090811 TUESDAY “Number 2”

+++5am class canceled this Wednesday and Friday!+++

Juliana finishing the 'stadium' workout from the 2009 games

Mountain coaches Riley in the background, Juliana hammers out the deadlifts on her own.

Olympic Weightlifting Warm Up: 10 overhead squats with light to moderate weight, pausing at the bottom of each rep. 10 heaving snatch balances with light to moderate weight. Us as many sets as needed and rest often to keep good form (you don’t have to do it all in one set).

Workout: “Number 2”

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

10 Wall Balls (20lb ball, 10′ target for men. 14lb ball, 8′ target for women)

10 Sumo Deadlift High-pulls (44lb kb men, 35lb kb women)

10 Ring Push-ups

10 Double Unders

Post total rounds to comments.


Article: “Sedentary Lives Can Be Deadly: Physical Inactivity Poses Greatest Health Risk To Americans, Expert Says”

” . . .One follow-up study of 40,842 longitudinal study participants showed poor fitness level accounted for about 16 percent of all deaths in both men and women. The percentage was calculated by estimating the number of deaths that would have been avoided if people had spent 30 minutes a day walking. This percentage was significantly higher than when other risk factors were considered, including obesity, smoking, high cholesterol and diabetes. The Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study also found that moderately fit men lived six years longer than unfit men.

More examination of 14,811 female patients in the ACLS showed that women who were very fit were 55 percent less likely to die from breast cancer than women who were not in good shape. This was after the researchers had controlled for BMI, smoking, family history of breast cancer and other possible risk factors. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Mark L.

    Gosh! Who doesn’t love #2?!
    Jennie had 7+ rounds in her newbie quickstart.

  • Sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    I swear I didn’t add the “25 sit ups” yesterday. Was it Jimmy G.? I just rolled with the punches.

  • Tami

    Great Muay Thai workout last night. It was really nice to have Diana and Juliana in the class. I haven’t seen Juliana’s kicks yet, but I already know she’d whip my butt . Thanks Juliana, I learned a lot from working with you.

  • Mountain

    The mystery of the phantom situps.

    Sarah, are you up for the beer/cider mile? We should do it in the next few weeks, maybe Labor Day weekend. It really is the perfect WOD before a BBQ. Anyone who is a runner or a drinker should participate (after signing a waiver, of course).

    For the under-21 & non-drinking crowd, there will be a non-alcoholic division.

  • Jasmine

    Hey ya’ll…

    We are moving from walnut creek to pleasant hill tomorrow!(5 minutes away from each other) Very excited to have a house to entertain people in and a garage! If any of you happen to be free and want an extra good work out moving boxes and random furniture, just let us know! We will be at it all day and would love the help! We will be sure to fill your tummy with something yummy or have you over for one of Stav’s delicious meals to say thank you!

    Just email us if anyone happens to be available.. we know, it’s a Wednesday and most normal people work 😉

  • Carry

    I’m always out of town for holiday weekends! I’m sure I’ll be camping this Labor Day Weekend.

  • Lauren

    Mountain I like the way you think. I’m down.

  • Yvonne

    DCF Softball Team #2 confirmed:

    Rob Barnum (team captain)
    Kate Irwin
    Jonathan DeSilva
    Bill Ayer
    Stephanie Ayer
    Chanda Leger
    Jared Ramirez

    Need more player, who wants in?

  • Scott S.

    Can anybody recommend an affiliate in the Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Newport Beach area? I need to drop in a few times this week.

    Also, one in San Diego?


  • Yvonne

    CrossFit Balboa
    CrossFit San Diego
    CrossFit Invictus

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    No questions asked…

    Crossfit Balboa (John Welborns affiliate)


    Crossfit San Diego (a few former DCF’ers there)

    Either way, there are lot of great CF gyms in SoCal…not quite DCF good, but good just the same.

  • Jeff B


    I think Crossfit SoCal is in San Diego. Have a safe trip. Make sure you represent DCF strong.

