090806 THURSDAY “Cindy”


Sunday team workout madness.


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats



Article: Ladies Night Out A Diet Wrecker

By Kathleen Doheny

WebMD Health News

Study Shows Women Who Eat With Other Women Tend to Consume More Calories.

Aug. 5, 2009 — Girls’ night out can be fun for single and married women alike, but eating with a large group of women friends may influence you to eat more, a new study suggests.

“Women eating in groups of women tend to increase the calorie values of the food they choose,” says Meredith E. Young, PhD, a psychologist and an assistant professor in the Centre for Medical Education at McGill University in Montreal, who led the study.

Women who eat in smaller groups of women friends, she found, eat somewhat less, and those who eat a meal with a man eat even less.

For the men, Young found a different story. Neither the number of dining companions nor the group’s gender makeup seemed to make a difference in how much the men ate.

Full article here. Post rebuttals to comments.

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  • Julie

    Typical….men making women feel insecure about themselves…so they eat a salad and drink water…F**K that ladies…grass fed beef & red wine!! Who’s with me?!

  • Vickie

    Julie, I’m with you. I agree with this article but what is the point…..I definitely do not go hungry when I eat with Luca and Alessandro. I probably eat more, my son eats faster then I do and I have to keep up with him.

  • Jeff B

    Hey Julie, I didnt realize that just being a man wielded me the power to make women insecure. 🙂 I think Amy must have some kind of force field around her.

    I bet (make that I know) if they did this study with the women of DCF they would have different results! By the way, can I get on the grass fed beef and red wine train?

  • Miles

    Indecently, I’ve found that guys nights out lead to people peeing on my coffee table and my wife wondering how jello got under the couch.

  • Sarah

    Yeah, Julie!! I’m with ya!! Eat, drink and be merry! When are we doing girls night???

  • jamie

    Love the article- HILIARIOUS!….Meat? Wine? Girls night out at Julie’s!!!

  • Yvonne

    My husband is to blame for this article. He remembers our last DCF girl’s night out when we went out for chinese food and kept it paleo. Then after many hours of drinking and dancing we went to Denny’s for breakfast (pancakes). I told him we were all starving from all that dancing plus it had been 8 hours since our last meal.
    We might eat more when we are together because we have longer conversations with longer time sitting at the table with food in front of us. I do remember dating Craig and I think I ate more than he did or about the same. Food is my reward!

  • Yvonne

    OK, Megan Luk (Andrew’s girlfriend pulled off the DCF Softball Team) so we added Julie DeJarlais.

    Final team:

    Stav, Kevin, Jeff B, Craig, Jordan, Scott, Jorgy, Andrew & Darren
    Laci, Sarah T, Kaela, Kate A, Holly, Carry, Julie, Tami & Yvonne

    Wait list, fill ins or second team:

    Mike Penland, Jared Ramirez, Justin Oliver, Kate Irwin, Jamie Jones, Meg Rosten, Jonathan (Jonnie) Desilva

  • Stavros @ Diablo Crossfit

    Wow…thats a stellar team.

    Look out Danville snack shack, I hope you have a couple of kegs on tap for post game celebrations!

  • Mark L.

    Miles, how do I get onto your invite lists?

  • Amy

    Jeff, you ARE on the grass fed beef and red wine train, it’s just that I eat so much so fast you are only left with salad.
    And I should say, this study has it all wrong, women who eat with large groups of other women tend to increase the caloric values of their DRINKS. I have a fuzzy navel story that corroborates this.
    The softball team is DOMINANT. Poor Danville will never know what hit them.

  • Craig

    Lets get more peeps for a 2nd team! How much fun would that be to play each other!?

    Miles, Bill, Stephanie, Mountain, Jimmy, 6AM’rs (comon’ join the fun!), Tyler, Travis, Shawna, Shiva, Chis W’s, et. al. ?!

  • Carry

    Elizabeth last night @5:30 ….95lbs 15:53….last time I did this one at the old Shed it took me 22:21! Must be my cool new oly shoes, squat cleans were much better. Thanks Yvonne 🙂

    That is the most ridiculous article….of course women eat more with other women! We’re competitive!

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    Nice, Carry….on both the Elizabeth time and competitive eating….ha!

  • michelle 6am

    Once you guys start softball season can you post the schedule…I’d love to come cheer everyone on!

