090809 SUNDAY “Fran”


The DCF Dirty Dozen all girl kickball team!

Workout: “Fran” (because nobody went to the “Fran for Cash” competition!)

21, 15, 9

Thrusters (95lbs men, 65lbs women)

Pull ups

Post time to comments and Beyond the whiteboard.


Kickball Tournament Pictures Click here (Thanks Scott!)


Just so you know there is life after a “Masters Class”: Pictures from the 2009 Senior Games Photos

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  • jamie

    Kickball = AWESOME!

    So much fun and cannot wait for next year. On a side note- does anyone alse have “DCF” suntanned on their arm?

  • Sarah T

    I have DCF sun burned on my arm as well…I wonder how long until I can tan it out! I had a BLAST!

  • Amy

    Ditto the DCF sunburn. And the eye black in my pores, ew.
    Big thank you to all the DCF peeps who made this such a fun day. Highlights include: kicking class with Jimmy and Jordan, Scott and Kate’s dog being obsessed with me (he knows sexy when he sees it), burpees en masse, Holly giving me the perfect pressure point massage with her knee during the pyramid, and Darren in small pink shorts. Jordan totally had to show him up in the tight red tank, it was like a cross-dressing competition….
    I’m feeling very, very grateful for th DCF community after a day like today.

  • Craig

    Some really great pics, Scott – thank you!

    My absolute favorite: “And its outta here!”

    Looks like Barry Bonds watching one leave the park. Great job, girls. You repped DCF well.

  • Yvonne

    Yes, I have it too!
    Thanks so much for Jaz & Meg for inviting us and making this happen!
    We almost made it to the finals to play Darren’s team. Next year for sure!
    Hope Holly is OK.
    Maybe we should do an all girl’s DCF softball team?
    Thanks to Jan & Jen for keeping our kids entertained with things to do & a jumpy!
    Thanks Jimmy!
    Thanks Jordan!

  • Diana

    I’m feeling a little left out that I did NOT get the DCF arm suntan. I’m sunburnt just about everywhere else though. I had a lot of fun. Thanks for putting on such a fun event.

  • Jeff B

    Fran…Oh Boy! Thrusters are my nemesis. Hoping to make some big time improvement today though. Still, I feel a little bit afraid.

  • Long-lost super Shannon

    What a bunch of hotties! Miss ya, gals! Maybe next year I can take a vacay at the end of summer to go play some kickball with you!

  • Julie

    Oh man….wish I had made it out to the big kickball event….SIGH…had a busy sat. stopped by the Fran off on my way to yet another appt….watched Tami(CFO) & Nabil (Sweatshop) make it rain!! Thay ran away with the $1000 in $1!!! Hahaha…they hd to do Fran 5 or was it 6 times?! BRUTAL!!!!!

    Next year I hope I can make it onto the DCF Dirty dozen squad…U girls looked wiced tough!!

  • JimmyG

    That was really fun yesterday. Our DCF Girls were awesome, and definitely the best looking and most athletic team out there!!!

  • ADAM

    I played kickball on that field numerous times in HS ( i went to YV years ago)…. and based on the pics, yesterday looks like more fun than I had back in the day.

    -Short Shorts for Life

  • Jeff B

    New PR in Fran today. Although a long way to go still to get up there with the big boys.

  • Scott s

    My first RX Fran today. Pull-Ups are no problem but I still suck at Thrusters.

    Squats (both form and strength) are still a big weakness.

    Also, I was using clean grip (bar on shoulders – fingertips) for the squat portion of the thruster. At the top of each squat I was having to re-adjust to a press grip and losing all of my momentum. After 21 squats & 21 strict presses (I may be exaggerating slightly) someone mentioned it and the remaining thrusters went more smoothly. Note to self.

  • Sarah T
  • Andrew

    After a week long hiatus, I finally got a WOD in this morning. Wasn’t Fran, but it felt good to WOD again.

    For time
    75 double unders
    5rounds of:
    15 box jumps (18″)
    5 power cleans (165#)

    75 double unders

    8:35 Rx

  • Julie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKIE!!! Not a day over 30!!! NICE job on da squats& box jumps!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

    Sad to see you go Heather..Now Chris is going to go back to his old ways…butt crack hanging out etc…we will MISS YOU!! Although, now you can go back to CO and HANDLE IT….DCF forever sistah!!

  • corey

    5mins flat