  • Yvonne

    Jamie Jones (DCF Softball Team #2) YEAH!

  • Mark L.

    The beer mile might be a good way to start a training cycle for Fight Gone Bad IV which is Sept. 26th!

  • Julie

    Fight gone bad on Sept 26th???? That’s my birthday…SWEET!!!!

  • Amy

    Can we do the beer mile on Labor Day so I don’t have to go to work in an inebriated state???? If so, count me sooooo in.
    Someone upped Benen’s testosterone without warning me and we had to leave on the fly during the 10:30 WOD ‘cuz he was throwing punches (and teeth). We came back at 1 and I did 5 1/2 rounds w/ Aaron (sp?), who had the pleasure of handing me my ass on Saturday at kickball and again today, and I discovered how much ring push ups suck. Or how much I suck at ring push ups. My arms are still shaking.

  • JimmyG

    Yes it was me….adding the sit-ups.
    BUT I drew a line showing the RX version and added all kinds of side notes for my class.
    I had a huge class and needed another station.
    Glad you all enjoyed 100 sit-ups as much as we did…sorry next time I’ll make it back to how it was posted.
    Although….the long standing DCF rule is that you can add but never erase from a wod, once up on the board.

  • 6am...Matt

    Im gonna put my cash on my wife Eleni for the beer mile.
    she can drink beer like a man, and run like a deer.

    good luck Len..

  • luca z.

    Scott check out Crossfit Marina, and Crosfit Endurance down there, the first in Huntington Beach and the second in Newport, Denise and Steve at Crossfit Marina are they used to train at Headquarter back in the day, nice people, at Endurance, Carl and Brian are two ass kicking running coaches , you’ll have a blast.
    Nice classes today with a lot of PRs in the number 2, worked on the overhead squat form and getting used to staying in the hole, and keeping that upper torso erect.

  • Yvonne

    Mike Penland added to DCF Softball Team #2

    Could not talk Craig into doing 400m lunges with me, so I did:
    4 rounds for time
    100 walking lunges
    25 push ups
    25 good mornings

  • Amy

    No ice cream for Craig tonight. Must give his share to Yvonne.

  • Jesse Locke

    Hey all, I was happy to see my pal Juliana rocking some perfect form deadlifts on the main pic, she is such a gifted athlete.

    Hope all is well, sound like there is a ton of fun stuff happening at the gym.

    I had off base liberty last weekend and found a xfit gym called crossfitRhody (Rhode Island). It was a small place, but growing, and the owner was totally cool. He invited me and a friend in for a free workout (gotta love the gobal xfit community) Of course I was Repping DCF so I had to crush their WOD 🙂

    Miss you crazy guys and gals

    LT. Locke

  • Mountain

    Jesse, you’re responsible for Juliana joining the DCF family? Great addition. She’s a studly athlete… not quite at your level, Jesse, but getting there.

    As for the beer/cider mile, I think the Labor Day weekend would be perfect. Jeremy, how does that work for DCF’s schedule? Anyone who’ll be out of town Labor Day weekend (like Carry) should do a beer/cider mile before heading out of town– either Thurs/Fri, or maybe the weekend before.

  • ron C

    Hey Matt, OK, I predict a photo finish between Eleni and my boy Chris Wac. He can drink like a rugby player and run like an elephant!.

  • ron C

    was there not recently an indepth debate among the DCF coaches on the definition and purpose of mini metcon vs. WOD (rhetorical question)?

    way to go rogue JimmyG in true DCF style!!!!!!

  • JimmyG

    LOL…Ron.. I have been known to go Rouge…BUT I also wrote up on the board

    400M + Plyo
    then the wod plus 25 sit-ups per round
    plus 400m run

    So…… my question is; did everybody do the plyo and 400m runs x2 as well,
    or are they just complaining about 100 extra sit-ups…???

  • Rodil

    Jimmy – We “just” did the 100 extra sit-ups. That kinda killed the rope climbs for me after round 1. Did anybody else see a line between the mini-metcon and the 25 sit-ups/round? Because believe me, if I had seen that I would’ve passed on the situps LOL.