  • JimmyG

    “We might eat more when we are together because we have longer conversations with longer time sitting at the table with food in front of us.”

    LMAO…so the yapping going on burns a ton of calories at a Girls Night makeing you eat more ???

    Craig…6am has already had a softball team for like a year and a half now….lol
    I can’t give up my Friday nights with a new baby and all.

  • Chris Wacinski

    Craig- I would love to play softball. I have some awesome skilz with a bat swing and I protect the wicket well. I think I am too late for the “A” team, but I think that we can put together a mighty fine b-team.

    Great workout this morning. Luca- the whole “get low and hold it for 30 seconds” thing sucks, but I am seeing some great improvement with my oly. Click

  • Darren

    did some push jerks up to 215. I think a PR.

    then did Elizabeth.


    I checked BTWB after and Stav got a 7:42 back in January. Bahh I wish I would have checked it before. Oh well next time.

  • JimmyG

    Nutrition Cert Sept 26th…..
    My wife and I are confirmed for the nutrition Cert in Monrovia on Sept, 26th.
    Baby Jace is getting certified too…lol
    I spoke with Caesar who is one of the owners and he said that they have some really cool things planned for this one. A special Mr. Wolff paleo beef jerky tasting, a Paleo tour at a really cool market and a social gathering that Sat night.

    I know some peeps were on the fence…..

  • Yvonne

    I thought DCF was one big happy family! Jimmy don’t know why you keep separating yourself from the rest of us? We are all the same peeps!

  • Holly

    Okay so I only had ONE triple triple for lunch today since I wasn’t eating with Carry….

    Cannot wait for softball, the competition (if you can even call them that) is in for a world of hurt!!! (Geez, maybe I am a little competitive).

    Anyone at the gym around 4 that would be willing to witness my Cindy?

  • Mark L.

    Yvonne, Jimmy’s understanding of “team” was developed playing wide receiver. It explains a lot. 😉

  • Holly

    Jimmy, Mark just called you wide!

  • Stavros @ Diablo Crossfit

    Haha…”next time”

    I love it

  • Stavros @ Diablo Crossfit

    Haha…”next time”

    I love it

  • Mountain

    I’m out for the softball team. My left shoulder is in the shop until further notice.

    Speaking of competitive eating though, we need to have a “Double-Double Double-Under” WOD at the shed sometime soon (3 o’clock Sunday?”).

    I’m open to suggestions, but I was thinking:

    50 double-unders
    1 double-double
    40 double-unders
    1 double-double
    30 double-unders
    1 double-double
    20 double-unders
    1 double-double
    10 double-unders
    1 double-double

    For time.

    I think protein-style should be allowed. It’s a huge advantage, but it’s paleo. The cheese isn’t paleo, either, but without the cheese, it’s just a double burger, and that ain’t right.

  • Jeff B

    I threw up just reading that WOD, Mountain. Ugh.

  • Andrew

    Wow what a team! Can I be the fast little Asian guy that leads off? =)

  • Rob

    Not sure if I’m too late, but count me in for Softball!

  • luca z.

    Chris, make that a double CLICK .
    Beautiful form on both my classes this morning, nice looking squats and push-ups, Denise is one strong chick.Kudos to Meg H. for doing it as r’xed and ending up doing 15 round, which put her name on the board, nice job, we got ourselves two Strong Megs. We did some work on the snatch with emphasis on the getting low and staying in the hole, part, I know it’s painful and fells weird but it’s the only way, so stop whining and do it.
    Boy we haven’t done a WOD mixed with food in a loooong time, I would love to try, not sure about the double unders one but I’m game

  • ADAM

    I am extremely jealous that everyone gets to workout a good way, play softball and do double-double-double-under workouts… and I am stuck on an Island off the coast of Santa Barbara working. AAAHHHH!

    PS – I’ll be back for a few days on the 14th. I can’t wait.

  • Lauren

    Jordan –

    I woke up this morning and I found out I lost the ability to use my arms. Thanks for not letting me use the band on Elizabeth.

  • JimmyG

    Yvonne…I was just teasing Craig and trying to start trouble again. I’ll be in the stands drinking beers, cheering DCF on and Razzing the other team.

