TEAM- We need 18 to make a team

    I checked out all the leagues and found that the City of Danville was the best. Craig and I are currently playing on a coed league right now. We can fill in with other players out side our list as well.
    WHEN: Friday nights, game times 6:30PM, 7:40PM or 8:50PM, 9/11-11/6
    WHERE: City of Danville, Sycamore Valley Park, 2101 Holbrook Dr., fields 2 & 4
    COST: $470 ($27 each)

    I need to know who is going to be on the team??? Click my name in orange below and email me if you can definitely be on the team. I will not take comments as being on the team.

    Who wants to be the manager? Job will be to make sure we have enough players each game, emailing every week about the games, etc… I will do it if no one wants it.

  • Yvonne

    If you send me an email confirming you want to be on DCF SOFTBALL TEAM, I need full name, address, work & home phone number and birth date.

  • Jasmine

    I would LOVE for the kids and I to be cheerleaders for a DCF softball team… especially if Stav was on the team! Yvonne, there isn’t any league closer that we could do (WC, Concord)? It might be a bit easier to get there and have a good fan base! traffic to Danville can be yucky in the evening. Just a thought. Stav used to be in the Concord league and we have lot’s of friends that play in WC. We miss cheering Stav and friends on at softball games 😉 We especially liked the kettle corn we ate during the games!

    This could be fun. Great idea!

  • Yvonne

    Jaz, Walnut Creek’s coed league is on Tuesday nights.

    Craig and I drive to this field every Friday night with no traffic and it takes less than 15 minutes. They also have the best playground for the kids.

    We can also go out after the games for dinner and drinks.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Just a suggestion…why don’t we do somewhere closer to the gym? Pleasant Hill has a fun league, and the gym is in Pleasant Hill? I know for those of us with kids/families/bedtimes, playing out in Danville isn’t that realistic. But, thats just my opinion.

  • Yvonne

    The City of Pleasant Hill coed softball is only in October & November, only 7 games. You have to attend a meeting 9/22, 6:30PM to see if you can even start a team & don’t know which night we will be playing. The cost for this is $613. They are more strict on rules & regulations.

    I have not heard back from the City of Concord. I may have more info tomorrow. I requested a package.

    If anyone finds anything better let me know.

  • Mark L.

    Jeremy, that would be a good book choice, too, but my newbie quickstart package comes with a paleo, zone and intermittent fasting educational presentation. People almost always ask, “where do I get a copy of the Zone?” That’s all I’m saying. 😎
    I can’t so softball. Too many balls in the air, already, so to speak. I might come cheer once in a while, though!

  • kaela

    Yvonne, do you happen to know if you have to be 21 to play in the league? would love to play but still have a few months of being 20!!

  • Kevin R.

    Did you happen to check with the City of Martinez?

    I will be off work at 8am tomorrow so I can check in the a.m. if needed.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I’ve played in leagues in Martinez, Concord, Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill (subbed a couple of games). Walnut Creek is okay, but very competitive, i.e. a bunch of sandbaggers playing in lower leagues so they can win. Concord is pretty good all around, Martinez the fields are okay, but some are in bad shape or weird fences. Most leagues are only 7 or 8 games in the fall, it’s a short season. We might as well see if we like it and can actually field a team before we commit to a longer season.

    Here’s what I’ve found online so far;

    Pleasant Hill- 7 games(begin 10/5), $515, Co-Ed on Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday

    Concord- 7 games(begins 9/14ish), $510, Co-Ed on Sunday/Monday/Wednesday

    Martinez- 7 games(begin 8/31), $475, Co-Ed only Wednesdays, all at Tavan field

    Walnut Creek- 8 games(begins 8/24), $510, Co-Ed only Tuesdays, registration closes 8/5, i.e. tomorrow.

  • Yvonne

    PH league is $515 plus a non-resident $14 each player fee, max fee of $98 which is how I came up with $613.

    Did not check out Martinez, if some one want to do that?

    Can’t do WC, promised Laci not Tuesday and Craig does DCF classes on Tuesday nights.

    Danville, 9 games, best field, best price, play area for kids & Friday nights when most can play.


  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Here’s my last input about softball…

    Danville is a very nice field, park, etc…it’s a top notch town. But I’d be willing to be most of the people (if not all?) who are going to play, and who go to DCF don’t live in Danville, or the area around it. Yes, it’s cheaper by about 5-10 a person, which isn’t much. Ther is 1 more game in Danville. But, the fields are 15 miles away from DCF, add that to the people who live in Martinez, Concord, Antioch, etc…it may exclude some of them with a 30+ mile round trip. Traveling on 680 during commute hours on Friday night, doesn’t sound that fun. I like Danville, but just have no connection out there, just seems like Concord/WC/PHill is more “our community”, and may be worth 1 less game and a few more dollars per person.

  • Jeff B

    Yvonne –

    Concord??? Hey, watch it sista! I am down for softball, and down to play anywhere. I see Jorgy calling dibs on third base. I prefer outfield, used to play center. It has been a few years so not sure how my arm is now, but hell, I CROSSFIT!!

  • Yvonne

    Jeff, Concord???? I am just waiting for them to call me back, that’s all.

  • Mountain

    Kaela, if the leagues are 21 & over, just use your fake ID. Duh.

    Btw, I really liked today’s WOD. By the fourth round, I was jealous of the people who subbed GHD situps for knees-to-elbows. I guess that’s a good sign that a WOD is a grip killer.

  • Laci

    I am excited about softball, and if Friday’s in Danville work I am in. I will be in Greece for the first 2 games though…oh vacation, I can’t wait! But I will pay and be on the roster so that I can play when I get back even if it is just to fill in. Yvonne, thanks for trying to put this together!!! OH and positive thing is we all have DCF shirts so we don’t need to buy uniforms, woot!

  • Yvonne

    We are getting more request for softball players, so if we get more players we can add another team. Email me if interested.

    On the waiting list: Mike Penland, Jared Ramirez & maybe Justin Oliver

  • Meg H

    Hey guys,
    I would love to try out the FightFit class but I know it is by invitation only… can I invite myself? 🙂