  • Juliana

    Tami- I enjoyed working out with you as well. I am going to have to watch out for those quick jabs and crosses you throw! I look forward to training with you a bit more before I leave!

    Jesse- thanx for introducing me to xfit! I really enjoy it. Mountain is right, you dominate on the workouts!

  • Juliana

    Tami- I enjoyed working out with you as well. I am going to have to watch out for those quick jabs and crosses you throw! I look forward to training with you a bit more before I leave!

    Jesse- thanx for introducing me to xfit! I really enjoy it. Mountain is right, you dominate on the workouts!

  • Juliana

    Tami- I enjoyed working out with you as well. I am going to have to watch out for those quick jabs and crosses you throw! I look forward to training with you a bit more before I leave!

    Jesse- thanx for introducing me to xfit! I really enjoy it. Mountain is right, you dominate on the workouts!

  • jkarno

    whoa…… weird deja vu…just saw the same post like three times!!!!!!!!
    great classes today….
    number 2 is a bad a$$ workout because there is enough time to push yourself to the limit and the weights aren’t heavy enough to give you muscular fatigue. i definitely felt my heart pumpin as those ring push ups got the best of me. i was pretty upset with my performance….7 3/4 rounds…..garbage. 530 class was monstrous..think we had 20 diablos in the shed at once…all giving it their best. love to see everyone pushing themselves especially on this WOD.

  • ron C

    Hey JimmyG, the “phantom situps” is for me really another opportunity for us athletes new to DCF (7 months for me) to maybe better understand how coaching philosophy, the amount of training and rest, the types of workouts and of course the paleo nutrition we’re being exposed to, all work together. Recently jj, Mark L and others provided interesting info on WOD vs. mini metcon here in the comments. As I personally am progressing in DCF (set 3 PRs just this week)! I feel my training will benefit even more the better I understand how mini metcons and WODS are intended to work together. In this way, I can train properly and get the most benefit. For me, the coaches word is gospel, so even if accidentally I am told to add 100 situps to the mini metcon I just do it; even if it takes me over the magic 10 minute limit for mini metcons discussed in previous posts.

    Apologies for adding a serious tone here :), but i think what athletes like myself are asking for from the coaches in this specific case is clarity on our training regime.

    DCF has been and will continue to be awesome for me physically, emotionally and socially.

    Besides, it’s really fun to bust on the coaches the rare opportunities we get!!!!

  • Jeff B

    I would like to be in the beer mile if it gets off the ground. I know I will regret saying that at some point during the run. Who decides on the kind of beer?!

    Nice commentary Ron C. I think you made good points.

    Leave it to Jesse to get a day off and seek out a crossfit gym. Dude, when you come back to visit please have mercy on us.

  • Jennie

    I’m in for the beer mile 🙂

    But I’ll have to modify by replacing beer with shots plus I’ll need a ride home haha

  • Mountain

    As of now, the beer/cider mile is BYO. If someone wants to provide a keg, most people would just use that. If it is BYO, let your preferences guide you. As long as it tastes okay, a light beer will be a lot easier to chug than a Guiness, but if someone wants to do Guiness, more power to them.

    It looks like it will be Labor Day weekend, on whichever day allows most people to make it. On the women’s side, we have Eleni, Lauren, and Holly. On the men’s side, we have Mark, Jeff B., and me. I expect a lot more people will sign on.

    Carry will be out of town that weekend, and I imagine some other DCFers will, too. I’d be happy to organize a pre-weekend version for those peeps.

  • jkarno

    um im thinkin if u wanna win this beer mile race….ice cold coors light…its like gatorade.