    Marky…… ur funny. Believe it or not, I never complained once about not getting the ball enough. And when i scored TD’s I acted like I had been there before and shared the glory with the big hogs.
    T.O and Ocho Cinco and the rest of those idiots give receivers a bad name.
    OHHHHHHH Football season is close!! All DCFers are Niner Fans Right???

  • Amy

    ring dips w/o bands=you are my hero(ine)

  • Andrew

    Go Niners!!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    The Autumn Wind is a RAIDER…

  • Craig

    Rob…yes, the original Rob is on his way back again. This time for real! I witnessed him do 26 rounds of Cindy today (one of his favs) with tears on his hands at round 19.

    Jimmy, I filled her in. She’s quite the team player.

    20 rounds of Cindy plus pull-ups. Split jerks up to 225×3.

  • 6am.....Matt

    If you Love your children then keep them away from the RAIDERS…..
    And that toilet bowl they call a stadium (black hole?)

    This is 49er country


  • Malissa

    Just had my last PT with Jimmy – Just wanted to say thanks for answering all of my numerous questions and never allowing me to give up. You got me to push myself harder than ever and I really appreciate it. You’re a kick ass coach! And thanks for not giving up on me even though it took a year and half to get me in (and even when I tried to cancel last minute ;p). Thanks!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Rob and his comeback WOD’s, I love it. He’s still a stud deep inside.

    Jimmy paid someone to put that comment on the website.

    Craig, you’re very strong.

    49er “country” is in Santa Clara, where there new stadium will be. 9er’s fans are about as faithful as “Gnats” fans…who spend the first 3 innings drinking at MoMo’s across the street, show up, eat a bowl of garlic fries, then leave in the 7th…yah, thats the kind of dedication I want to model for my children.

  • Andrew

    Ouch…I’m a diehard Giants fan and I stay till the bitter(or sweet this year?) end!

  • jamie

    530 Crew….nice job!

    Really impressive job by TARA- I was just trying to keep up with her! First Cindy for Tara @ 13+ rounds….should was going so methodically that she lost count!

    JENNIE- really nice first Cindy….I pried the purple band out of your hands and you did awesome.

    NICK, CARRIE, YVONNE, MILES and the rest of ya’ll…. you were inspiration and crazy fast. No one last lacking on the full pull-ups or squats. Can’t wait for Cindy again…..

  • Mark L.

    Great work by everyone in Cindy (one of my all time favorites). Carry managed a PR by 2 pullups (18 rds +2 pullups)! Bryan PR’d with 21 rounds. Mike P. PR’d with 24 rds and change.
    I was SHOCKED by Kristine B.’s air squats. Kristine got to where she is simply by doing those annoying wall squats we assign to people, for a long time.
    Spending time with us had made her not only more skilled at all these Crossfit movements, but she has also become better looking, smarter and her jokes are funnier.

  • Jeff B

    Let’s face it. Neither the Raiders or the Niners have been much to talk about lately. However since 2003 the Raiders are 24-72 without a single season of more than 5 wins. Commitment to Excellence? This is a terrible example to set for our children ;)~

  • Ruiner

    KB swings @1.5P
    DB Thrusters @ 45#


  • Stavros@Diablo Crossfit

    Fak YES!!!!!!

    Stay Safe brother, thank you for your service.

  • Julie

    GRRRRR STAV….I thought we were like minded…but it seems you are raising your children into the “Loser Nation”…BOOOOO….we better get you hired into the SFFD before we loose you all???? Don’t kno about the MoMo Nation.but the Giants fans I kno go to 21st Amendment and watch the games…NINERS FANS, Jimmy, sit at Candlestick and handle it?! WE R TRU NINERS FANS….don’t kno about bringing children into that black hole madness…last Black Home game i worked ended with Raiders fans beating up Raiders fans????? GO NINERS!!!!!!!!! I’m with you Jimmy!!!
    Stav…love you brother, but you need to think about bleeding red, not black!! GO NINERS!!!!!

  • Julie

    By the way, Jeff…u r soooo invited to my grass fed beef & ridiculously good red wine train…did I mention that I am, a member of many wine clubs…many a delicious red wines!!! Come on boys…u kno you wanna!!!

  • Ruiner

    Coming for a visit in October. 6-24 Oct are my vacation dates. Gonna be hella busy but I’ll be in for a WOD for sure.