  • jorgy

    Ron C.
    The best thing you can do is just come in and do your best with your levels of intensity and form. There will be debate as to whether a strength session will be voided by a metcon over 10-12 minutes but the purpose of crossfit is to be well adapted to “varied functional movements at high intensity” and to “increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains.” You must also pay attention to all 10 components of fitness and the 100 words of fitness.(See Crossfit Journal 1) Really a whole bunch of crossfit gyms have resorted to using a “Crossfit Football” approach to fitness to increase strength gains as well as maintain cardiovascular intensity. This has been done by many gyms and the best name to throw out there would be Crossfit Nor Cal(Robb Wolf Chico #3 in the Affiliate cup) he has done this method in the performance menu for a couple years where the workout includes a strength session followed by a mini metcon. The thing that I dont like is that there is not any time spent in the aerobic system that is the third system in the cycle that begins to work at around ten minutes and can continues to work for hours as long as there is enough fuel in the body. Workouts like Murph or a 10K or one of the awesome Navy SEAL workouts that we used to do. A strength bias is good within crossfit because many athletes do not have the baseline strength to complete certain WODs as RX such as Linda or Lynne, and many crossfitters feel the urge to get better on the oly lifts and the heavy backsquat. Which is the reason you will see the strength bias on the DCF website, but it does not mean that there are not other methods of obtaining that strength, and it certainly does not mean that if you go over the “magic number ten” that you have ruined your strength workout altogether.

    Just train hard, compete with the clock, do every rep with good form, and you will see improvement.

  • Yvonne

    What is the beer mile Mountain? Enquiring DCFers want to know? How far & how many beers?

  • jkarno

    isnt it 4 rounds of :

    400 m run
    chug a beer??????????

  • Mountain

    Actually, it’s:

    chug 16 oz beer/cider
    run 400m

    Four rounds for time.

    It’s a minor thing, but doing the chug before the run makes the beer mile a little harder. I hope this means you’re in, Yvonne. And Craig, who is a legendary chugger of beer, had better be in. If it were row 400m, he would own this workout.

  • Mountain

    PS– go to sleep, Jeremy.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Actually, I think it’s :

    Chug a beer
    Run 400m

    (much harder in my mind).

    Yes. I will be adding it to Beyond the Whiteboard.

    I think we should call it a “48oz mile” and it can be 12oz of your favorite beverage. I personally will be drinking a dry hard cider like Blackthorn or Woodchuck. None of that gluten laden wussy 3-4% beer for me. Give me a good cider (usually 5-6%) any day!.

    On to the serious ‘programming’ questions:

    I have a dart board at home with movements listed around the perimeter. I usually throw a few darts at it while blind folded. How ever many times I miss the board completely is the number of rounds. My cat decides the number of exercises. And Jax decides if it is an AMRAP or not.

    . . .

    In actuality, I do all the programming for the gym. I design/choose the workouts based upon many factors similar to what Jorgy mentioned above, and many more that haven’t been mentioned yet.

    Everyone can trust in the fact that what we do is not “random” and that I don’t spend 2 hours a night on the website because Movable type is hard to use, or because it is that hard to find articles to post.

    As far as clarity is concerned. . . well that would entail a few hundred hours of reading and video study. Seriously. A lot of the information is in the CrossFit Journal, and the Performance Menu. There is also a good chunk on the CrossFit Journal Forums. Then there is a lot to be learned from going to the CrossFit seminars, etc.

    If you want to summarize it to the smallest amount possible, Jorgy called it when he mentioned the “World Class Fitness in 100 words”

    “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. Practice and train major lifts: Deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J, and snatch. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds. Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast. Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense. Regularly learn and play new sports.”

    ~Greg Glassman

    If you would like to talk more about it try and find me when I am not busy (maybe even set up a time). As far as me going into detail here. . . well I still have to START the post for tomorrow. . . so I had better get to it.


  • Jeremy Jones

    And No.

    Mountain and I did not plan that.


  • ron C

    Thanks jj and jorgy for your thoughtful posts and insights.
    JimmyG, thanks for serendipitously starting this dialogue!!!

    Cyberspace is now free for planning the beer run; my money is on Chris Wac. Other athletes note he gets stronger the more beer he drinks; like spinach for Popeye. Seriously, so he if starts chugging 32 ouncers b/w runs that’s an unfair advantage.